Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Redistribution of Liberty

Two simultaneous thoughts come to mind that confound me. One is the economic suicidal push to Universal Healthcare and the other is to “bailout” the print media by declaring them “non-profits”.

The thought of declaring the Los Angeles Times or the New York Times “non-profits” and infusing them with cash is almost laughable because they can already be declared non-profitable without the formal announcement of Congress or the Senate.

Both of the above proposals will do great harm to this nation in the way of the imminent loss of individual liberty. Both of the above proposals will erode the individual personal freedom of choice.

Our elitist leaders in power want to save the very companies that, in a time of war, have disclosed national strategic terror programs while launching a personal and direct war against the media organization that expose them.

Fox News, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and a long list of other conservative outlets have been called racist, homophobic and liars that spread the “vast right wing conspiracy” against those on the left without any substantial proof. It is not enough to vilify and attempt to silence the “freedom of speech” that expose the left and their hypocrisy or crimes. They want to resurrect and create the liberal market niche that cannot compete against truth by the bailout of the very companies who are tarnished beyond proof.

What prompted my thoughts about the newsprint bailouts and healthcare is twofold. First, the healthcare debate has been whitewashed as the liberal printing presses have run interference for the socialist takeover of our healthcare system. It would have been a one-sided argument if not for Fox News and Conservative talk radio informing the public of the particulars of the 1,080 page monstrosity.

Second, the liberal printing presses have suppressed reporting the uprising of anger amongst the general public that included liberals. In addition to labeling the “tea party” movement (which was born on CNBC by Rick Santarelli) as “astro-turfing”, special interest paid mobs, Nazis, thugs and traitors with right wing ideologies they have largely ignored a couple of other newsworthy items that contradict their views. In addition to the massive march on Washington, DC on 9/12 and the angry, yet peaceful protesters that attended the “town-halls” across the country during the Congressional recess another grassroots campaign has been underway (Pink slips).

Approximately 30 days ago a program was launched to send every member of the US Senate and Congress a pink slip (at an individual cost of $29.95 per participant) if they voted in favor of the following legislation agenda:

Government Healthcare

Cap and trade

Hate crimes

any more spending

The grassroots effort (it can truly be called this because instead of the liberal charging that special interest groups are funding the efforts, individual Americans are spending their own hard earned money in a time of economic uncertainty) has an intended goal of sending each member of the ruling elite 5 million “pink slips” and as of this writing, they have actually sent, and our leaders have received (via FedEx) over 4 million pink slips.

When you look at the threat of expulsion over the 4 legislative agenda items listed on the “pink slips” you can see that in spite of the massive tea party protests, town hall protests and over 4 million “pink slips” sent and received it is obvious our leaders do not care. Hate crime legislation was just passed. Healthcare is still alive and is actively attempting to force its way out of Senate. Another round of “stimulus” is under active consideration in spite of the fact that the first $1 trillion was a wasted effort that failed Obama and the socialist’s intentions of reviving the economy and job creation. Cap and Trade is still on the table.

I dare anyone to find one article from any of the “doomed print media” that has printed a single word of the “pink slip” program. You would think that over 4 million individual pieces of correspondence sent to our leadership would elicit an article of mention if not for the fact that the program in itself is stimulating the economy through FedEx (4 million letters X $29.95 = $119,800,000.00 in delivery fees). If the 5 million pink slip goal is reached and it has every chance of doing so, then FedEx is poised to receive $149,750,000.00 for this grassroots effort.

So, getting back to saving the very newsprint organizations that disclosed Secret US Government terror tactics (Terror bank routing and wiretap programs), openly supporting Barack Obama during the campaign, Fabricating and plagiarism of news (ala Jayson Blair, Dan Rather, etc). For those who need to be reminded of the content of Jayson Blair here are the articles that he was fabricating or plagiarizing:

"US Sniper Case Seen as a Barrier to a Confession" – NY Times October 2002

"Execution Opponent Joins Sniper Case" – NY Times January 2003

"Peace and Answers Eluding Victims of the Sniper Attacks" – NY Times February 2003

"Relatives of Missing Soldiers Dread Hearing Worse News” - NY Times March 2003

"Making Sniper Suspect Talk Puts Detective in Spotlight" – NY Times March 2003

“In Military Wards, Questions and Fears From the Wounded” – NY Times April 2003

"For One Pastor, the War Hits Home" - NY Times April 2003

"Rescue in Iraq and a ‘Big Stir' in West Virginia" – NY Times April 2003

Given the level of trust, or distrust (backed by polling data) the American Public has lost in the newsprint or MSM it is no wonder why they are failing and Fox coupled with Conservative talk radio success models have the socialists on the ropes and in need of a lifeline.

I think we should take a provision out of the proposed healthcare bill and give the “old grey lady” a pill for the pain and then send her to “end of life counseling” instead

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