Sunday, September 13, 2009

Democrats win gold medal at the “Socialist Olympics”

Team Amerika scores a perfect “10” on double flip-flop

Socialists are in total control right? They have the White House and they have a 20 seat Supra-majority (counting the 2 independents that “caucus” with the democrats) in the Senate and a 78 seat majority in the House of Representatives. They have all the pieces in place to pass any legislation that is in support of their ideology and policies. So what is the problem with passing healthcare?

The democrats and the white house have said that they want a bi-partisan bill, yet they have rejected all proposals from republicans. What they want are some republicans to come to their side to declare a bi-partisanship victory in spite of the fact that they do not need any republicans to pass a bill.

So what is the problem with passing healthcare?

The problem is not with the republicans and their efforts to derail the bill; the problem is within their own ranks that actually fear the voters in 2010. We hear that Obama had won the popular vote and thus a majority of Americans have given him a “mandate” because this healthcare bill was a cornerstone of his campaign. So what is the problem with passing healthcare?

The bottom line is the socialists have painted those who voted for him/them as “thugs”, “Nazi’s”, “Right wing extremists”, “un-American” and every other negative descriptor they could muster to downplay and demonize that in opposition. Those who voted for Obama and those who are attending town hall meetings are just plain Americans like your grandmother, sister, brother and neighbor who are representative of every race, color, sexual orientated and creed that are terrified at the direction this “hope and change” are moving in.

Though they currently enjoy a majority and thus can pass anything you wish without political opposition what they have sadly misinterpreted was the opposition outside their gilded halls in the streets (and not just Main Street).

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