Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama - the failure in chief, lies starting to effect his policy goals

Recent Polls show that American are distrustful of Obama! See here:
Here are some of the reasons why:
Promise: Obama pushed Congress to Pass the $878 billion stimulus by predicting an immediate impact.
Result: Economic indicators are still in a tailspin in the downward trajectory and Obama now insists it will be over 2 years before the benefits peak.
Promise: Obama predicted the stimulus package would keep unemloyment below 8% and would hit 9% if it wasn't.
Result: Unemployment has rocketed above 9.5% and now is set to breach double digits this year.
Promise: Obama insisted that a Health Care Plan would lower costs.
Result: The CBO has reported that the plan is unsustainable and would actually raise costs and the national debt.
Promise: Obama, on April 20th promised the public that Congress would cut $100 million from the federal budget (due to the out of control spending spree the Democrats had been on) within the next 90 days.
Result: Though prodded for the details on whether Congress has achieved this goal - Silence!Promise: Bailouts would be around $2 trillion dollars and taxpayers would reap dividends when distressed properties sold.Result: Bailouts have bled into other sectors that were never approved by the American Public and no oversight has resulted from the promised oversight of the first bailouts (which was a law passed with the bailouts in the first phase).
Now we learn that the bailouts could exceed $23 trillion dollars.
See the following:
and in regards to oversight of this massive sums of money:,0,4611786.story

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