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The woman behind Van Jones “Green Czar” job referral, Valerie Jarrett’s (aka “Senate Candidate #1) radical roots

Much has been reported in the last few days on the internet about the “sudden resignation” of Van Jones due to his radical past and speculation about just how many in the Obama Administration are just as radical.

There has been one person in particular that seems to enjoy being able to fly “under the radar” and continue to enjoy anonymity and power within the Obama Administration but should be looked at with extreme wariness due to her own bouts with criminal acts and with associations with “communism” – Valerie Jarrett.

It is easy to see why she has remained without intense scrutiny because her resume looks anything but solid.

For instance, she earned her BA from Stanford University and then her JD from the University of Michigan Law School. In 1987, she was Deputy Corporation Counsel for Finance and Development in the Harold Washington (first African American elected to Chicago Mayor) administration. In addition, she was Deputy Chief of Staff in Mayor Daly’s administration (when in 1991 she hired Michelle Obama to work there). Then in 1992-1995 served as Chicago’s “Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development” when she was appointed “Chair of the Chicago Transit Board” from 1995 to 2005. Also in 1995 she was CEO of “The Habitat Company”. She is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago Medical Center, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago and a Trustee of Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. Jarrett serves on the board of directors of USG Corporation, a Chicago based building materials corporation.

Wow, what a resume!

There is another reason why she continues to defy scrutiny, there are those out in the internet arena who are scrubbing any and all negative references to the scandal. For instance:

Wikepedia page on Jarrett has no mention of anything remotely resembling a scandal. See here:

See who changed the data on the page and when:

When you hear about Valerie Jarrett you think about the Blagojevich “Senate Seat” (Obama’s seat) case where America was first introduced to her as the one discussed by Rahm Emanuel (when he denied even talking to Blagojevich) as the replacement that Barack Obama wanted the Governor to appoint.

We heard that Ms. Jarrett was a long time friend of Obama and after the brouhaha over Jarrett’s name surfacing in the investigation she came out publicly and stated she did not want the seat and that she wanted to take a long time offer from Obama to the White House post she now resides in.

During this touchy situation, we learned that Ms. Jarrett also worked with Michelle Obama in the Daly mayoral office and that she also gave the job that Michelle landed at Chicago Hospital. We also learned that Ms. Jarrett was found to have a business partnership with Tony Rezko on a real estate deal that eventually was condemned (it was for poor blacks housing).

That was about all we knew, until now! Now the microscope is on her after the Van Jones implosion and the nation’s bloggers and conservative news are focusing on radicals occupying the White House positions of power. When the White House commented on the Jones resignation, it denied that they knew of his past. They did say that he was one of the Czars that “never filled out that pesky 64 questionnaire” that is 8 pages long!

It did not take long for the bloggosphere to dig up a recent speech where Valerie Jarrett admitted that the White House (meaning Obama and his radical sycophants) has been following Jones ever since his Oakland days (which is where he began as a communist and thug). So there you have it, they knew who they were hiring and it was Jarrett who passed his name to Obama as the top candidate for the “Green Czar” position which Jones was rewarded with, for his radical views that the White House admires.

From the time of the Blagojevich scandal involving Jarrett’s involvement and her subsequent hiring by the White House, she has laid low (under the radar) until the Jones ordeal.

Finally, we learned that Obama was mentored (his high school senior year in Hawaii) by his parents longtime friend (only mentioned as “Frank” in Obama’s book) “Frank” Marshall Davis.

What we now know of Jarrett.

In 1983 she married the son of Vernon Jarrett. Vernon Jarrett and “Frank Marshall Davis” worked together in early 1940’s for the “Communist Party USA” before Davis moved to Honolulu and was investigated for his “Communist Party ties.

According to WND – “Vernon Jarrett and Davis worked together in 1940 in a Communist Party-dominated organization, the Citizen's Committee to Aid Packing House Workers. The group's own correspondence, previously uncovered by the New Zeal blog, describes its communist influence. Many of its leaders were tied to the Communist Party.

The pair also frequented the South Side Community Art Center, which was dominated by communists.

In addition, Davis and Vernon Jarrett worked in the late 1940s on the communist influenced, black-run Chicago Defender newspaper.

