Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Obama Catalogue

1) Administration tries to keep insurance cooperatives (Humana) from communicating with their own customers!

2) Targets a whole industry (insurers again) for attack!

3) Bullies car companies and banks!

4) Threatens the Chamber of Commerce!

5) Puts out booklets equating conservative veterans and activist groups with hate militias!

6) President himself says he will "call out" those who disagree with him, that he will "not abide" us, that his opponents are "filling the airwaves with deceptive and dishonest ads" when the ads are actually factual!

7) Repeatedly accuses his opponents of using "scare tactics," yet in the next breath says "if we do nothing, our deficit will grow. More families will go bankrupt. More businesses will close. More Americans will lose their coverage when they are sick and need it the most. And more will die as a result. And then, having said that doing nothing will make more people die, he accuses those who don't agree with him of wanting to do nothing!

8) Attack Fox News!

9) Attack Limbaugh!

10) Tell an Arizona sheriff that he's not allowed to tell the press about his pickups of illegal aliens!

11) Fires Inspectors General who embarrass their friends, after telling one of them that he too isn't allowed to talk to the press!

12) Tells towns in North Carolina that they cannot hold nonpartisan elections because blacks need to know who the Democrat is -- even if the town itself is majority black and voted to hold its elections in a non-partisan way!

13) Condone vote fraud and voter intimidation when it suits their purposes!

14) Drop an already-won case against vicious New Black Panther Party members!

15) Accuse Americans of being "a nation of cowards" on race!

16) Blame every problem on their White House predecessors!

17) Lock Republicans out of committee meetings then run out the back door to avoid voting on Democrat violations of ethics concerning “countrywide mortgage”!

18) Refuse to let the public have time to read legislation before it is voted on!

19) They vote on legislation that isn't actually even in one written piece yet!

20) Promise transparency, but they stonewall legitimate Freedom of Information Act requests on subject after subject!

21) Stonewall legitimate information requests even from ranking congressmen!

22) Refuse to turn over information about the fired or disciplined Inspectors General yet press for special prosecutors relating to Bush Administration’s firing of US States Attorneys!

23) They won't turn over information about their decision to subvert Honduran constitutional democracy in favor of an anti-American leftist thug!

24) They won't turn over information about the New Black Panther decision and then lie about who made the decision!

25) Lie about their efforts to politicize recipients of government arts grants!

26) Brag about controlling information given to the press, and about controlling the press itself!

27) They have a communications director who idolizes mass murderer Mao Tse-tung!

28) They have a manufacturing czar who also speaks favorably about Mao!

29) They have a science czar who quotes Mao, and who says it is not unconstitutional to coerce abortions or to put prophylactic chemicals into the drinking water!

30) Their attorney general refuses to protect the civil rights of white people (unless the whites are gay)!

31) Their Justice Department drops cases against an allied governor of New Mexico!

32) Unilaterally violate the sanctity of contracts (and probably the Constitution) to gut the ownership rights of secured creditors and expand the unearned ownership by the unions!

33) Threaten businesses that won't jump in line behind their takeover plans!

34) Pay czar who threatens to literally force executives to accept "negative" salaries!

35) When faced with complaints about utterly abusive new regulations that will criminalize people holding garage sales and put hundreds or thousands of businesses out of, yes, business, they loudly boast that "there's a new sheriff in town." And they invite foreign authorities, at the expense of our civil liberties, to regulate us further!

36) They say their opponents are all racists, or they say that honest citizens speaking up of their own free will at town hall meetings are thugs and haters and rabbles and mobs and should probably be shut down!

When it get's larger, I will break it down into catagories like "Transparancy", Constitution, Race Relations, Business or anti-business, etc. Once completed I will attempt to publish in some manner (probably a "coffee table book" for conservatives!


