Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Terror Training Camp in San Antonio, TX

In 2009 the DHS had issued a memo to law enforcement warning of "Tea Party Extremists" are on the rise.  In fact the DHS is so worried about their violent proclivities that on more than a few occasions DHS had a pronounced presence at their events.  Ted Cruz, by association, has been called a terrorists because he is the darling of the "tea party".  Ted Cruz is the face of the political aim of the massive movement that sprung up due to Obama and his policies.  The MSM as well as the Democrats had all denounced the tea party initially as "astro turf".  The claimed that it was nothing more than a staged and paid group fronting the wants and needs of big business interests and lobby.  The Koch brothers were their benefactor. 

I shudder to think how much money the Koch's and lobby groups had shucked out to fill busses in just about every single state and in some states tens of thousands appeared.  Hell Obama even had to make his escape out of the back of the White House in his helicopter all the while claiming they didn't exist.

In typical fashion, Kathleen Parker wrote her recent Op Ed titled "The Crux of Ted Cruz"!  where she pontificates "To those who feel jilted by the system (tea party types) and insulted by critics (Ms. Parker and her ilk), he is a vision of palm trees, dates and fountains.  He articulates what they think and feel and, as a bonus, he's got that Latino thing".  She drones on and on about how in 2010 the tea party was defeated soundly giving her examples of Christine O'Donnell, Sharon Angle and Richard Murdock.

This tea party terror group has, regardless of those who say otherwise, become a very powerful bottom up organism that has no leader.  When you have an enemy you chop the head of the snake in order to kill the body, but the tea party has no head and is all body.  In spite of this those who seek office as someone representative of the body has had profound success.  In spite of having to fight the money and media of the Democrats they also had to fight many inside the Republican/GOP establishment. 

When you see the polls that show the country has a low opinion of both Democrats and Republicans in Congress it is no surprise.  Furthermore, it can be said that the low opinions of dissatisfaction of likely voters of the Republicans comes from Republican likely voters who are disgusted of the way they have acted or worse, what the have come to represent is so foreign to those who call themselves conservative.  These were the very same voters that handed Obama a second term rather than vote for another GOP establishment candidate.  The base (conservatives) are sick and tired of the John McCains who, during his failed Presidential run refused to discomfort Obama in the least amount.  Yet, he has plenty to say about Ted Cruz.  If McCain would have shown half of the fire he spewed against his own camp towards Obama then maybe he would not have needed the other tea party darling that almost gave him the White House, Sarah Palin.

In spite of the empirical evidence that has slapped the GOP and the Democrats squarely in the face they still self deny their power.  Kathleen Parker says "But Cruz is a mirage -- an idea conjured in a fantasy that can't be realized in reality."  Well Kathleen, when the terrorist in chief Ted Cruz left Washington DC after his principled stand against everything those terror followers loathe, he returned to San Antonio, Texas and upon entering his first public appearance, received an 8 minute standing ovation.  Where were those DHS storm troopers?

In the opening of Ms. Parker's OpEd she actually put hers, and her fellow travelers fears front and center when she said -- "Two things are often said in this town (DC):  "A day is a year in politics."  And, "It's all about 2014."  Combined, the two statements mean that much can happen between now and the midterm elections next year when Republicans hope to hold the House and gain the Senate -- and Democrats intend to hold the Senate and recover the House."  Each respective goal is equally possible depending on the same single significant determinant:  Whether Ted Cruz stops talking."

When is the last time any Democrat including Obama received a standing ovation by the whole crowd and not a split audience during the State of the Union?

You betcha that both the Republicans and Democrats hope Cruz stops talking.  They want him silenced in a bad way.  Yet, in San Antonio, where the people are in the midst of throwing out their mayor (Castro) with one hand, they are congratulating another politician (Cruz) with their other.  Funny, both Castro and Cruz have that "Latino Thing going on".

It is all about the 2014 election, Parker is right about that.  Everything Cruz stood for in his principled Washington DC stand reminiscent of Jimmy Stewarts "Mr. Smith goes to Washington", will be vindicated between now and then without him having to say a word.  Obamacar's implosion is only the beginning to accentuate the fact that Washington DC is incapable of running anything correctly or efficiently.  The latest poll show that the public wants to throw the bums out.  It will probably be so.  The lines are already being drawn by McConnell and Cruz.  On the one hand, McConnell has already promised capitulation while Cruz promises more of the same fight to come.  That my friends, is what the "Latino thing is all about".

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