Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama's Soup kitchens now open, Stimulus money to feed the growing ranks of poor

Hope and Change!

"If we do not pass the stimulus package unemployment will soar to 9%, If we quickly pass the stimulus then it will stay below 8.5%" declares Obama.

The stimulus passed without any Republican support and the democrats own it.Guess what, unemployment is on a rocketship to over 10%!

Whoa I thought it would not go above 8.5%?So, next we heard "Everybody got it wrong"!

Joe Bidens attempt to share the blame when no Republicans voted for it.

No-one read the bill before the vote - wonder why they did not get it right?

So, next we heard "to get out of the looming bankruptcy that America is facing, we must spend our way out and pass another stimulus bill".

Joe Bidens second attempt at "getting it wrong".Now, with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) testifying before the Congressional Committee that is trying to foist yet another back breaking money boondogle call Health Care, they tell our leaders that if passed, it cannot be sustained.

What does Obama do with this testimony from his own Government oversight group, tell Congress to get some Cojones and keep on track to pass the bill.

Is anyone wondering yet, why they are getting it wrong? They have direct evidence that their proposed policy will bankrupt America and yet they are still moving ahead.

So, what does Obama do in the face of the growing opposition (from his own party, because everyone else is rejecting it)? He delays the Federal Budget forecast that was suppose to be released mid-July, until mid-August (which will be after the bill is voted on).I

t seems that Obama does not want any distraction from passing a bill designed to destroy America financially.

This is pre-meditated murder of democracy and he needs to be stopped.

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