Tuesday, October 6, 2009

If you are going to act like "sheep"le, You will have to look like "sheep"le!

150 doctors (useful idiots) showed up for the Obama "dilusional photo-op" in the Rose Garden at the White House. Same stuff, different day! The Obama "healthcare" ruse was meant to counter (visibly) the true majority of Physicians that oppose the bill in true "Alinsky" style just the same as when the SEIU packed townhall meetings the Democrats scheduled during the Congressional Recess to try (in vain) to show that someone really wants this legislation (other than the radical fringe left).

Some of the 150 no-so-useful idiots did not bring their "white lab coats" as instructed and delayed the Press briefing until a staffer rustled up enough coats for the photo. This is the best Obama could do to get a mere 150 in the garden to counter the 45% of all physicians who are threatening to retire, shut down their private practices or plainly just quit if the socialists get their dream.

Speaking of dream, this is what the photo actually looked like -- Obama counting "sheep"ple in his dream repleat with all the white coats. Sorry, that was baaaaad!

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