Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giving Obama, Pelosi & MOVEON.org the finger, Pelosi warns violence from angry right wing rhetoric!

You saw recently House Speaker Nanci Pelosi get up in front of the cameras and openly weep because she is fearful of 1970's (Harvey Milk) violence due to the angry right wing rhetoric against Obamacare.

I have already written a thread here on the violence that actually took place in San Francisco in the 1970's (which was all left wing radical violence).

There needs to be a finer point made here with her prognostications of right wing violence caused by angry words, but it needs to be leveled against the left, again.

On August 6, 2009 the White House held a strategy session for Democrat Congressional members who were about to go into recess for the summer and the session was how to regain control of the "health care" message which they were losing because of tea party town hall protests. This was in spite of a liberal aligned media.

Directly after the session the White House spokesman summed up the strategy that the President gave: "If you are punched, punch back twice as hard"!

That news sound bite of the President strategy, like I said, was on August 6.


One day later the punches started to fly when SEIU thugs beat a tea party protester outside of a rally. It was unprovoked (by the recipient, but provoked by the Presidents words)!


Less than 30 days later, the President's words of advice again provoked violence from his minions, this time from a crowd of MOVEON.org members resulting in a protestor finger being bitten off. He litterally gave MOVEON the finger.


So, when a teary eyed socialist queen from San Francisco talks of the fear of violence from the right, she should look to her own ideologues from the left -- including those she referred to from the 1970's!

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