Sunday, October 13, 2013

Individualism vs. Collectivism

Obama and the Democrats want to fundamentally change America.  They want social justice which is giving that imaginary person on the ladder of life a hand and propel them upwardly even if they haven't worked for it.  Take your money and give it to them.  We know this is their aim because Joe the Plumber got Obama to say so when he didn't have his teleprompter to hide behind prepared speech.

We also know that most of the Democrat elected leaders are narcissistic about their power.  It is all about them, individually.  Nanci Pelosi stated to the public that if THEY wanted to know what was in the Obamacare law they would have to read it after it passed.  How many times can you pick up a verbatim speech by Obama and literally count the time he uses "I" or "Me" in them.  They will tell you to deal with this because "They" won the election.

Americans elect their leaders to represent those who elected them not for themselves but for us.  I read an article this morning over at the American Thinker titled "Times Are-A-Changin' for Conservatives that is a must read.  The author touches on the "Millenials" and their influence that Obama tapped to get elected.  It was this very group that stopped Obama from his proposed adventure into Syria recently.  Now, this very group is abandoning Obama and the Democrats because these young and "individualistic" group are the ones that are being required to pay the lion share of the load for Obamacare in spite of the fact they are young and healthy.  To put it in Obama terms, they are on the ladder rung above the old and wealthy and are being required to give them a hand.  They want no part of this.  It is reminiscent of the college poll that asked if they agreed that the 1% should share the efforts of their wealth with those who do not have it.  They answered with a resounding YES.  But, then they were asked if they would share their grades with those who did not have them and their answered with a resounding NO.

With the Millenials it comes down to "what is good for thee, is not good for me" and Obamacare and the war with Syria is not good for them.  Both directly effect their age groups directly.

The funny thing is I do not find anything wrong with the Millenials individualistic attitudes.  I do not find them to be selfish or arrogant.  What I find them to be is American.  They are exercising exactly what it is to be American and enjoy "individual freedoms" and "individual liberty"!  They were the ones that initially supported Obama because of his veiled campaign promises were masked as something that they did not find threatening.  Now, they see the light.

When you look at Millenials historically you will find them inherently conservative.  Specifically, the following people were considered, by today's definition, as Millienials:

Marquis de Lafayette -- 18 years old
James Monroe -- 18 years old
Gilbert Stuart -- 20 years old
Aaron Burr -- 20 years old
Alexander Hamilton -- 21 years old
Betsy Ross -- 24 years old
James Madison -- 25 years old

 These young Americans were born into British heritage and expected to toe the British line in the colonies.  They did not want taxation without representation.  They wanted individual freedom and liberty.  They shunned King George III, just as the current Millenials are shunning King Obama.

There is hope that the young, whom we fear have been indoctrinated in schools by collectivists, will stick to their own individualism as most youngsters do.  The mixed message of the socialists want their unbridled loyalty for their personal political power but as most youngsters defy authority, hopefully they will defy the men and women of the crown.

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