Friday, November 13, 2009

Democrats buzzword phrase "Public Option"

For all of the discussions/debates that are consuming the airwaves and the dinner tables across america regarding Pelosi-care; Reid-Care or Obama-care and the overwhelming opposition to the power grabbing bill for many different reasons (death panels; cost; abortion; jailtime for non-compliance; taxes; rationing of care; long lines and just about everything in the bill) the 800 pound gorilla is Government failure.

Those in opposition point to things like Medicare and Social Security being bankrupt and nowhere near the original cost estimates put forward before they were enacted. The other is the post office which has run in the red for quite some time.

All of these historical points are valid and true regardless of the "snake oil" being presented for sale by our elected socialists. I would like to add another two to the mix of the already strong proof that when the government says a program is only going to cost X it is actually 7X's greater.

I want everyone to invoke their thoughts on a single word "Public" (as in "Public" Option) and then apply your memory of two other "Public" named governmental institutions:

Public Schools

Public Housing

I know that I do not have to remind everyone the similarities of how much money spent on "Public" schools per year, per child that gets diverted immediately to the administrative level vs. the actual students or classrooms. The Beauracratic positions that are to be created from the funding of these bills will not be so disimilar in the effects of service to administrative job ratios.

I also know that I do not have to remind anyone the similarities of how much money spent on "Public" housing per year that never goes to tenant improvement projects to limit the squalor or drug infestation as well as rodents, pests and crumbling safety violations like Obama's White House Valerie Jarrett provides her tenants.

Just a thought.

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