Saturday, October 10, 2009

ACORN delusional quote, Bertha Lewis and the Liberal left want it both ways

ACORN CEO at the Washington Press club said the following when comparing the current push by those on the right to defund the group:

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This is not how we have discourse. This is not how we have disagreement in this country, by demonizing someone without due process.” 

Now that is ripe. Those on the left everywhere, everday, has made it artform to demonize without due process!

She then goes on to say:

"This whole voting to de-fund ACORN, it’s all sensational, but it’s unconstitutional. . Then hold the folks that made those films to the same standard of the law."  So all we’re saying is, you know, hold us to a standard of the law
Once again, this is ripe. Here she says that we cannot make any move to protect us against them by freezing funds and ensuring that no further taxpayer money goes into their coffers until an investigation takes place, or trial. That we cannot voice our concerns or opinions based on former investigations for voter fraud and that we have all witnessed, with our own eyes, the videos. Finally, she begs for the "law" to be compared to their standard. Problem with that is their allies are doing everything in their power to prevent the law from probing them. Where is the DOJ? Where is the FBI? We have prima facia evidence on many front, including a Congressional Committee investigation (By Rebublicans, not Democrats) that concluded and recommended that a massive investigation be launched by the FBI, DOJ and the IRS on RICO grounds, yet no response from Eric Holder and Obama or the Democrats. 

It is obvious from her/ACORN perspective that she is referring to the "internal investigation" that they have commissioned and launched for us to rely on when they clear them of any wrongdoing just as the Obama transition team did when they were caught up in the Blagojevich Senate Seat sale controversy. 

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