Friday, October 30, 2009

Obama stimulus created or saved 650,000 jobs!, Report cites figures

The economic stimulus bill was passed in February 2009 and promised to save or create 3.5 million jobs.

The report that was just released and the Obama Administration now touts, show that the stimulus worked. Right!

First, if you believe the 650,000 figure I have a bridge to sell you but for the sake of my generous nature I will give them that figure, for now.

Since the stimulus was passed and money started flowing we have had the following job losses:

February – 650,000 job losses or 8.1% (national unemployed percentage)
March – 663,000 job losses or 8.5 (national unemployed percentage)
April – 640,000 job losses or 8.9 (national unemployed percentage)
May – 345,000 job losses or 9.4 (national unemployed percentage)
June – 467,000 job losses or 9.5 (national unemployed percentage)
July – 304,000 job losses or 9.4 (national unemployed percentage)
August – 201,000 job losses or 9.7 (national unemployed percentage)
September –263,000 job losses or 9.8 (national unemployed percentage)

The Bill titled “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” is a joke. When Obama rushed this emergency spending bill with the help of the House and Senate Democrats, we were told that it was imperative, that doing nothing was unacceptable. If we did not act quickly, our unemployment would hit 8.5% and that by passing this pork fest, the President promised to save or create 3.5 million jobs.

So, what was the “bang for our buck” in spending $1 Trillion Dollars? So far, it cost taxpayers $1, 538,462 for every job that the Administration is boasting about.

In 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average “mean wage” per year was $42,720 or $20.32 hourly.

In order for the taxpayer to repay this $1.5 million it would take over 36 years of working at $42,720 (before taxes and cost of living).

I think that the money would have been better spent if we gave 650,000 small business owners $1.5MM in startup money or better yet give 1,950,000 individuals $500,000 in small business startup loans. That would create 1,950,000 initial jobs and if these new small businesses hired an average of 2 workers per business then you would create another 3,900,000 jobs. All of those new jobs would create a tax revenue base, decrease unemployment burdens to the government and increase manufacturing sectors that would have to provide for the increase in inventories (which in turn would create more jobs)!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Someone who knows about Miracles!

NY 23rd Congressional Independent Candidate Hoffman

You remember the 1980 Winter Olympics when the US Hockey Team beat the heavy Communist favorite Soviets ("Miracle on Ice").  Disney even made a movie about it starring Kurt Russell.

The Soviets didn’t see the Americans coming, just like the socialist candidates that Hoffman is running against. When I say socialists, I mean both the Democrat and Republican Candidates.

Hoffman may seem like a meek and weak man on the surface that is devoid of any political experience and both the National Major Parties (Dems/Repubs) are hammering this point home in their negative ads.

Hoffman is a career CPA and businessman that has never even ran for PTA President or a Home Association Board and is now taking on the political heavyweights of the United States of America with a message that is resonating with the voters (liberal and independents alike). That message is simply “He’s fed up” with what both parties are doing which it is no Coincident that it is also the message of the tea party crowds and town hall protesters that all of the MSM have designated astro-turf.

Make no mistake about it, Hoffman is facing the giants, heavy weights and well oiled political machines but he has one thing that he can draw on for strength and the courage to fight against the impossible – He was the “Chief Accountant” of the 1980 US Hockey Team that beat the Soviets– No joke!

Redistribution of Liberty

Two simultaneous thoughts come to mind that confound me. One is the economic suicidal push to Universal Healthcare and the other is to “bailout” the print media by declaring them “non-profits”.

The thought of declaring the Los Angeles Times or the New York Times “non-profits” and infusing them with cash is almost laughable because they can already be declared non-profitable without the formal announcement of Congress or the Senate.

Both of the above proposals will do great harm to this nation in the way of the imminent loss of individual liberty. Both of the above proposals will erode the individual personal freedom of choice.

Our elitist leaders in power want to save the very companies that, in a time of war, have disclosed national strategic terror programs while launching a personal and direct war against the media organization that expose them.

Fox News, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and a long list of other conservative outlets have been called racist, homophobic and liars that spread the “vast right wing conspiracy” against those on the left without any substantial proof. It is not enough to vilify and attempt to silence the “freedom of speech” that expose the left and their hypocrisy or crimes. They want to resurrect and create the liberal market niche that cannot compete against truth by the bailout of the very companies who are tarnished beyond proof.

