Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The missing organs of Socialists

It has been roughly 11 months since “the One” has occupied the White House and one thing is abundantly clear, he is deaf!

The deafness of this President and his Administration has now spread from the Oval Office to the Senate, House and around the World. This is an epidemic or a for a better term “a pandemic situation”.

The American public caught a hint of this handicap early on when it appeared that either he was ignoring the public or was literally deaf when it came to the growing opposition to the “Healthcare” bill that he and his fellow “auditory ossicle” challenged elites have pushed down our throats.

This pandemic isn’t just a disease that is transmitted to elite politicians around the world, but to a growing number of main stream media workers as well. The recent Global Warming email hacker story is the latest objective medical evidence of that disease has infected the media (with the lone exception of Fox News who seems to be impervious to the ravaging effects) as all of the networks haven’t heard about the scandal that cements what the public has known for many years now, Global Warming is a hoax to grab as much money as possible.

Those of us who have remained resistant to this virulent strain of the disease have known of the hoax by the simple test of “going outside and feeling a bit colder” in spite of protestations that the weather around the planet is heating at an alarming rate, according to the deaf ones.

Normally, we should pity those with disabilities but in this case we must find a way to intervene for their (and our) own good. It appears that a bi-product of this initial disease has traveled to other organs and now effect their sight and judgment.

They are now in the late stages of what we term as “deaf, dumb and blind”!

In spite of the hard evidence that has emerged showing a concerted effort to defraud the masses, those affected by the disease are pushing harder to enact the treaty being proposed in Copenhagen.

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  1. Great posting Rosey. We have to continue calling these people out. Keep up the Great work. Navy? I worked at the Naval Academy for about 10 years. I met many great sailors there. Keep in touch. Maybe we can exchange links on our blogs. I will add you to my main page. Have a Happy Thanksgiving alongside your LOVED ONES. And by the way thank you for your service. It is people like yourself who make this country great.