Sunday, September 13, 2009

Orly Taitz back in court today, Captain Connie Rhodes, MD – No show

Orly Taitz who was in the news earlier in the week with her stunning victory in the case against Barack Obama’s citizenship and qualification to be President was again in court today and again representing another active duty officer of the US Army challenging the deployment orders based on Obama’s Usurper status. The prior case that Taitz brought on behalf of Maj. Stefan Cook was also in front of the same Judge (Land) .

According to the Ledger Enquirer news account – “Land tossed out Cook’s case in July. Land said the judicial branch shouldn’t inject itself into “political disputes” and shouldn’t get involved in hypothetical debates that haven’t yet become actual legal disputes.

So, why has Judge Land made extra efforts to allow Ms. Rhodes her day in court, when he dismissed similar arguments that were presented in the Cook case?

Again, according to the Ledger Enquirer - “Land made it clear he wanted to hear from Rhodes. “I am going to require her to appear, so I can ask questions of her,” Land said.
The Rhodes complaint makes similar arguments.

“Plaintiff ... submits and charges that the current de facto president is an illegal usurper, an unlawful pretender, an unqualified imposter ...” the complaint states. “(She) submits that she cannot lawfully act under his authority, but that she is being forced to do so without any opportunity or remedial avenue whatsoever.”

So, again why is this different?

The Cook case had the Army rescinding his orders and rendered the case moot. The Rhodes case had the Army refusing to allow her to go to Georgia today to attend the hearing under threat of a Courts Martial and imprisonment. The difference is that this time, Taitz was armed with the original Birth Certificate in hand to show proof of Obama’s deception.
The embedded video of Taitz interview is in the linked article above. Even the news anchors interviewing Taitz commented on the Birth Certificate and how authentic it appears.

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