What prompted my thoughts about the newsprint bailouts and healthcare is twofold. First, the healthcare debate has been whitewashed as the liberal printing presses have run interference for the socialist takeover of our healthcare system. It would have been a one-sided argument if not for Fox News and Conservative talk radio informing the public of the particulars of the 1,080 page monstrosity.

Second, the liberal printing presses have suppressed reporting the uprising of anger amongst the general public that included liberals. In addition to labeling the “tea party” movement (which was born on CNBC by Rick Santarelli) as “astro-turfing”, special interest paid mobs, Nazis, thugs and traitors with right wing ideologies they have largely ignored a couple of other newsworthy items that contradict their views. In addition to the massive march on Washington, DC on 9/12 and the angry, yet peaceful protesters that attended the “town-halls” across the country during the Congressional recess another grassroots campaign has been underway (Pink slips).

Approximately 30 days ago a program was launched to send every member of the US Senate and Congress a pink slip (at an individual cost of $29.95 per participant) if they voted in favor of the following legislation agenda:

Government Healthcare

Cap and trade

Hate crimes

any more spending

The grassroots effort (it can truly be called this because instead of the liberal charging that special interest groups are funding the efforts, individual Americans are spending their own hard earned money in a time of economic uncertainty) has an intended goal of sending each member of the ruling elite 5 million “pink slips” and as of this writing, they have actually sent, and our leaders have received (via FedEx) over 4 million pink slips.

When you look at the threat of expulsion over the 4 legislative agenda items listed on the “pink slips” you can see that in spite of the massive tea party protests, town hall protests and over 4 million “pink slips” sent and received it is obvious our leaders do not care. Hate crime legislation was just passed. Healthcare is still alive and is actively attempting to force its way out of Senate. Another round of “stimulus” is under active consideration in spite of the fact that the first $1 trillion was a wasted effort that failed Obama and the socialist’s intentions of reviving the economy and job creation. Cap and Trade is still on the table.

I dare anyone to find one article from any of the “doomed print media” that has printed a single word of the “pink slip” program. You would think that over 4 million individual pieces of correspondence sent to our leadership would elicit an article of mention if not for the fact that the program in itself is stimulating the economy through FedEx (4 million letters X $29.95 = $119,800,000.00 in delivery fees). If the 5 million pink slip goal is reached and it has every chance of doing so, then FedEx is poised to receive $149,750,000.00 for this grassroots effort.

So, getting back to saving the very newsprint organizations that disclosed Secret US Government terror tactics (Terror bank routing and wiretap programs), openly supporting Barack Obama during the campaign, Fabricating and plagiarism of news (ala Jayson Blair, Dan Rather, etc). For those who need to be reminded of the content of Jayson Blair here are the articles that he was fabricating or plagiarizing:

"US Sniper Case Seen as a Barrier to a Confession" – NY Times October 2002

"Execution Opponent Joins Sniper Case" – NY Times January 2003

"Peace and Answers Eluding Victims of the Sniper Attacks" – NY Times February 2003

"Relatives of Missing Soldiers Dread Hearing Worse News” - NY Times March 2003

"Making Sniper Suspect Talk Puts Detective in Spotlight" – NY Times March 2003

“In Military Wards, Questions and Fears From the Wounded” – NY Times April 2003

"For One Pastor, the War Hits Home" - NY Times April 2003

"Rescue in Iraq and a ‘Big Stir' in West Virginia" – NY Times April 2003

Given the level of trust, or distrust (backed by polling data) the American Public has lost in the newsprint or MSM it is no wonder why they are failing and Fox coupled with Conservative talk radio success models have the socialists on the ropes and in need of a lifeline.

I think we should take a provision out of the proposed healthcare bill and give the “old grey lady” a pill for the pain and then send her to “end of life counseling” instead

Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama admits Kenyan birth in 2004, AP story confirms, Orly Taitz on the “discovery trail”

June 27, 2004 the Associated Press ran its story under the Bi-line “Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate”. The article starts with - “Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.”

The Associated Press is one of the most respected, venerated and trusted news sources in syndication and this story was reported worldwide in 2004. To further this story, Obama himself, during the Obama/Keyes debates, Keyes chided Obama for not being a “natural born citizen” in which Obama quickly replied “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency", self-admitted that he was not eligible for the office. Seeing that an AP reporter is too professional to submit a story which was not based on confirmed sources (ostensibly the Obama campaign in this case), the inference seems inescapable: Obama himself was putting out in 2004, that he was born in Kenya.

