Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ACORN -- assault from the outside and within!, Implosion likely!

There have been complaints lodged against the embattled community organizing behemoth for years that ranged from voter fraud to being a criminal empire. The spotlight on this radical organization came to focus during the Democratic Presidential primaries and the close ties to Barrack Hussein Obama so much so that he had to walk a thin line of boasting his community organizing experience on his resume to distancing himself from them due to their reputation.

The MSM and Democrats have given ACORN a pass time and time again due to their own “dubious” ties to the organization as well as their candidates. The shell that surrounds ACORN seemed impregnable with the political protection from the White House, Senate and Congress until a “pimp and prostitute” entered the Baltimore, MD offices of ACORN and cracked that shell with pleas for assistance in trafficking illegal immigrant, female sex child slaves and a “house”.

The fissure that these two created in the span of one week has spread like wildfire across the country at a speed that will surely crumble this criminal enterprise. These two “conservative filmmakers” have done the investigative journalism that should have been done by the MSM.

MSM Cover:

Before the video releases the MSM has provided cover (not journalistically but their illegal tracks) for ACORN. We have had instances of reporting of various investigations ongoing ACORN for their alleged and convicted voter registration activities but the true journalism have stopped there. This is a “Pulitzer” story in every aspect because of the level of Politician involvement, Government graft and corruption and embezzlement by the founders.

The lack of coverage is highlighted when, after the videos surfaced and brought ACORN into the public light in such a riveting way, the Louisiana Attorney General got a little attention regarding his investigation into the 1999-2000 embezzlement by Dale Rathke. This story did not see the light of day until after the videos yet the investigation was initiated in June 2009 and the massive subpoenas were issued in August at ACORN corporate headquarters on Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans.

Now that ACORN is such a toxic subject in the public arena we have just learned that this $1 million dollar embezzlement and cover up has grown to over $5 million dollars. The Louisiana Attorney General now states:

"It is still unclear if some of the monies embezzled are from state, federal or private funds."


The recent subpoena against ACORN, dated October 2, 2009 is very troubling indeed. The evidence submitted in support for the subpoena show that ACORN’s illicit activities do not stop at the Louisiana border but, in fact, are Federal law violations on many fronts. This begs the question of why, even after Obama stated that ACORN needs to be investigated and that the US House of Representatives “Committee on Oversight and Government Reform” report titled “Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise” (resulting from the Committee Hearings investigation ACORN) dated 7/23/09 – the FBI through the Department of Justice (Eric Holder) initiated their own RICO investigation of ACORN?

Here is the 10/2/09 image of the most recent subpoena:


The subpoena also alludes to SEIU involvement, though no subpoenas have been issued to the Union to my knowledge to date.

The political and MSM cover provided to ACORN is ongoing and can be best described as “bitter enders”! When the fissure became a “crack” in ACORN shell, Congress as well as the Senate voted to cut funding them. This was in addition to the Federal Census bureau and the IRS and Bank of America. Now, we find that some of the largest philanthropic organizations that have routinely given to ACORN through grants and donations have cut their funding as well.


One of the philanthropic organizations that recently cut funding to ACORN was the Ford Foundation. In a bizarre twist of coincidence (or is it?) there is a connection to two individuals that Obama holds near and dear to his heart and were on the Ford Foundation payroll at the same time was the father of Tim Geithner (current Treasury Secretary) and his employee in Indonesia in the 1980’s, Barrack Obama’s mother.


The Ford Foundation receives a great deal of money and support from another philanthropic behemoth “The Tides Foundation” and the founder of Tides is a man called Drummond Pike. When the scandal broke about the $1 million dollar (now ballooned to $5 million) was discovered in 2008, it was Drummond Pike that was the “anonymous donor” that bought the balanced owed on the agreement that kept the embezzlement secret. Wade Rathke, the founder of ACORN and brother to ACORN embezzler Dale Rathke, sits on both “Tides Foundation boards”.


There are a lot of Democrats sitting in their lofty offices that have extensive and deep ties to this massive and politically corrupt organization that are starting to sweat. If, as the Louisiana Attorney General promised, they are following this investigation “where-ever” it may lead up to and including the White House then the delay from the Obama Administration in initiating their own RICO investigation will be even more damning.

The sad commentary about this whole controversy is that the MSM had this possible “Watergate” moment in their hands and purposely looked the other direction. If they would have done their jobs during the Presidential campaign and reported the extensive Obama ties to Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, ACORN, Margaret Talbott, SEIU and Tony Rezko then perhaps there would be a woman sitting in the Oval Office instead of a domestic terrorist disguised as a leader.

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