Thursday, October 31, 2013

The one armed fighter

Imagine if you will, an arena full of hungry and unemployed peasants taking in a heavy weight match between a brutish and thuggish pugilist and his one armed opponent.  The air in the arena is fetid and the hopelessness of those championing the underdog is thick.  The press coverage billed the fight as the "fight of the century" though the odds are heavily stacked against the little man.  The rise of this tenacious little man began as a laughingstock because they all said he didn't have it in him to survive past the first round.  Yet, survive he did and fight after fight he advanced and with every step forward he gained the admiration of the people.  They could identify with him as they all felt it and lived it.  What they felt and lived with is the oppressive and stifling of their will to thrive and succeed.  To not just feed their family, but to live according to their hard work and sacrifice.  They didn't want to stand in the bread lines that seemed endless, hopeless.  Each time the one armed man fought it always seem to be against someone who was bigger, meaner and dirtier than the last but prevail he did. 

We are those I speak of and our arena is fetid and oppressive.  Our opponent is a machine of brute force and corrupt as can be.  They are well fed, trained and bursting with narcissistic confidence as only one can knowing they have full control.  They lord over everything and have no cares about who they step on or over to get to the next trough.

They have their tentacles in every aspect of this blood sport and even have one of their own in the one armed man's corner posing as his trainer.  They are confident because the game is fixed and they can't lose.

The one armed man disregards his trainer on most bouts and as a result, he wins.  Yet, with every win his trainer tells him he simply cannot win the next fight.  The trainer at all times has his "white towel" neatly tucked into his belt, at the ready, waiting for the right moment to throw it in the ring.  But, the little guy just keeps getting up after being knocked down and keeps coming forward despite all odds fight and fight and fight.

By now, you understand this analogy.

Obama is the thug across the ring from the little guy (everyone that opposes his rule).  Ted Cruz has represented the one armed man in this fight (though there are a number of supporting players that aid him in his quest to stop the insanity).  The implosion and crash of the Obamacare website is also an analogy.  It does not simply represent some technological gadget that hiccuped.  It is the full truth that the government cannot even get a website up and running let alone running it once it does, if it ever does.  It has put the fact that they do not and cannot run a post office; mortgage company; car company; education establishment or even a hot dog stand efficiently.

Never mind the lies told and echoed by the media.  Never mind that this was pushed down our throats.  Just look at the simple task they had three years to complete at a whopping 600+ million dollar purse.  This blogger, created and set up this blogsite in roughly one hour and got it off the ground without any knowledge beforehand.  It cost me zilch, zero, nada and it runs efficiently and effectively as it was intended.

If the government cannot even get the front door to their signature legislation opened for us rubes to enter then how can they be trusted to run 1/6th of the economy that healthcare represents as a whole.  It's time for a Russell Crowe Gladiator moment against Caesar or the Russell Crowe "James Braddock" against Max Schnell for the heavyweight championship of the world bout.

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