Sunday, October 11, 2009

CENSUS cuts its ties to ACORN, Take a look at the surviving partners of CENSUS!

According to the CENSUS website the following organizations are active in the 2010 count:

A. Phillip Randolph Institute
American Federation of Government Employees
American Federation of Teachers
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
Community Action Partnership
Families USA
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Labor Council for the Latin American Advancement
League of Women Voters of the United States
National Black Justice Coalition
National Council of La Raza
National Education Association
Pride at Work
Rainbow Push Coalition
Service Employees International Union
Southern Coalition for Social Justice
United Workers

The above bolded organizations have been singled out on ACORN website for their unwavering support of ACORN during the 2008 election fraud issues.

We can take a short moment to celebrate the removal of ACORN from many of the Federal funding programs and the work it was slated to do for Obama and the Census but looking at the list above that celebration is short lived.

The extent of the personal information that the Census is seeking is first collected by these organization listed above (before it is transmitted to the Feds) and can be used against us in ways we do not wish to even imagine. Do we want this sensitive information in the hands of organized labor, LaRaza or other socialist leaning groups?


We know that Wade Rathke, the man who founded ACORN also founded the SEIU. It has been a great achievement in finally exposing the corruption of the ACORN half of Wade’s socialist dreams, much work remains in exposing the other half of the coin with SEIU. A robust and comprehensive investigation (RICO) that is meaningful and sincere in getting to the truth will eventually bring SEIU into focus. The organizations that are listed above are rife with Labor Organizations that are entwined in the ACORN organization and their goals. Likewise, individuals sit on one board of directors in one organization while also sitting on another. A prime example of this is Wade Rathke himself – he sat on numerous ACORN affiliated boards and also on SEIU’s. This is also happening with the CENSUS partners that are listed above.

I have posted the link to an article that details an LA Times investigation of (the second organization on the CENSUS partnership list above) where it details a member of the board for apri is also a member of the SEIU board and the corruption of both and the whitewash by both organizations of the corruption. Additionally, apri (an African American civil rights organization ostensibly) was found to be doing “get out the vote” activities rife with corruption.

The socialist organization “A Phillip Randolph Institute” was founded by the namesake of that organization. A Phillip Randolph shares a common thread with Obama Mentor Frank Marshall Davis as they were part of the same College Fraternal Organization Phi Beta Sigma. How did this country get to the point were so many socialist are in direct control of our lives?

Finally, the majority of the above listed organizations have the expressed intent to create a clear path for illegal immigrant’s amnesty and Obama’s healthcare initiatives through the CENSUS.

For instance, Southern Coalition for Social Justice also partners with Tides Foundations’ Detention Watch Network that is aggressively working to force the Department of Homeland Security to ban local law enforcement agencies to round up and detain illegal immigrants that have stepped up in the failure of the Feds to do so. The proliferation and the extensive tentacles that intertwine between organizations that seem unrelated are massive and all aim to do the same thing – get illegal aliens citizenship, allow them to vote and join their ranks.

The board of directors at Tides have long term ties to many of the above list. The founder of Tides “Drummond Pike” was the “anonymous donor” that paid the remaining obligation to the Dale Rathke ACORN embezzled funds.

Though we can celebrate the removal of the cancer called ACORN, we have much more work to do to shine the spotlight on the other organizations that are still actively involved in doing the work ACORN did. It is easy to research the connections that these entities maintain with each other and what their primary missions are. Educate yourself, they are dangerous and well financed and they are winning the battle for the heart and soul of America in their quest to change the fabric we call freedom in the name of people of color, race, sexual orientation and other hot button topics.

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