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Revolution, We are all Che's now!

Liberal Quits!

NY 23rd district race pits Conservatives v. Socialists

Ever since Newt Gingrich entered into the 1994 “Contract with America” that propelled the Republicans into control of both the House and the Senate it has been increasingly clear it was just a ruse.

Taking advantage of the corruption of the liberals that year (and the preceding years) the “Contract” was billed as a renewed “Reaganesque” revitalization of conservative principles that reigned from Reagan’s philosophies.

I have personally believed Newt to be a dangerous and deceiving man when I learned he was heavily involved with the “Council on Foreign Relations” and have since solidified this distrust of him over the years (since 1994) when history revealed that the one that separated the differences between Democrats and Republicans blurred and became indistinguishable.

The “conspiracy theorist” side of me believed that the “so called” two party system in America is a concerted effort to make the rank and file Americans believe that there really is a “two party” system, when in fact it is only one.

The evidence that I point to is on many fronts starting with political elite corruption that Newt and his merry band of RINOs exploited in 1994. In a slick media campaign meant to tap into the anger of political corruption on the left in 1994 the RINO’s won control (or the illusion of) of the majority. What happened next is the quick fall from grace by the very same anti-corruption RINO’s as they themselves were exposed in many different corruption probes and allegations (which then in turn helped grease their demise for the very same reason they were elected).

I voted for Bush in both the 2000 and 2004 election because of his strong “national defense” policies at a time when terror was attacking from outside our shores. The disillusion of Bush in his second term resulted in the abandonment of the “Bush Doctrine” and his support for illegal immigrant amnesty. This disillusionment for the GOP was the liberal spending fest the Bush Administration embarked upon that was nowhere near anything true conservatives believed in.

The final nail in the GOP coffin was putting John McCain forward on the ticket as the Presidential Campaign. This aged and semi-liberal man was the final straw for the GOP that held itself as Conservative valued but actions speak louder than words. First, McCain would have only been a “one term President” due to his age and as such would have made him a “lame duck” from day one if he won the WH. Second, McCain single-handedly dealt a major blow to the Conservative cause when he reached across the isle as a Senator and crafted the McCain/Feingold legislation. Finally, his pro illegal amnesty stance damaged his reputation beyond repair in spite of his “war hero” status.

The MSM and the Democrats have since declared the GOP and Republican Party dead. In a way they are correct in as much as Conservatives (the ones that the Democrats call “extreme right wing”) are sick of the liberal tendencies of our current GOP and national Congressional leaders who happen to have an “R” behind their names.

What the MSM and Democrats fail to articulate is that it is the rank and file Americans who reject the liberal tendencies and have risen up to purge this filth from our ranks. The MSM and Democrats further alienated the voting public by calling everyday tea party protestors Nazis, thugs, right wing extremists and an anomaly resulting from astro-turfing corporate special interest groups.

This is personified by the NY 23rd race where the Gingrich/GOP backed liberal RINO just dropped out of the race that the Conservative press (Newsmax) explained it like this:

“The race has pitted conservative and moderate wings of the Republican Party in a battle of ideology both nationally and statewide. Hoffman and his backers say Scozzafava is too liberal to represent the GOP, specifically noting her support of abortion rights and same-sex marriage.

In the short run, the development consolidates Republican voters behind the conservative candidate and improves the party's chances of retaining the seat in the 23rd Congressional District, which encompasses all or parts of 11 counties in rural northern and central New York.

Longer term, Democrats will cast this as a troubling sign for the GOP because it exemplifies that divide in the party between moderates and conservatives, with those further to the right, including the "Tea Party" movement, now getting the upper hand.”

When true Conservatives learned that the GOP endorsed a truly liberal candidate to represent conservatives they struck back and put their weight behind an independent Conservative candidate (Hoffman). This was explained as such:

“Big-name Republicans including Sarah Palin and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson weighed in to throw their support behind Hoffman, and money poured into his campaign from all over the country.”

