Saturday, November 7, 2009

candidates might as well spend one day a week, campaigning in the cemetery

Have you wondered how many dead people voted for Obama given the ACORN voter registration scandal in the various states during the 08 election?

We now have the answer and the answer is in the title of this thread (1 in 7 registered voters were found to be DEAD). In addition to that startling number, it was also found that another 12 million are ineligible. 12 "Friggin Million"!


We all know that Obama and his buddies at ACORN and SEIU have been very active in "getting out the vote" activities, but are not as active as the dead voters which have been very active given their medical status.

One of the worst states is Massachusettes so I suppose that next we'll see Ted "hic" Kennedy being wheeled into the Senate to cast his vote ala "weekend at Bernies".

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