Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Democrats political suicidal tendencies

The “Jim Jones” effect - (which is why we commonly refer to those who adhere to the left's ideology as "Kool-aid" drinkers.

How to identify a suicidal person?

Signals to look for:

1. Withdrawn behavior. Inability to relate to family and friends.
2. Psychiatric illness.
3. Alcoholism.
4. Anxiety or panic.
5. Change in personality – irritability, pessimism, depression, apathy.
6. Change in eating habits/Sleeping habits.
7. Earlier suicide attempt.
8. Hating oneself, feeling guilty, worthless or ashamed.
9. A recent major loss – death, divorce, separation etc.
10. Family history of suicide.
11. Sudden desire to tidy up one’s affairs – writing a will, etc.
12. Feeling of loneliness, helplessness, hopelessness.
13. Suicide notes.
14. Physical ill health.
15. Repeated mention of death/suicide.

Signal #1: In spite of the Obama campaign pledge for a government that is more open and transparent, Democrats in the House, Senate and White House have withdrawn behind closed doors to craft their policies and legislation. They have gone as far as locking doors and changing locks to ensure their complete withdrawal.

Signal #2: We only need to cite Michael Savage in his belief that “liberalism is a mental disorder”. This broad statement explains a lot of the behavior and attitudes from those who consider themselves liberal.

Signal #3: Ted ‘hic” Kennedy - Need we say more?

Signal #4: The insistence of the Obama Administration and those Democrats that stoked the panic to enable “bank bailouts”, “Auto bailouts”, “Housing Bailouts” and the economic stimulus bills. The panic mode to save us from catastrophic economic demise was often cited.

Signal #5: How quickly the American public found out that the “centrist” minded Obama who pledged to be the “racial” uniter and “bi-partisan” political guru would unite the divided House, Senate and American Public in all things devisive.

Signal #6: Obama, the UN and Environmental whacko’s now tell us that we are to begin “meatless” Mondays and wean ourselves out of our SUV’s and can no longer eat when we feel like it.

Signal #7: The political “suicide” that the left had earlier attempted when, before the Congressional recesses, tried to pass the highly unpopular “Health Care bill”. They are again attempting this suicide attempt this weekend with the impending, Saturday vote on the Pelosi Bill.

Signal #8: Obama, once elected trotted around the globe to apologize for the arrogance of those in America who are hated around the World. This apology tour was out of shame and guilt those on the left feel about our nations founding and subsequent global rogue and unilateral behavior that haunts them.

Signal #9: Liberals have always advocated for abortion and freedom of choice in all things sex related. Look to Jesse Jackson (love child controversy) and John Edwards (love child controversy) and Bill Clinton (Monica Lewinsky infidelity to Hillary). The obsession of the left for homosexual rights over traditional marriage is the other indicator that the belief in monogamy is passe’.

Signal #10: This is a powerful indicator as many of those on the left who are deemed by those on the right as destructive have in fact had a familial history of suicides in their family. For instance:

Obama: Obama’s Mothers-mother committed suicide.

Senator Harry Reid: In 1972 he learned that his father committed suicide.

Senator John Kerry: Paternal grandfather committed suicide in 1921 (one year before his birth).

David Axelrod: In the mid to late 1970’s his father committed suicide.

Signal #11: Got nothing here!

Signal #12: The rallying cry for the political elites for the downtrodden and oppressed.

Signal #13: The best thing that can be described as a “suicide note” would be the legislation being crafted (Healthcare, Cap and Trade and further bailouts).

Signal #14: Ted Kennedy, Robert Byrd and the physical health of the Democratic party as it stands today.

Signal #15: Liberal Socialist are always advocating on Abortion rights, assisted suicide (starting with Teri Schalvo) and the “death of the Republican Party” in general.

We already know that the Democratic Party has no “self preservation” skills by their appeasement attitudes with Iran, North Korea and now with the radical Islamic cults the likes of Hezbollah. Their pre 9/11 mentality is directly opening this country to further attacks due our complacencies of our Democratic leadership and in fact has probably shown as much today with the attack at Ft. Hood in Texas.

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