Friday, November 13, 2009

The hypocrisy of the RNC

Since 1991, the RNC’s healthcare insurance has elective abortion coverage

We have long suspected that the RNC’s RINO factory has not been what it should be (a conservative organization in the model of its founding). For a long time now we have seen Republicans the like of Arlen Specter (who acts more like Phil Specter than a Republican), Olympia Snow and, yes, John McCain.

The lurch to the left for the RNC/GOP has proven to most conservatives since the mid-term of Bush’s second term that our party is not our party anymore. The MSM and Socialist Democrats have been telling us since 2006 that the Republican Party is dead and they are absolutely correct. The final shift away from the weakness and hypocrisy gained momentum when the GOP/RNC endorsed John McCain as the party representative for the Presidency.

We now learn that the RNC was exposed to even more damaging information that their insurance policy allows and covers elective abortions while they give lip service in Congress to the adversarial stance of allowing it in the Pelosi Healthcare bill.

Only when the jig was up and soon to be disclosed bit of embarrassing information was about to be exposed by the media did Michael Steele (the affirmative action leader of the RNC) say he was ending the coverage. Well Michael – too little too late. They are a dinosaur and just don’t see it yet. The RNC is the GOP’s Jurassic park.

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