Monday, September 28, 2009

Obama – what we now know!, The lid of the box of his past is opening wider!

So, we are “birthers”! A clever moniker utilized by the socialists to paint those who distrust the story Obama has painstakingly created with four books in order to feed the American electorate for consumption. In addition, since before the election, the man who promised us (the American Public) an openness and transparency rivaled by no others has kept his past secrets under tight seal and has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep them under lock and seal.

Those who have helped him achieve the lofty political offices he has held are under a fine microscope, or are currently awaiting sentencing for a myriad of crimes that funded his, as well as many Democrats political campaigns.

Since before taking the office of the President of the United States, Obama and his supporters have gone to a great deal of trouble to keep the lid on the “Pandora’s box” known as the life of Barrack Obama (aka Barry Sotero).

The only real and tangible information that describes Obama to us came from his own words, or did they? We now know “Dreams of my Father” wasn’t written by Obama but by the man who “just lived down the block” – Bill Ayers.

In this book, we now know that timelines that are described by Obama when referring to Barrack Obama, Sr. don’t add up. Obama states in the book that Obama Sr., abandoned little Barrack and his mother two years after his birth. Investigative evidence that was pulled from the college records of the University of Hawaii and the University of Washington reveal that it was two weeks after his birth, his mother (without the father) enrolled in classes in Seattle. In fact, Barrack Obama, Sr., never lived under the same roof at all during the time of marriage.

When the information came to light, during the Presidential campaign that Barrack Obama was a close friend of Bill Ayers, his handlers as well as himself brushed them aside with a nonchalance that described their relationship as “just a guy who lives in my neighborhood that I have seen a couple of times”. We now know that this relationship was deep and troublesome due to the revelation that Obama announced his “Illinois” Senate Campaign in his living room. We now know that the two sat on multiple non-profit organizations together.

We also know that Bill Ayers started his “homegrown terror roots” in the SDS and then subsequently the “Weathermen Underground” when Obama was 4 years old. We now know that another SDS member and cohort of Bill Ayers (Wade Rathke) went on to found the organizations we call ACORN and the Service Employees International Union. Both of which were instrumental in the rise of the “unknown” yet charismatic Obama.

When the recent revelations came to light about ACORN and the undercover sting of two twenty-something’s Obama once again acted as though he knew little of them. This soft denial is in spite of the fact that we now know that the first thing Obama did directly out of college was to go to work for ACORN as a community organizer (which he touted as his qualifications to lead this country). It was also learned that Obama, as an attorney represented ACORN in a lawsuit they brought to force the “motor vote” law in the State of Illinois.

During the campaign Obama, in order to quell rumors of a possible foreign birth or a possibility that he was not a “natural born citizen of the United States” trotted out a COLB from the State of Hawaii to prove otherwise.

At the Democrat National Convention was held and Obama was chosen to be their number one candidate there were multiple lawsuits already filed to address the citizenship issue. To this day, those challenges were swatted down as “frivolous”. We now know that the DNC knew that their candidate was not “constitutionally qualified” to run let alone hold the office of President of the United States of America. Recent documents have surfaced as a result of FOIA demands on the DNC to obtain their “certification documents” showing Obama to be constitutionally qualified. These are the documents that are required to be submitted to each and every state for the Electoral College to rely upon that the candidate put forward has been vetted and qualified. When the documents were finally released, by way of lawsuit, it was found that the DNC had two separate documents signed and notarized for Obama and Biden. One had the “constitutional eligible” language and the other omitted this specific language? Upon further investigation, we now know that 49 of the States did not receive the DNC document with the “constitutional eligible” language and only the State of Hawaii received the one that did?

This means that the Electoral College certified the election without the absolute certainty that Obama was eligible to hold the office.

When Obama released to the press with much fanfare his COLB it solidified the belief from those who support Obama that he, in fact, was born on US soil and solidified those in opposition that the matter did not clarify anything of the sort due to the laws of Hawaii that allow a COLB to be issued for “foreign births” and the COLB only show that a long form is held in their vaults.

In order to quell these rumors, the Director of Hawaii’s Health and Human Services held two press conferences stating and certifying that Obama’s long form was indeed in their vaults and then announced later that she had viewed the documents and emphatically stated he was born in Hawaii.

We now know that under the laws of the State of Hawaii that if any person within the Government researches any files in order to release a public statement, as she did, then the documents utilized in the research (Obama’s Birth Certificate) have to be made public and that anyone (and the law spells out specifically – anyone) has the legal right to review those documents to prove the veracity of the public statement made.

On October 5, 2009 (one week from today) a “motion hearing” is scheduled to take place in the only case to date that has progressed this far on the Obama eligibility subject. The government lawyers are asking the Judge to dismiss the case on a myriad of technical legal grounds (none of which address the core constitutional issues). The Judge has promised that the case will be heard on its merits and appears to be headed for trial (save the governments success at the motion to dismiss) on January 26, 2010.

If the government fails to have the case dismissed then the plaintiffs will be granted expedited discovery which will include Obama’s long form BC from Hawaii, all of his college transcripts, personal billing records when he was an attorney, passport files and his files from Harvard Law School review job.

The real question that will be on everyone’s mind is “What will we know”!


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