Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spotlight on the "Non-Essentials"

It is no wonder why the Democrats, who are in love with a bloated and powerful government, have not passed a budget in the Senate and are fighting so hard to demonize the Republicans as destroying it as it is shuttered.

The doom and gloom prediction by the left and the MSM has been in full speed ahead mode.  Make no mistake the left is literally banking on the mechanisms they have put in place (No Budget and endless Continuing Resolutions) in order to mask just how much of this bloated and feckless bureaucracy is truly non-essential.  We have heard, from the left and the MSM, that 800,000 federal employee's are being laid off and the horror stories keep on a coming.  We have heard that sick children are not receiving their cancer treatments because of the obstructionist terror led Republicans.  But with each horror the Republican House has offered up a separate bill and each one has been rejected by the Democrats.  Harry Reid even let slip that he has no intention of allowing those sick kids get their treatment because there are 1,100 Federal Employees that need help too over at Andrews AFB. 

According to Reuters, of the 2.1 million Federal employees 60% are still working despite the shutdown.  The article list the percentage of certain agencies essential to non-essential ratios:

EPA - 6% deemed essential
HUD - 6% deemed essential
NASA - 3% deemed essential
IRS - 9.3% deemed essential
Dept. of Education - 10% deemed essential
Treasury - 18% deemed essential
Interior - 20% deemed essential
Labor - 22% deemed essential

Since the shutdown, the National Security Agencies have maintained 30% of its civilian workforce.  Homeland Security 86%, Dept. of Justice 84%, VA 95% and State Department have 100% working.

So, why are we paying the salaries for workers that are not essential to the Government?  Obama and his ilk hired an additional 200,000 federal employees as a centerpiece to his stimulus bill.  It is no secret that the Federal Government has been hiring at a faster clip than the private sector.  The Federal Government pays its employers substantially more than the private force.  These are the stakes for the Left and cancer kids are fodder to them.  The kids who are being denied crucial treatment so callously are acceptable loss in the larger war to keep the State expanding, growing and burgeoning.  In order to keep this behemoth fed, their cannot be a budget because a budget is the impediment.  The longer the Government is shutdown the more the Left is exposed to their lies of its essential life giving need.  They have bemoaned that the economy will collapse worldwide if we don't reopen the doors.  This is why this administration keep making political moves such as shuttering the WWII vets memorial and posting more guards to keep them out than they had posted in Benghazi.  They are desperate to keep feeding this unessential beast.

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  1. There is no question, government at All levels are full of useless non-essential 'employees'. There is no motivation NOT to hire your worthless brother in law, no ROI to have to meet, no profit margin to have to meet to stay in business, just raise taxes and hire some more useless friends and relatives. Push came to shove around here last year, and local fire department fired 90, keeping 13. local podunk school district (Lakota) fired 100 teachers and 90 Ninety, administrators. Excuse but WTF did those people do. seriously. We've been and are being raped up the ass by worthless morons. Par for the course I guess. Smart, productive people are too busy taking care of business to notice.