Monday, October 12, 2009

The Honduran Coup, Obama backs leftist regime over constitutional law!

The last we heard, Sen. John Kerry (who almost became President) departed here to a trip to Honduras on a “fact finding” mission to bolster the Obama Administration position that a “coup” transpired. The Obama position was, in a word, hasty, without legal precedent and was done without a full analysis of the situation.

The Kerry trip wasn’t a full loss because in a day full of meetings meant to “strong arm the participants in accepting the American position did manage to find the only one person who backed the ousted Zaleya – the United States Ambassador Hugo Llorens.

When Moe Lane, reporter for asked Llorens -

“why the U.S. government insists on labeling what appears to the entire country to be the constitutional removal of Mr. Zelaya a “coup,” he urged me to read the legal opinion drafted by the State Department’s top lawyer, Harold Koh. As it happens, I have asked to see Mr. Koh’s report before and since my trip, but all requests to publicly disclose it have been denied.”

This is a typical leftist ploy – point to a legal opinion and deny the release of it! I guess we can label those who disagree that Zelaya is the legitimate President “Coup-ers” that wear tin foil caps.

One final note: Hugo Llorens was born in Cuba and arrived in the United States at age 7 during “Operation Peter Pan”.

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