  1. Sen.Harry Reid D-NV, Nancy Pelosi D-CA, are the drum majors who failed in their objective to stifle the E-Verify law, as continued public outcry positively terminated any chance of that? E-Verification is a sophisticated tool to indirectly deport the 20 to 30 million plus from America? What’s the good of hanging around, if you are going to be verified through a government data base? Simply put! It has a self-deportation mechanism. It's time to hold your own governments feet to the proverbial fire? US workers should push to make it mandatory for every business operation, so that if caught employing illegal foreigners they should go to prison. Right now the battle lines have been drawn between--THE AMERICAN WORKERS Vs. A MULTITUDE OF PARASITE BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS AND THE OPEN BORDER LOBBYISTS. The public need to know that Opponents have a vested interest in nullifying E-Verify, so they can resume hiring discount illegal labor

    Even our law enforcement is under constant attack, such as Sheriff Joe Ariapo's illegal immigrant removal program. Any kind of federal or state legislation is mostly designed to be weakened, so it looks as though our government agencies are working for the US job seeker or even the whole population. Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County, Arizona acknowledged he would finally be ripped away from using 287 G fed law, because its working too good throughout this nation. As citizens and legal residents we must insist of our money-vulnerable politicians that 287 (g) is mandatory for every state and county police agency, that the No-Match-Letter to disclose illegal aliens working in procured US worker jobs and no cut back on ICE workplace sweeps remain in operation indefinitely? The feeble excuse is that Joe is racial profiling, but then we must take into consideration that the whole Southern border has been--ILLEGALLY COLONIZED by foreign nationals, costing states billions of dollars. Such as Obama's Democratic leadership secretly trying to enclose language in the public option health care available to illegal immigrants. In the end we all know that illegal immigrants will wheedle their way into health care, because Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein and the majority Dem's cater to them. It's a sorry story when these people get preference over our own people, so it will be a battle all the way? Emergency care! Yes! But not filtering into the American people's one chance at Universal health care?

    The feral business organizations have been unable to state that E-Verify is racist or profiling by religion or any other adverse criteria, as this piece of software is unable to discriminate In previous court appearances the ACLU, Council of Foreign Relations, the Associated Builders and Contractors, Immigration attorney Associations, the Society for Human Resource Management, the American Council on International Personnel, and the HR Policy Association, and a mishmash of open border groups has stumped themselves for some way to delay implementation of the E-Verify program? The 15 million unemployed citizens and legal residents now know who are the enemy that we are up against? The American public must stop the demand for the unceasing influx of impoverished labor for these companies?

  2. Everybody who needs to hire illegal labor should be identified, just as large businesses are exposed by ICE agents.
    Mandatory implementation of E-Verify should not just for federal contractors/subcontractors are should be propagated for everybody who wields a wrench, a pen, a computer or anything else in the diversified working space? In other words--IT SHOULD BE FOR EVERY WORKER, MANAGER, and SUPERVISOR OR EXECUTIVE IN THIS COUNTRY? The magnet is businesses that draw the illegal cheap job-hunters across the borders into the clutches of exploiting employers. I have heard from countless US workers, who have been dropped to make way for cheaper labor in every category of jobs, including higher career positions. Even day labor sites such as Home Depots, Lowes or anywhere these people congregate should be also verified through an E-Verify portable application. Small contractors or a
    American employers should--ONLY--be able to solicit for highly skilled tradesman and proven scientists and engineers, under the eye of government labor departments. Europe has adopted a method of selecting specialty workers through a points system that is also being used by other industrialized nations.

    United Kingdom first introduced a point’s based system in 2002 called the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP). Immigrants can come to the British Islands under this scheme without a sponsor or previous job offer if they can score enough points based on age, education, and past earnings. Australia uses its General Skilled Migration program to attract migrants from across the globe to help alleviate labor shortages, both in trade occupations and highly skilled professional occupations. Canada Potential immigrants can score points based on previous education (both University and Trade school qualifications). New Zealand immigration authorities assess immigrants chances of success based on their occupation and whether it conforms to what the country deems to be future growth areas and sectors experiencing labor shortages. Other countries, such as Germany and France, require a job offer and other stringent requirements for migrants from outside the European Union.

