Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The lasting and effective Jim DeMint

A lot of people were disappointed to learn that Jim DeMint was leaving his post on Capital Hill for the private sector.  His departure, then arrival at the Heritage Foundation came and went with little fanfare.  While the battles were being fought in the trenches to dismantle the burgeoning government pig fest and harmful Obamacare the Heritage Foundation was flexing it's muscles behind the scenes.  It was this action that provided the last minute scuttling of the moderate RINO capitulation in the Senate with their new and proposed deal.  Thank God and Jim DeMint.

When we conservatives felt that nothing could get any worse, the Senate RINO's pull together their dream team of negotiators starring McConnel and Susan Collins.  They would tell us that it was a brilliant move to put Collins face on this because she is a moderate and politically the Obama administration and Harry Reid have told the media that we (on the other side of the political fence) are a bunch of hostage taking terrorists driven by ideology.  So, they put Collins out there to force the issue and when they (Democrats) balk at the new grand bargain then they can show America that they refuse to negotiate with even the moderates.  Problem was, the plan these yahoo's agreed to was everything that Obama wanted. 

Cruz and company, long been pushed aside by House leadership in an effort to curb his appeal, received a last minute communique from the Heritage Foundation telling them to stand tall, stand firm and be brave.  In the end, the House speaker and his merry bunch of appeaser RINO's could not muster the votes to pass the moderate RINO's masterpiece. 

Here-here to democracy and obstructionist action.  We will now see a more unhinged media and Administration trotting out the tired old lines of "we want to kill grandma and the kids" ballyhoo but just like the story of the "boy who cried wolf" -- that line just won't cut it in reality anymore than screaming "racist"!

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