Saturday, November 14, 2009

What HAS Obama accomplished?, The Left wants us to give him time!

There are a couple of quotes I have seen on blog sites that stand out. The First is:

Martin Luther King, Jr. – “I have a dream”
Barack Hussein Obama – “I have a scheme”


“For the first time in my adult life, I am NOT proud of my country!” – a different take on the quote by Michelle Obama.

So, the libs are screaming for us to stop attacking their President and give him time because after all he has only been in office less than 1 year. Those on the right side of life are critical of his handling the war, the economy, foreign policy, war on terror and just about everything he has done and is intending to do.

I am one of those critics! In order to be fair, I have searched my soul in an attempt to find anything, just one thing that Obama has done successfully. In this search I could not find a single thing has accomplished or made better in the things I mentioned above but admit that I am also one of those who want him to fail.

I am not talking about advocating America failing as a result or take this stance because of racial hatred but for the reason that his vision for America is not MINE.

It is my understanding that Obama wants to “defang American military might” and assimilate this country into an anonymous word order where not single country is better or mightier than any other. It is also my understanding that he wants to redistribute wealth and take from those who are productive and individually competitive and give it to those who are not productive and certainly non-competitive.

I say this because it is true! I saw Obama exchange words with Joe the Plumber and did not take that exchange “out of context”. I took Obama at his word.

I also say this because in Obama’s past (the past that he has graciously allowed us to see or those who have dug deep enough to find on their own) his actions speak the loudest of all.

It is in these actions that I have found and have come to understand that he has not really worked for what he was given. The same goes for Michelle Obama. They complain about those downtrodden ones who want the same playing field as the rich but only find that when they achieve some lofty personal goal, their bar is raised even higher.

When you hear the Obama’s talk about “class warfare” and “race relations” it is in the prism of the 1960’s (an era that they did not even live in). Both Barack and his Wife Michelle had achieved a “first class” education at America’s elite academic institutions (Ivy League) not based on their test scores, but because of affirmative action. Their own personal “bars” were lowered for them because of it. They had their educations “handed” to them and they took it like they want to hand out hard working tax payer funds to those who want their own hand-outs.

How can anyone who has had everything handed to them begin to understand what it means to work and achieve something on their own? They can’t, which is why they are Maxists.

After this soul searching I did find something that Barack Obama has accomplished and it was not something he set out to do. That something is awaken Americans to what America was founded on. You see there are millions of Americans just like me that have taken an interest in Obama and what he is trying to do because it seems wrong and destructive to what my life experience as an American meant.

I am talking about the trend that capitalism has realized for many generations in America and that trend is that your children will be better off than the generation that preceded them. For the first time, in my lifetime, I see America failing. The trillions of dollars that are owed will ensure that not only our very children have a huge burden, but their children as well as a result.

The other thing that I found astonishing was that those people, like me, who are personally looking inward to understand what made this country great. Its roots, its history, its trials and its tribulations! They, like me want to know what we are losing as a result of this man in the White House and those who do his bidding in the Senate and Congress on BOTH sides of the isle.

In my personal quest I have read and re-read the “Bill of Rights”, “The US Constitution and all of the Amendments”, “The debates of the Continental Congress” and multiple Presidential biographies (Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Adams and Reagan).

The awakening that Obama has accomplished has manifested in the grass root efforts (not astro turf) of the “Tea Parties”, Townhalls and the peaceful opposition to his policies. These “people” that have awakened are Moms, Dads, Grandmothers, Democrats, Republican, Independents, Gay, Straight, Jewish, Christian and of every color by the millions. These people, like me have also looked backwards in our history to help guide their current actions to shape the future.

I did a Yahoo search on the “US Constitution” and found that there are “217,000,000” hits. When you consider that there are 300 million Americans that our Census admits to that leaves 13 million shy (just about the amount of illegal aliens in the US at the present time).

I did a Yahoo search on the “US Bill of Rights” and found that there are “692,000,000 hits.

I did a Yahoo search on the “Declaration of Independence” 29,400,000 hits.

It is apparent that people are looking back to see what it is we are at risk of losing with Obama. This is what he has accomplished!

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