    American workers have been paying a price for at least two decades, because thousands of companies had resisted paying for health care? Instead maimed workers especially in manual forms of labor are carted to the nearest emergency hospital for treatment, so the outcome being the employer is resolved from any responsibility and the taxpayer absorbs the medical debt. WHEN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FORCE OUR INCOMPETENT POLITICIANS TO INTRODUCE E-VERIFY AS A PERMANENT ADDITION TO THE IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT ARSENAL, ILLEGAL ALIENS WITHOUT JOBS WILL LEAVE IN DROVES. But their must be substantial penalties for--NOT--using E-Verify, such as heavy fines and prison for many violations.

    Internal ICE enforcement on a grand scale must become a daily event, as they investigate violations within the working communities. ONE CERTAIN WAY TO HALT THE ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION, IS BY CHANGING THE CIVIL LAW TO CRIMINAL AS A CLASS ONE FELONY FOR ENTERING AMERICA WITHOUT PERMISSION AS IN SENSIBLE FOREIGN COUNTRIES?

  3. A new poll by Zogby International has found people across our border believe an amnesty that would grant legal status to illegal immigrants would prompt more people to enter the U.S. illegally, the Center for Immigration Studies (CRS) stated. Another new survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports reveals that 56% of Americans say that federal immigration policies encourage illegal immigration, and 64% believe that local law enforcement should conduct raids in places where illegal aliens gather to find work. Only 19% opposed the raids compared to 24% who opposed such raids back in April.


    Then we have Representative Luis V. Gutierrez, a Democrat from Chicago, has been on the road most weekends since last December trying to beckon people towards forging a favorable immigration reform package. However, it seems --IF--the bill ever becoming a reality while millions of Americans are without work or given up hoping to find a job, the financial impact will be overpowering--as well as insane. VIEW THE LIST OF LAWMAKERS WHO HAVE SIGNED ON TO COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM AT THESE CONGRESSMAN/ WOMEN WANT TO STEAL YOUR JOB AND GIVE IT TO ILLEGAL ALIENS? KEEP THEM EMBOSSED IN YOUR MEMORY AND UNSEAT THEM WHEN THEY COME FORWARD FOR RE-ELECTION.

    Call and blast your Senators and Representative at 202-224-3121 in Washington. Jamming the switchboard with your calls, as it is having an outstanding effect of--MILLIONS of angry voters on legislators. THEY ARE BEGINNING TO LISTEN AND REACT? INFORM THEM TO DO THEIR DUTY OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES ON RE-ELECTION DAY? Tell them you want PERMANENT E-Verify for--EVERY WORKER, a secure double layer fence and--REAL--enforcement against sanctuary state policies. Read undisclosed facts, statistics and lawmakers immigration enforcement grades of politicians at NUMBERSUSA. UNEARTH the corruption in government at JUDICIAL WATCH. Your voice is needed to halt OVERPOPULATION and American Worker survival. Demand NO-MORE-AMNESTIES. They should--GO--home and come through the front door, like millions of honest legal immigrants? Report any irregularities in your workplace to ICE. Be a patriotic American, Whistle-Blower and inform of illegal activity to ICE. Your job--COULD BE NEXT?

  4. Very well said! The problem is not just in the Democrats ranks in perpetuating this problem as the Republicans are no different. The Congress an Senate pass legislation to build a fence in "election years" then ignore the very legisation after the fact in spite that it is now a LAW!

    There is little difference to distinguish Dem/Republicans (as Bush and McCain both supported Amnesty until the American public rose up in anger to defeat it).

    Until the Senate and Congress is swept clean from those who are liberal and liberal lite, we will see Amnesty and Healthcare.

    The same argument that is used in the Illegal Immigrant Amnest and Healthcare in the Senate and Congress are equally the same. Both issues our fectless leaders claim need reform, when in fact we have existing legislation on the books that work (as E-Verify). Both sets of issues are not in need of reformation, but vigorous enforcement of existing laws.