Sunday, September 13, 2009

The power of Glenn Beck, One Czar down, 30 to go

The power of words and the way that Glen Beck wielded them in the face of the vicious smear attack by "Colorofchange" (Van Jones founded) in the attempted boycott was stunning and righteous. There have been many at the end of the extreme left gun barrell that have never survived such an attack, especially when the theme of the attack is racism.

Jesse "High"-Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton have created a vast network of shakedown just by intimidation and have been very successful at the illusion. Just the mere mention that advertisers are paying for slots on a venue that has been "called out" on baseless shakedowns have trembled to be remotely associated with those being called out.

So, the end result of Jones' resignation (in the cover of darkness) is a telling thing. It boosted the credibility of Beck and has created the groundwork for all of the Czars in this Usurpers administration to answer to the people about their pasts and the legitamacy of their positions as it relates to the circumvention of the constitution and the role that Congress plays over who is appointed into Goverment Cabinet positions (which Czars have circumvented the confirmation process) thus sucessfully creating a "shadow government within the Government".

Look for the other Czars in the near future to come under scrutiny by Congress, Conservative media outlets and Glen Beck to bring an end to these positions. The days of reckoning are here.

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