Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Worraf Nanor

Just as the name in the title of this thread is "ass backwards" so is the new MSMBC host "Ronan Farrow" when he said "They're nimble politicians. Also I think that they represent a style of honesty that the public craves right now. And that's reflected in the numbers. I think people are tired of the old school politicking, and when a politician comes out and says, “Actually, I changed my mind, I've evolved on the issue,” that's something people are willing to embrace."  Farrow is the host of MSMBC 'The Cycle".  No wonder conservative talk show host call the channel MSLSD.

Clinton(s) are the biggest liars.  They actually blazed the trail for the acceptability of Lying.  They made it fashionable and now most liberal Democrats wear those designer clothes with the "Clintonista" fashion tags hanging out.  Well Ronan if comparing the Clintons to your network in the honesty category then, yes, they are Mother Teresa compared to you......

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