Friday, November 6, 2009

2010 "House Cleaning #4"

House of Representatives statistics to help you decide what is important to you when it comes to “cleaning the house” of socialists in the 2010 election cycle. This informational series will start with Alabama (Republicans and Democrats including who is a “Blue Dog” Democrat) and should give you the necessary information to aid in your voting those members who deserve it and boot those who have betrayed our country in support of Socialist goals.


Bright, Bobby, Alabama, 2nd (Blue Dog) – Democrat

Where I Stand on Health Care Legislation - 11/6/09

"The health care bill released last week does not make enough significant changes to earn my support. From the beginning of this debate, I have been opposed to the government option and any legislation that puts additional burdens on our small businesses and tax-paying citizens. H.R. 3962 contains a government option and surcharges and mandates on small businesses and individuals. People and small businesses across the country are struggling to make ends meet and this is no time to place additional burdens on them."

Bobby has been named to the Armed Services Committee in the House of Representatives, which is critically important for the 2nd District which contains Maxwell Air Force Base and Fort Rucker. He also serves on the Agriculture and Small Business Committees. He is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of fiscally conservative Democratic House members.

Bobby bright ran on a platform that the “status quo” (regarding corruption) will not do. A close eye has been kept on his voting record to see if this is the case, however he voted with the Democrats to keep Charlie Rangle in his leadership committee post in spite of his alleged corruption. He had a chance to not go with the “status quo” and failed in that regard.

His voting record is consistent with Conservative principles for the most part. At this point I believe that he is the type of Democrat I would like to see all Democrats modeled after. Depending on his vote for the Healthcare bill I would endorse his re-election.

Voting Record 2009:

Voted YES on $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending. (Jul 2009)
Voted NO on modifying bankruptcy rules to avoid mortgage foreclosures. (Mar 2009)
Voted NO on additional $825 billion for economic recovery package. (Jan 2009)
Voted NO on monitoring TARP funds to ensure more mortgage relief. (Jan 2009)
Raise small business depreciation to $125,000. (Jul 2009)
Voted NO on letting shareholders vote on executive compensation. (Jul 2009)
Voted YES on more funding for nanotechnology R&D and commercialization. (Jul 2009)
Voted NO on enforcing against anti-gay hate crimes. (Apr 2009)
Voted YES on $40B for green public schools. (May 2009)
Voted NO on enforcing limits on CO2 global warming pollution. (Jun 2009)
Include agricultural products in renewable fuels. (May 2009)
Voted YES on $2 billion more for Cash for Clunkers program. (Jul 2009)
Voted NO on protecting free-roaming horses and burros. (Jul 2009
Voted YES on four weeks of paid parental leave for federal employees. (Jun 2009)
Voted NO on supporting democratic institutions in Pakistan. (Jun 2009)
Voted NO on Congressional pay raise. (Jun 2009)
Repeal automatic Congressional pay raises. (Jan 2009)
Voted NO on regulating tobacco as a drug. (Apr 2009)
Voted NO on expanding the Children's Health Insurance Program. (Jan 2009)
Military spouses don't lose voting residency while abroad. (Feb 2009)
Voted YES on delaying digital TV conversion by four months. (Mar 2009)
No performance royalties for radio music. (Mar 2009)
Sanctions on Iran to end nuclear program. (Apr 2009)
Voted YES on instituting National Service as a new social invention. (Mar 2009)

Voting Record 2008:

I believe in the sanctity of life. (Nov 2008)
Drill ANWR & offshore, towards energy independence. (Nov 2008)
I am Pro-Gun Rights. (Nov 2008)
No more base closings; rebuild and strengthen military. (Nov 2008)
Support our troops continued involvement in Iraq. (Nov 2008)

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