Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It must be rough for “poll watching Democrats”!

The “One” just doesn’t have what he thought it takes!

The “One” who swept into office on a tidal wave of “Rock Star-like” fashion leaving a wake of fainting females in his path is now considered a “One hit wonder”!

If you recall, the “O” gave an inauguration speech that was described as great as “Martin Luther King’s I have a Dream” speech. He was in office a mere two weeks when he was nominated and then subsequently won the Nobel Peace Prize. The term “fast track” to fame is an understatement to those who try to explain his meteoric rise in greatness.

The honeymoon was short by anyone’s standard. It must be extremely painful for those in the Democrat ranks who follow polls like adherents follow the Pope. At a time when the “One” hit the campaign trail to try to convince the American public, yeah those same fainting and swooning crowds that his “health care bill” is what ails us his poll numbers have taken a big hit on many fronts.

You know the Democrats are “illing” when a “pro-military” war movie wins Oscars for best Film & Director awards in Hollywood.

The latest poll (Democracy Corps) that bills itself, cough,,,, cough…., as an “Independent non-profit organization dedicated to making the government more responsive to the American people” has release the following (please keep in mind that Democracy Corp was founded by James Carville):

“51 percent to 41 percent -- Americans think the standing of the U.S. dropped during the first 13 months of Mr. Obama's presidency.”

On the national security front, a massive gap has emerged, with 50 percent of likely voters saying Republicans would likely do a better job than Democrats, a 14-point swing since May. Thirty-three percent favored Democrats.

"The erosion since May is especially strong among women, and among independents, who now favor Republicans on this question by a 56 to 20 percent margin," the pollsters said in their findings.

A May 2009 survey by the pollsters found the public saw the Democratic and Republican parties as equally able to handle national security (41 percent trusted Democrats more, and 43 percent trusted Republicans more.) On conducting the war on terrorism, the two parties were tied at 41 percent.

The Democrats' gap on national security has widened on several other fronts:

• "Keeping America safe": Democrats now trail by 13 points (34 percent to 47 percent.) The gap was just 5 points in July 2008.

• "Ensuring a strong military": Democrats trail by 31 points (27 percent to 58 percent.)

• "Making America safer from nuclear threats": Democrats trail by 11 points (34 percent to 45 percent,) "despite the president's strong actions and speeches on steps to reduce nuclear dangers," the pollsters said.

The poll, conducted late last month, found "the administration's response to the Christmas Day terrorist attempt has contributed to the erosion."

"While public polling showed that initial approval of Obama's response was above 50 percent, two months of Republican criticism have taken a toll. Now a narrow 46 to 42 percent plurality of likely voters say they feel less confident about the administration's handling of national security because of how it responded to the incident," the pollsters said.

In addition, the detention of terrorist suspects and the Obama proposal to prosecute suspects in civil trials in New York City, which was later abandoned, also have taken a toll on the president's approval ratings.

"Whereas a majority of the public approves of the job President Obama is doing in most aspects of national security, a 51 to 44 percent majority of likely voters disapproves of his efforts on the prosecution and interrogation of terrorism suspects," the pollsters found.

Of course it doesn’t help the Democrats cause any when in the throws of losing their identity and popularity they are seeking to ban fishing in this country. I guess the “O”, or his fellow travelers never had their father (or fathers) take them fishing as lad’s!


  1. It will all get better when they reform health care...

  2. If you are speaking of the "Democrat" reform bill then things will only get worse because thos 3 (Obama's, Senate & House versions) will not see the light of day on Obama's desk for signature.

    Pelosi does not have enough votes to ram the Senate version through (at today's news she has some 200) utilizing the reconcilliation or "nuclear option".

    It is a dead horse being carted around on squeaky wheels (sort of like they did with Bernie of Weekend at Bernies fame).

    Come mid term elections, the democrats will lose even more of their power and probably the majority due to their continued efforts of this charade.