Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When free isn't enough

Everyone by now has heard that the EBT food stamp cards had a glitch and caused a near panic amongst those who received free Government assistance for food.  In Louisiana, Walmart had a problem on their hands as they were in the front lines of the angry recipients and had a choice to make.  Allow those with the cards to shop for their food without the benefit of knowing the balances on each individuals cards or face stores being damaged by the angry masses.  They chose to allow them to shop.  So, the food stamp crowd took advantage and cleaned the shelves out.  When the cards finally began to work and Walmart announced over their PA that this was the case, the crowds left their carts full of food in the aisles and left.  One woman was detained because she had over $700 rang up at the register and when they ran her card it only showed .79 cents.  Walmart let her go as long as she left the food.

It made sense that this happened in Louisiana as this is where the chain opened it's first store and where it's corporate headquarters is located.  I wonder if Walmart bought itself any reprieve from the left and their union goons as people friendly.  Somehow I think not.

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