Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rooting for failure

We hear a lot from the Democrats since Obama took over the helm that Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, Libertarians in general, are rooting for failure.  It is not just the current implosion of website fiasco but most of his social justice programs he has implemented as well as fiscal policies on Jobs and the economy.  Does this mean I want the US Government to come crashing down around me and my fellow Americans -- No!  Does this mean I want pain and suffering inflicted upon us because of this failure -- No!  Are these failures that I and so many others are rooting for the reason for their failure -- Hell No!

There is a new movie at the box office where two American Astronauts are adrift in the void of space and are fighting for their lives literally.  This is what it feels like to be an American, especially a conservative American in America today.  The policies are devoid of reason and hope and we are all adrift suffocating slowly as we watch our oxygen indicators for the precious time we have left.  Obama and his Democrats have proven why our unique American Government fails when it ever expands into areas that it was not designed or even imagined doing.  For instance, Government, as Rush Limbaugh tells us, does not create -- It takes.  It does not design gadgets and then sell them in a free market setting.  The only thing it was designed to do is to tax us as this is it's only form of income.  So how are we to believe that this Administration filled with enlightened academics can actually create, package and sell medical insurance on the open market.  It can't, which is why it is failing before the doors to this sham business even began.  When Obama say's the glitches are being worked on by "the best and the brightest" it makes me shudder and hide my valuables from plain sight.  It is a damn good thing that Obama pulled the plug on the Governments involvement with NASA because the world would have seen horrific accidents on a regular occasion.  The old axiom that the bid for the space shuttles went to the lowest bidder when there are literally billions of movable pieces involved.  This is exactly how private marketplace functions.  It takes complex engineering, financial and safety issues and make them work to an amazing degree.  Sure, there are failures but the marketplace has the ability to root them out and replace them with something better, faster and more ingenious than it's predecessor.  Those in charge simply want us rubes to feel guilty that the enlightened ones are failing on every level of their stewardship.  At first, those who rooted for Obama to fail were told "to give him a chance" and some time to prove he is everything he says he is and can do everything he had promised he would do.  But here we are well into his second term and all we have seen is what he continues to do in spite of it's obvious failure.  He promised us he would not rest until all of us who wanted and needed a job, had a job.  He spent his waking hours on a golf course or vacation with his family in some exotic locale.  Also, during this time of his waking days in search of the solutions to our plight of joblessness he spent most of it crafting and obsessing over this current Obamacare fiasco.  Look where we are for all his effort.  Yep, adrift in space and waiting for my O2 to expire all the while hoping my spacesuit fails to end my suffering.

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