Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The biggest fish of all would be afforded the right to remain silent!

Eric Holder explains he is no different than Charles Manson.

So, if Osama Bin Laden was captured on the battlefield tomorrow, he would be read his maranda rights and booked into custody, afforded Habeas Corpus rights and sent to a trial of his peers.

This is the most outrageous disconnect from reality that I have ever witnessed. If he was caught and given extra-ordinary interrogation (included water boarding) would he not be the “biggest” fish of all that would have the most intelligence to be garnered for future attacks by al-qaida here and abroad? Would you not think that his “right to remain” silent is a bit dangerous to human lives, everywhere?


  1. I'd prefer seeing a man on a black horse come riding onto the steps of the Capitol building one day, security alarms going off and folk freaking about the horeseman being a terrorist.

    That's when he pulls out bin Laden's head of a bag and throws it on the capitol building steps.

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