Sunday, November 15, 2009

MSM didn’t cover another Obamacare rally?

This time it was one of their own!

The campaign arm (Organizing for America) that is run out of the Democrat National Committee for Obama and their main ally in the push for Obama-care (Healthcare for America Now or HCAN) joined forces to counter the grassroots opposition in St. Louis by starting their own grassroots drive and opened multiple offices in the city to coordinate the effort.

Once they did so they advertised that they had arrived and were going to hold their first rally. This “national effort” of combined forces of resources, energy and personnel was a well coordinated event that also had the backing of

St. Louis was the site of the town-hall protest that gave witness to the SEIU thugs that savagely beat the unarmed and peaceful African American handing out Gadsden flags. This assault by union thugs caught on video and witness testimony has yet to see any prosecutions of the offenders.

For all of financial, logistical and physical forces that the Obamacare proponents bring to bear in the city of St. Louis for the birth of their own counter-grassroots movement, a big whopping 30 people show up in support. It was such a pathetic crowd that a single, lone, counter protester was able to disrupt their planned event.

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