Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Someone who knows about Miracles!

NY 23rd Congressional Independent Candidate Hoffman

You remember the 1980 Winter Olympics when the US Hockey Team beat the heavy Communist favorite Soviets ("Miracle on Ice").  Disney even made a movie about it starring Kurt Russell.

The Soviets didn’t see the Americans coming, just like the socialist candidates that Hoffman is running against. When I say socialists, I mean both the Democrat and Republican Candidates.

Hoffman may seem like a meek and weak man on the surface that is devoid of any political experience and both the National Major Parties (Dems/Repubs) are hammering this point home in their negative ads.

Hoffman is a career CPA and businessman that has never even ran for PTA President or a Home Association Board and is now taking on the political heavyweights of the United States of America with a message that is resonating with the voters (liberal and independents alike). That message is simply “He’s fed up” with what both parties are doing which it is no Coincident that it is also the message of the tea party crowds and town hall protesters that all of the MSM have designated astro-turf.

Make no mistake about it, Hoffman is facing the giants, heavy weights and well oiled political machines but he has one thing that he can draw on for strength and the courage to fight against the impossible – He was the “Chief Accountant” of the 1980 US Hockey Team that beat the Soviets– No joke!

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