Monday, October 5, 2009

Obamaholics are in the “denial” phase of their addiction, “Obama confronts waning political capital!” – ABC news

In an article fresh off the printing press, Rick Klein, ABC News’ Senior Political Reporter tries to explain Obamas’ recent failures and makes it clear that he himself needs a serious “intervention”!

He writes:

“This is a time where the president needs to be spending his capital -- in the halls of Congress, and on the world stage. But when he talks, who is listening? (And does the president lose options himself the longer he chooses to keep listening?)

Testing time: "A number of factors have combined to strip him of the camouflage that he once enjoyed when it comes to health-care policy," David Broder writes in his Sunday Washington Post column. "His main leverage point is the realization among nearly all Democrats that nothing would be as costly to them, in their individual 2010 races, as the failure of this Congress, with its heavy Democratic majorities, to pass a substantive health-reform bill. That may be enough in the end for Obama to succeed. But the task of getting there will really test him -- and expose his core values."


It appears that Klein IS aware that the “Obamacare” plan is truly Obama’s “Waterloo” but the premise of David Broder that the most costly political ramifications of the upcoming 2010 races are if the Democrats fail to deliver the bill is fantasy. Additionally, Obama has already exposed his “core values” which is why the Republicans and the majority of Americans reject him and the Democrats bill.

He writes:

“Susan Milligan reports in The Boston Globe. "He must also make difficult decisions on whether to increase troop strength and commit America to a larger, longer mission in Afghanistan. And the economy, while apparently on the road to recovery, is still not producing new jobs and continues to generate anxiety around the country."
Rep. Chris Van Hollen: "I do believe that if we are not successful in passing health care reform, it will make it much more difficult to enact other major initiatives," said Van Hollen, D-Md., the DCCC chairman.


Denial and reality collide here. The economy is not on the road to recovery by any stretch of the imagination but the reality of mounting job losses is glossed over by changing the wording to “is still not producing new jobs” is good enough to show Obama’s pledge of saving or creating 3.5 million jobs by passing the stimulus package last year is an utter failure. Remember Biden and his comment after the election that Obama may get 30% of things wrong, time to move that percentage upward. Finally, Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s comment is true except for one major reality – all of the “major initiatives” he is speaking about are not tied to the health care bill success, they are all resoundingly being rejected along with the health care bill.

He writes:

“The White House is using its Monday to re-set the focus of the debate on health care -- again.

At 11:10 am ET in the Rose Garden, "the President will welcome doctors from across the country to an event in the Rose Garden, where he will deliver remarks on the need for health insurance reform this year." (They're coming from every state, which means plenty of local-media pick-up.)

(And Organizing for America wants letters from doctors -- and others -- to make the case: "You don't have to be a doctor or an expert to write an effective letter -- you just have to have an opinion or a personal story to share. And these letters are short, usually just a paragraph or two, but they can have a huge impact because it shows your representatives and the media what local folks are thinking in the most public way possible.")


Here, Klein is highlighting the failure of Obama to deliver Health Care multiple times with the Presidents’ “Re-set the focus” White House Rose Garden astro turf event. The first question that comes to mind when the Democrats trot out a doctor at an “astro turf” event is – “are they really doctors?” I say this for two reasons: First, during a Democrat town hall meeting a fake doctor stood to praise the need for the bill only to find out it was not a doctor but an Obama campaign worker. Second, the recent news about just how much the rank and file doctor’s support this bill is that if passed, 45% of them would consider quitting the profession.

The reason Obama needs to shuttle in doctors is because they reject the bill in spite of their own AMA’s endorsement of it. This is the typical ploy of Obama and his community organizing days at ACORN by organizing an astro turf photo op to give the impression of support where there is no support. The whole re-set the focus event and “bring a doctors note” smacks of a juveniles attempt to get out of class but the main reason for this fake doctor support is not even mentioned in this article. The reason is to give Democrats that are up for reelection in 2010 political cover of fake support to counter the 2.25 million (and counting) pink slips that real Americans have sent their leaders in the past 10 days. The true grassroots pink slip campaign has been so successful that it has completely tapped out the national supply of 8.5” X 11” pink paper.

The request sent out from “Organize for America” is proof positive of the “losing the argument, er argument!” This organization was created by the DNC and is closely tied to the Obama White house and saw their first ground incursion during Obamas’ budget battle when the DNC sent their OFA shock troops door to door to drum up support.

Obama has hitched his wagon to community organizers and attempts to use this weapon to pass his socialist agenda. The biggest problem he will face in utilizing this astro turf arrow from his quiver is the controversy and outrage over ACORN and their Democrat allies in the Senate, Congress and yes, the White House.

Once again, the democrats are in denial as the President lamely pronounced that passing the health care bill is directly tied to increasing jobs and the economy is at a time when the latest polls show that Americans top concerns are not the economy any more, it is corruption (which is directly tied to ACORN, Democrats and Community Organizers in General).

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