Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Racism and ACORN -- Democrats everywhere decry racism is rampant!

When Barrack Obama, the first African American to be elevated to the President of the United States it was to be the salve on the gashing, festering wound of racism that has supposedly been alive and well here.

Leaders from across the world as well as news agencies heralded the feat of the historic proportions as nearly impossible yet promising in all its splendor and possibilities that if the American public could vote for an African American then it was proof positive that she has “turned a gigantic corner” in race relations.

Now, a little more than 8 months into this “historic feat”, why are there so many of the left, with their MSM megaphones screaming racism louder than ever? I find it extremely ironic that those on the left that have cried racism in the echo chambers of the MSM (Nanci Pelosi, Harry Reid, Jimmy Carter and scores of other political democrat elites) fail to mention or remind us that the “tea party protests” were born on the liberal MSM channel CNBC went host Rick Santelli, on February 19, 2009 (less than 30 days into the newly elected African American Presidency) called for a tea party live from the Chicago Stock Exchange floor no less. The so-called racist fuelled tea party protests were born by a democrat aligned news channel by a democrat and the MSM staying “true to form” immediately labeled the outburst a “Rant”! Santelli was outraged that there was a possibility that he (as well as other responsible Americans) would have to pay his neighbors mortgage.


When the idea caught on and protestors started echo Santelli’s outrage with the mortgage bailout idea the calls of racism emerged as the cause de jour. The latest call of racism came from Ex-President Jimmy Carter who began by calling out the “Joe Wilson you lie” outburst and settling into a generalized, broad sweeping racist charge that all protestors against Obama is fuelled by racist harboring manifested into action.

For instance, the coverage of Jimmy Carters’ remarks as seen from across the pond (Telegraph UK) report:

“Jimmy Carter has claimed that many of Barrack Obama’s most vocal critics are racist and have been spurred into increasingly bitter attacks on his policies by their revulsion at the election of America’s first black president.”



The country has been in a “reality show-like” atmosphere ever since the first sting video at the Baltimore ACORN office. Bertha Lewis, CEO ACORN, has since come forward with similar cries of racism. In an attempt to deflect the tidal wave of her organizations despicable actions Bertha Lewis had the following to say:

According to Politico – “In the clip, she defends the organization and goes after James O'Keefe, suggesting there's a racial element to his getup, speaks to "what Mr. O'Keefe thinks that a black and brown organization would go for" and says he should "talk to his mother" about playing a pimp.”
The Roots of American Racism

According to many historians racism actually preceded “slavery” and is tied to the “New England Puritans of the 1600’s and the way they treated “native American Indians”. The African American culture ties current day racism to the “African American slave trade”.

The current atmosphere and the comments coming from those on the left who have labeled those in opposition to Obama and now the comments from ACORN are quite disturbing to say the least.

Where is the outcry from those on the left, especially the criticism against ACORN for their employees (who are admittedly “Blacks and Browns according to Bertha Lewis) actions in the promotion of underage sex slavery as it pertains to the sting motives?

Where is the outcry from women’s rights groups?

Where is the outcry from child advocacy groups?

Has our friends on the liberal side of the isle decided that it is unacceptable for Nike to employ children in third world countries to manufacture their shoes, but acceptable to employ slaves, female ones, in sex exploitation?

Has our friends on the liberal side of the isle decided that it is unacceptable for husbands to batter their wives and girlfriends, but acceptable to batter the female children in the acts of slave prostitution?

Has our friends on the liberal side of the isle decided that it was unacceptable to have plantation owners to buy and sell African Americans on the open market to build this country to what it is today, but acceptable to buy and sell underage female prostitutes for carnal pleasures? After all, ACORN is 70% blacks and browns.

Michelle Obama criticized the current healthcare in America as unfair to women but where is her voice when the very organization that swept herself into the White House has been promoting underage prostitution of girls the age of one of her own daughters?

So those who are screaming for the dismantling of ACORN as it is a disgusting criminal enterprise are now being labeled racist. Does this mean that those in the Senate and House that have recently voted to cut off funding unanimously racist?

If that is the standard then a better argument for Ms. Lewis of ACORN would have been to compare the racism that is rampant on the democrat side who voted yes to defund ACORN. One of those on the left who voted in the affirmative to defund on the democrat side was Robert Byrd, former KKK Grand Dragon. To compare this dynamic would have been a little more credible an argument, don’t you think?


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