Monday, September 14, 2009

Tom Harkin (D) states "silent majority" favor healthcare reforms

Leave it to the spinmeisters of the left to justify their political suicide by making the absurd comment that Harkin just did.

The "silent majority" is what got Bush elected over Gore and reelected over Kerry. The silent majority is not long silent as proven by the massive tea parties held around the country that culminated with the 1-2 million in Washington, DC. No siree, the silent majority is awake, angry, screeming and agitated.

So, Harken say's that those who aren't awake, angry, screeming and agitated are the new "silent majority" and they are OK with Obamacare (funny how they can't quantify the silent majority anymore than they can quantify "3 million jobs saved" in the stimulus).

Harken and the rest of the socialists can lie to themselves all they want on who is the majority that is or is against Obamacare, they know that if they go with "their phantom" silent majority they will be in the proverbial bread and unemployment lines with the rest of the angry majority.

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