In 1948, Jarrett started a radio show, "Negro Newsfront," and went on to become the Chicago Tribune's first black syndicated columnist.

A Washington Post obituary of Jarrett notes he "stoked the political embers in Chicago that led to the 1983 election of the city's first African-American mayor, Harold Washington."
"Vernon Jarrett was a key influence in Washington's decision to run for the Chicago mayoralty and remained a key supporter through his four-year tenure," the newspaper reported.

It was in “Harold Washington’s” Mayoral office that Valerie got her political feet wet. She stayed on the Mayors office when Daly took office and in 1991 gave Michelle Obama her first job in Daly’s office (when she was just engaged to a young Barack Obama).

So, connecting dots:

Obama and Valerie Jarrett have the following people in common:

Tony Rezko – Valerie Jarrett and Rezko were partners on Real Estate Deals in Chicago. Obama bought his house from Rezko. Rezko is currently awaiting sentencing from the trial for his role in Operation Board Games and Obama drafted (as an Illinois Senator) and Chaired the legislation that allowed Rezko to “pack” the boards which he is now been convicted of. Rezko is also the insider confidante (and chief fundraiser) of both Obama and Rod Blagojevich (who is currently awaiting trial for the attempted selling of Obama’s vacated Senate Seat) in which Jarrett’s name came up as the candidate Obama wanted Blagojevich to fill.

Note: Obama is incidentally tied to both crimes with Blagojevich, first is the act as Senator and the legislation he crafted that allowed the crime to occur in Operation Board Games and second, Obama wished for Blagojevich to appoint his vacant seat to Jarrett. Keeping in mind that when Blagojevich was first arrested and Jarrett’s name surfaced, Rahm Emanuel denied that anyone from Obama’s camp had any conversations with Blagojevich about her candidacy (and subsequently we have learned they had extensive conversations). Finally, when Rezko sold the property to Obama (while he was under investigation for the crimes he was ultimately convicted of) we heard that “this isn’t the Tony Rezko that I knew” -- just like sitting in Rev. Wright pews for 20 years and heard that “I never heard any of those sermons”.

Van Jones: Valerie Jarrett is the point person who recommended and boasted that the White House has followed Jones since his days in Oakland.

Note: White House spokesman Gibbs denied that they were aware of Jones radical background and statements. Now we find the press conference of Jarrett when she announced Jones appointment stating they knew him all along.

“Frank” Marshall Davis: Obama mentor and political counselor. Valerie Jarrett married into a communist family who was active with Wright during his rise in the communist ranks.
In order to hide the identity of “Frank”, Obama only referenced him in his book lovingly as the “grandfatherly Frank”.

I have always believed that Obama, Emanuel & Jarrett have been up to their necks in the “Senate Seat” conspiracy with Blagojevich. This was my own conclusion from the start after David Axelrod made conflicting statements about the level of talks that were taking place between the Obama camp and the office of the Governor.

I believe also with the conviction of Rezko and the subsequent delay in his sentencing on the “pay for play” issue that Rezko will roll on Blagojevich and even possibly Obama himself. But as criminal conspiracies go, you start with a low level conspirator and work your way up the chain (which is what they are doing by going after Blagojevich based on the cooperation from Rezko).

The only person that Blagojevich can roll on (up the chain so to speak) is Obama. This bears out because of the “veiled threats” that Blagojevich has made during his impeachment proceedings when he said he would call Obama, Jarrett and Emanuel as witnesses.

“An attorney for Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has asked a panel of Illinois state lawmakers who are considering impeaching the embattled governor to subpoena two of President-elect Barack Obama’s top aides.

The attorney, Ed Genson, requested that incoming chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and longtime Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett testify before the 21-member panel.” – Newsday December 2008

Now, just yesterday (and the same day of Blagojevich’s book tour and the guilty plea from a conspirator, Kelly) Blagojevich again made the threat that he would call Jarrett, Emanuel and possibly Obama to testify at his June 2010 trial.

So, with the upcoming trial over Obama’s status of citizenship and Blagojevich impending trial it appears that the Valerie Jarrett issue will see the light of day. Here is hoping that Blagojevich doesn’t wait until the eve of his trial to cut a deal to give up Obama.,0,122137.story;show_article=1

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