Monday, November 16, 2009

Red Flags – Executive office of the President read my article

Is it a “men in black moment” for me?

On November 13 on my Blog I posted an article I wrote about the Obama announcement that he was putting his man “John Brennan” in charge of the Ft. Hood Shooting investigation. I wrote of my concern that Mr. Brennan was the CEO of the company at the time the State Department Passport files were breached and that one of his employees was involved and disciplined.

I also was critical of the many criminal investigations along many fronts that all share one name in common, Barack Obama. The Blagojevich “operation board games investigation, Tony Rezko corruption conviction, Senate Seat sale and the murder of the lone witness in the Obama Passport breach case that today remains unsolved.

I went into my blog, as I do every day to post another article I worked on and found that the Executive Office of the President of the United States reviewed this particular article. I was able to see this inquiry because of the nifty little tool I have installed that compiles statistics on how many visitors, their URL’s and whether or not they are first time visitors or repeat visitors.

I must say that I am not normally a paranoid individual and realize that once I hit the “send” button there is a possibility that certain people and organizations will, by chance, read what I have written. The possibility that these people and organizations (being personal or political) find my words to be contradictory to their beliefs or ideologies are great.

I am writing this article now as a sort of “insurance” policy to let other know that I have been probed! It could be harmless, or?

Anyone can access my "Stat Counter" statistics page by simply clicking on the link below the number of visits.  You will see the detail by then clicking on the "recent visitor" information.  Blows my mind!


  1. I say if they are looking, then you are doing something Right!! Nice blog!

  2. It is all about the truth. I take extra care to ensure that my articles have the requisite sources embedded to legitimize what I am saying and provide the reader with sound and factual data. Thanks for the compliment.