So, does this indicate that the AP is the source of the “birther movement”?

To further this story, “The Honolulu Advertiser” in 2006 also ran its own story of Obama being Kenyan born. On January 8, 2006 you can see the “correction” to their original story that reported he was born in Hawaii (It is in the opening paragraph to an unrelated store and labeled “Correction”)”:

Orly Taitz files another motion in Judge Carters court seeking discovery on the sources of the AP story:


Captain Pamela Barnett, et al., §

Plaintiffs, §

§ v. § Civil Action:

§Barack Hussein Obama, § SACV09-00082-DOC-AN

Michelle L.R. Obama, §

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, §

Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense, §

Joseph R. Biden, Vice-President and § REQUEST FOR JUDICIAL

President of the Senate, § NOTICE OF AP NEWSWIRE

Defendants. § & TO AUTHENTICATE

Request for Judicial Notice of 2004 AP Newswire

And Motion to Authorize Limited Discovery to Authenticate Newstrail

Re: Scheme to Defraud

Come now the Plaintiffs with this Request for Judicial Notice of 2004 AP Newswire, embodied and included in the Kenyan publication attached as Exhibit A. Although the contents of this document are self explanatory, this document is classic hearsay: an unsworn out of court statement to be submitted for the truth of the matters stated therein. Moreover, it is unauthenticated, but is allegedly derived from a well-known and highly respected news wire service, namely the Associated Press. If it were possible to authenticate the source for this information, and/or to trace, locate, and depose the authors and informants, and also to track the subsequent changes in the “story” as told over the newswires over the following four years, the Plaintiffs submit that they would obtain additional and important, and very solid, grounds for outlining the contours of a Complaint for Civil Racketeering (18 U.S.C. §1964©) concerning the 2008 Presidential elections, involving a massive scheme to defraud using the postal (document delivery) and electronic wire services for the purpose of depriving the American People of their intangible right to honest services.

In this Court’s order of September 16, 2009 (Document 66), the Court denied any discovery pending a resolution of the Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss. On October 7, 2009, the Plaintiffs sought ex-parte relief from discovery (Document 82), which the Court denied summarily on October 8 (Document 83). However, in Document 66 the Court specifically qualified its denial of leave to initiate discovery:

All discovery herein shall be stayed pending resolution of Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss, except for any discovery as to which Plaintiffs can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of Magistrate Judge Nakazato, is necessary for the purpose of opposing the Motion to Dismiss.

The Court having yet to rule on the Defendant’s (Document 56) Motion to Dismiss, and having expressed significant questions concerning the arguments of all parties concerning the Plaintiffs’ standing under their First Amended Complaint, the Plaintiffs wish to complete the preparation of their Second Amended Complaint in which they will allege that the denial of the intangible right to honest services gives all Plaintiffs, indeed all citizens of the United States, whether natural-born or otherwise, unquestionable standing: namely, the right to sue under Civil R.I.C.O., without any showing of individualized, special, or unique injuries. The denial of the intangible right to honest services, such as the fraudulent theft of election by mail and wire fraud, has millions of victims, but in the basic sense of denial of the intangible right to honest services, none were “more” deprived of “the blessings of liberty” and the right to be governed honestly under the Constitution than any others.

Plaintiffs submit that they need to conduct limited discovery for the purpose of preparing this Second Amended Complaint (to flesh out more fully the extent of the fraud and accordingly solidify with evidence allegations necessary to establish Civil R.I.C.O. standing). They accordingly ask the Court, in addition to taking judicial notice of the A.P. Wire bulletin attached as Exhibit A, to allow the following discovery to take place, addressed to a non-party, non-governmental source:

A deposition duces tecum on 15 days notice (rather than 30) of the custodian of records and archives at “the world’s oldest and largest newsgathering organization:

”The Associated Press"

Headquarters: 450 W. 33rd Street, New York, NY 10001.

There can be no doubt that the information to be retrieved is relevant to framing the Plaintiffs’ proposed Second Amended Complaint. There can be no objection that this deposition will impose too great a burden on the Defendants because it is not addressed to them. There can be no objection that the examination of the history of reporting concerning the history of reportage concerning the national origins, birthplace, citizenship, and life history of the President of the United States world’s oldest and largest newsgathering organization will impose any undue burdens on the Defendants, or on the Associated Press as a deponent.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs request first that this Honorable Court take Judicial Notice of the AP Newswire, and use this information to draw all such reasonable inferences as can and should reasonably be drawn from this. If the proposed deposition is allowed, it will be possible to produce original copies of the wire from 2004 and/or identify the sources for this document, which is today widely available on the internet, but has yet to be officially authenticated. The relevance to this case is weighty, the benefits far exceed the costs, and the Defendants can hardly complain that it will in any sense be unfair to them.

