Tuesday, September 22, 2009

President Obama – “I favor an investigation into ACORN”

When the President appointed Eric Holder as the Attorney General of the United States there was immediate and defined criticism coming from the right. The criticism was met with the normal “race card” charges as Holder is African American. The brunt of the criticism pointed to his political record under the Clinton Administration when he worked for Attorney General Janet Reno who had many instances of controversy that included the WACO raid to the midnight raid with armed ATF agents that seized Elian Gonzales at the point of automatic rifles from unarmed family members in Miami.

Eric Holder, as the Assistant Attorney General, was credited with the covert Presidential pardons of Marc Rich, 17 FALN terror members (that did not even want a pardon) and the release of two other terrorists from the Weathermen Underground.

I have written ad nauseum about this group (Weathermen Underground) and the fact that they were formed by SDS members that believed their own leadership was not violent enough in their activities and spun off from the SDS to become more violent. The early leadership of the Weather Underground, or the founders so to speak, were Bill Ayers and Wade Rathke (who went on to found two organizations we know today as ACORN and the SEIU).

So why do I bring up the history lesson of the SDS, Weathermen Underground and Eric Holder? I do so because our “dear leader” has indicated that he favors an investigation into ACORN and the man that we would presume to head this investigation would be the Attorney General who, in his recent past has worked hard to pardon the same fellow travelers who are at the heart of this organization we call ACORN.

In addition, at the time the Weathermen were bombing police stations and US Government buildings in their protests, did so with the political alignment to the “Black Panthers”. I also recall the recent Justice Department decision to drop the voter intimidation case that was won against the “New Black Panthers” in Philadelphia.

Can we trust Obama and his Justice Department to get to the pertinent facts against ACORN? This is why certain GOP Senate members who are calling for a RICO type investigation be done by a “special prosecutor” and not Eric Holder. Remarkably, when Obama declared on Sunday that he felt an investigation was warranted he did not say that he would actually act on this belief. In fact, he went on to clarify that ACORN was not something that was important to the nation at the time, as an issue.

We know that there are indeed many investigations being conducted against ACORN in many States for “Voter Fraud” (as many as 15). We also know that the Attorney General of Louisiana has issued subpoenas against ACORN for a wide ranging investigation that surrounds the $1MM embezzlement of ACORN funds by Dale Rathke (Wade Rathke’s brother) and subsequent cover up by ACORN Board members when they learned of the crime. The crime was uncovered during the Democratic Primaries in early 2008 and could have been a further embarrassment to Obama. ACORN attempted to cover the issue up and keep the knowledge from the public when they fired the Board members who were calling for criminal investigations be conducted. When the issue came to light, seven years had passed and Dale Rathke had repaid $210,000 of the $1MM and then a funny thing happened, the unpaid $800,000 balance was paid by an anonymous donor. Coincidently, the amount of the payment by the anonymous donor matched the amount owed and the payment received was around the same time period that Obama was caught paying $800,000 to Citizen Services, Inc. under a false FEC filing for “lighting, staging and advance work” to the ACORN affiliate which adds to the speculation that the anonymous donor was actually the Obama campaign in order to have the issue go away quickly.

A pattern of Deception:

Do you remember the “Obama Senate Seat” controversy when Rod Blagojevich was in discussions with Obama’s transition team? The Obama administration swiftly denied that neither he nor any members of his team had ANY discussions with the embattled Governor. The same day as the denial, someone had dug up an interview that David Axelrod conducted two weeks earlier where he admitted that many conversations were being held with the Governor over the impending appointment. This prompted the Administration to say that Axlerod misspoke, until it was found that the conversations were actually were recorded by the FBI.

Obama then announced that he was holding an internal investigation into whom and what conversations took place to see if any improprieties occurred. He appointed his long time friend and attorney Greg Craig to head the investigation and subsequent report on the findings. In the end Greg Craig exonerated the Obama White House of any wrongdoing.

Fast forward to Bertha Lewis, CEO ACORN and her call to hold an “internal investigation” to get to any wrongdoing by her company. It was announced that Attorney Scott Harshbarger (Former Massachusetts AG) would spearhead this internal investigation. The attorney firm that Harshbarger works for is Proskauer Rose, LLP.

What connects, besides the name Obama, Proskauer Rose, LLP and Greg Craig?

Both were bundlers of Obamas campaign contributions during the election.


The House and Senate have passed two separate bills that cut off funding for ACORN, yet until the two political bodies meet and hammer the text of a single bill ACORN will continue to receive our tax payer money!

When the President says, on national news stations that “ACORN is not the Nation’s highest priority” then I believe the writing is on the wall here. ACORN will continue to receive massive infusions of our taxpayer money!

Let’s not mince words here about ACORN and their protectors in the Senate, House and White House – “they feel invincible and untouchable” with Obama, Reid and Pelosi watching their backs as well as their normal MSM allies.

Let us take a look at our money here. Since 1993, ACORN has received $53 million dollars in direct taxpayer Federal Funds. In January ACORN was “made eligible” for $8.5 billion dollars when the “Stimulus” was passed. In addition, in March the House authorized ACORN to receive $1.5 billion dollars in “Stimulus slush funds”. Since the President took office in January, $10 billion dollars stand at the ready to transfer to this criminal and corrupt organization.

So, when Obama declares that an investigation is warranted and does not call on his Officials to initiate one I think we can declare – foul!

The ACORN issues must be pressed for full RICO investigation that should be held by an independent prosecutor (Holder cannot be relied upon for full and fair impartiality here as well as Obama as he is literally tied to ACORN on many fronts).

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