Sunday, September 13, 2009

The “Dictatorship” of the Democrat party, Is Socialism possible in the context of the US Constitution?

“When The American Declaration of Independence was written, the founders of America had broken away from the tyrannical King of England because of religious persecution from the State run Church of England, so they could practice their Christian faith without persecution, and unfair taxation. And this Declaration of Independence is what the American form of government, its Constitution was based upon.

The Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution and government was not set up to accommodate Marxism and socialistic programs, and the only way these programs can be instituted is by treason against the American people and its Constitutional form of government.” – Files from Toni

What is it with Democrats from Pennsylvania?

When you look at the “Declaration of Independence” in historical context (relating to geography) of where it was signed “Independence Hall – Philadelphia, PA” and the conservative nature of it’s indigenous inhabitants today you have to wonder how so many socialists have become elected there?

I have traveled extensively throughout the State and the one impression that stands above all others is the sheer number of “churches” in each community. There are more churches dotting the landscape than there are starbucks coffee houses.

The other thing that comes to mind in the total landscape in America is those who are aligned with the socialists (ACLU, Academia, Courts, etc) is the assault on the “Christian” faith which was one of the two impetus’ of the “Declaration of Independence”. The other was “Taxation without Representation” which is a major concern of those on the right against those on the left who are ushering these phenomena back into American Society through their legislation and agendas.

Both of these, the assault on Christian faith and taxation without representation are the exact reasons for breaking away from King George the III.

On August 3rd, 2009 at a Town Hall meeting in Pennsylvania a crowd turned against their “Masters” (Kathleen Sebelius & Arlen Spector). The commoners in attendance exploded in rage when the Overlord Spector urged “that we must do this fast” when commenting on the proposed healthcare legislation.

Spector admitted he assigned staff members to read the 1000 pages of H.R. 3200 and had not read the bill himself

The contempt of the left for those in opposition is not lost on the American public because when they take phone calls (Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: ) in the middle of answering questions at their own town hall meetings they are also openly laughing at the notion of actually reading the legislation. The utter lack of respect and open contempt for her constituents are stunning to say the least.

When Arlen Spector turned in his “R” for a “D” it was another example of this arrogance. It was conservative voters that ushered him into office and then he turned his back to them and fled across the isle (though it can be argued he never was a conservative by nature as he initially came from the socialist side of the isle).

When Mr. Spector faced the angry constituents with Kathleen (Abortion backed) Sebelius in Pennsylvania that day, he muttered and sputtered his denials to the woman who was asking pointed questions while armed with the actual 1,000+ bill in her hands. She was reading from the bill - the same bill that he himself had joked about not reading (how is that for arrogance and elitism?).

When you think about the State of Pennsylvania and the socialist democrats that represent this slice of Americana you have to scratch your head at John Murtha. He is embroiled in corruption with his ties to Defense Lobbies, has called our troops murderers without proof of guilt (Haditha, Iraq) and has called his constituents “rednecks and racists”.

Finally, the “coup de gras” and winner of the “elitist socialist” is none other than Eric Massa from New York who said in a recent interview (“bear in mind that Massa, in making the following comments last weekend, was not addressing people who voted for him (or who voted against him) in a town hall setting. He was out of state, in Pennsylvania”):

“I am in one of the most right-wing Republican districts in the country," sneers Massa, his contempt for his constituents evident in his words and in his tone. "I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to be helpful." What he's speaking of is voting for "single-payer" healthcare – completely nationalized, government-run socialized medicine. Lest you think Massa has been misquoted, he underscored his comment moments later. Speaking of the "opinions" of his constituents, he said, "I will vote against their opinion if I actually believe it will help them."

The cycle of tyranny has come full circle. American independence was born in Philadelphia and tyranny has invaded that landscape. The real question is “what are we to do about it?” Do we wait for our vote to speak and act? The thought of this voter power has to be tempered because of another incident in Philadelphia in 2008 – three “New Black Panthers” were caught on camera (backing Obama) intimidating white voters from entering the polling station. These same individuals were then let go by the Obama administration from punishment in spite of the fact the DOJ had won the case against them --more tyranny to come?

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