The name “Palin” is instrumental here because it was Palin that made McCain so competitive at the end of the Presidential campaign. When McCain announced this unknown commodity his campaign surged. It wasn’t because of the strength of McCain, it was because of the strength and record of a true Conservative in Palin.

When Palin endorsed Hoffman, other true Conservatives like “Fred Thompson” (who I believe should have been on the 2008 Presidential ticket v. McCain) jumped on the endorsement bandwagon which in turn opened Hoffman up to a whole flood of cash that he did not have before.

The national leader of the GOP was called to task to explain how they could have endorsed such a liberal candidate with the financial and political backing of this organization.

Michael Steele deferred to a fall back position in his explanation that it was the local GOP that put him forward thereby defacto endorsement of the national organization. It was a weak and cowardly argument that has personified the leftward tilting of the GOP that has alienated the true base. The GOP immediately began to reel from Steele’s attempt to mollify the base with his explanation and now their candidate has removed herself from the race ostensibly for the “good of the party”.

But the real story here is the GOP had to save national face and go into damage control mode in order to get behind the true Conservative that they should have backed all along (Hoffman). This is just another “smoke and mirrors” ploy to jump on a bandwagon that is truly “tea party” representative. In the same article it is explained as such:

“Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said Scozzafava's decision is a "selfless act" and that the committee is immediately endorsing Hoffman. That support will include financial backing and efforts to get voters to the polls.

Scozzafava also got a gentle nudge to step aside last week from congressional Republicans who had supported her candidacy. Texas Rep. Pete Sessions, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, tacitly acknowledged Thursday that Hoffman might be the stronger candidate for the party, saying the Conservative Party candidate would be "welcome in our conference."

The NRCC and RNC moved quickly Saturday to endorse Hoffman, but strategists said television ads run by NRCC in the district will continue criticizing Owens, not backing Hoffman."

Some have called the race a test of the GOP's future: whether traditional conservative ideology would lead the way forward or if a more inclusive approach would draw more people back to the party.

Hoffman already is thinking about how to bring the party back together, and said this race could be the start of "the resurgence of the Republican Party."

The liberal Democrat Candidate that Hoffman and the GOP backed Republican are pitted explained it in a typical derogatory fashion:

"Obviously I think what has happened here, is the right wing extremists in the Republican Party have spent over a million dollars to drive her out of the race," Owens said Saturday night.”

It continues to amaze me that the Democrat Party, MSM and the GOP do not understand is that the grassroots movement in the nation is not just a conservative “right wing” cause, but across the spectrum filled with individuals, like Hoffman who are fed up with our representatives in Government who have lost touch with reality and the voters in an attempt to solidify their own power bases and transform this country into something the majority of Americans can not and will not stomach.

While they continue to paint the up surging Americans as a small band of “paid for” special interest flacks it is further angering the populace. When you think of the infrastructure that is against the American people who are rising up to become activists to save this country it is like David versus Goliath. The tea party movement has to overcome the MSM, the political machinations of the National Democrat and Republican parties with their funding as well as their very own tax dollars they pay into Washington. The victories against these institutions of American demise are truly astonishing. It began by everyday soccer moms and everyday Americans of all colors, political affiliations that attended local protests in every US City across the country followed by the increased fervor of town halls that culminated with the massive (yet unreported and downplayed MSM coverage) 9/12 march on Washington.

This massive rally saw the President exiting out the back door of the White House by helicopter just like the Democrats going out the back door of the conference room avoiding their votes.

All of this grass root effort that is downplayed, ignored and ridiculed is only getting louder and larger. With over 4 million pick slips Fedex’ed to every member of this political corrupt behemoth and the unwillingness to publicly acknowledge the rising discontentment of the “taxation without representation” atmosphere is reaching a flash point that we remember in our history books that began as the “American Revolution” (that is if they still teach it in our public schools).

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