The foreshortened period of 15 days is reasonably requested in light of the deadlines for submitting dispositive motions in the present case according to the Court’s reaffirmed scheduling order.

CONFERENCE OMITTED: in light of the Defendants’ response to Plaintiffs’ last request to allow limited discovery in this case, the court will recall the splendidly laconic if highly bellicose “NUTS” offered up as an appetizer by U.S. Attorney Roger West on October 7, 2009, there seemed no point to bother conferring with opposing counsel in this case again.

Respectfully submitted,

Sunday, October 25, 2009



Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. (California Bar 223433)

Attorney for the Plaintiffs

29839 Santa Margarita Parkway

Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688

Tel.: 949-683-5411; Fax: 949-766-7603


Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Obama Catalogue

1) Administration tries to keep insurance cooperatives (Humana) from communicating with their own customers!

2) Targets a whole industry (insurers again) for attack!

3) Bullies car companies and banks!

4) Threatens the Chamber of Commerce!

5) Puts out booklets equating conservative veterans and activist groups with hate militias!

6) President himself says he will "call out" those who disagree with him, that he will "not abide" us, that his opponents are "filling the airwaves with deceptive and dishonest ads" when the ads are actually factual!

7) Repeatedly accuses his opponents of using "scare tactics," yet in the next breath says "if we do nothing, our deficit will grow. More families will go bankrupt. More businesses will close. More Americans will lose their coverage when they are sick and need it the most. And more will die as a result. And then, having said that doing nothing will make more people die, he accuses those who don't agree with him of wanting to do nothing!

8) Attack Fox News!

9) Attack Limbaugh!

10) Tell an Arizona sheriff that he's not allowed to tell the press about his pickups of illegal aliens!

11) Fires Inspectors General who embarrass their friends, after telling one of them that he too isn't allowed to talk to the press!

12) Tells towns in North Carolina that they cannot hold nonpartisan elections because blacks need to know who the Democrat is -- even if the town itself is majority black and voted to hold its elections in a non-partisan way!

13) Condone vote fraud and voter intimidation when it suits their purposes!

14) Drop an already-won case against vicious New Black Panther Party members!

15) Accuse Americans of being "a nation of cowards" on race!

16) Blame every problem on their White House predecessors!

17) Lock Republicans out of committee meetings then run out the back door to avoid voting on Democrat violations of ethics concerning “countrywide mortgage”!

18) Refuse to let the public have time to read legislation before it is voted on!

19) They vote on legislation that isn't actually even in one written piece yet!

20) Promise transparency, but they stonewall legitimate Freedom of Information Act requests on subject after subject!

21) Stonewall legitimate information requests even from ranking congressmen!

22) Refuse to turn over information about the fired or disciplined Inspectors General yet press for special prosecutors relating to Bush Administration’s firing of US States Attorneys!

23) They won't turn over information about their decision to subvert Honduran constitutional democracy in favor of an anti-American leftist thug!

24) They won't turn over information about the New Black Panther decision and then lie about who made the decision!

25) Lie about their efforts to politicize recipients of government arts grants!

26) Brag about controlling information given to the press, and about controlling the press itself!

27) They have a communications director who idolizes mass murderer Mao Tse-tung!

28) They have a manufacturing czar who also speaks favorably about Mao!

29) They have a science czar who quotes Mao, and who says it is not unconstitutional to coerce abortions or to put prophylactic chemicals into the drinking water!

30) Their attorney general refuses to protect the civil rights of white people (unless the whites are gay)!

31) Their Justice Department drops cases against an allied governor of New Mexico!

32) Unilaterally violate the sanctity of contracts (and probably the Constitution) to gut the ownership rights of secured creditors and expand the unearned ownership by the unions!

33) Threaten businesses that won't jump in line behind their takeover plans!

34) Pay czar who threatens to literally force executives to accept "negative" salaries!

35) When faced with complaints about utterly abusive new regulations that will criminalize people holding garage sales and put hundreds or thousands of businesses out of, yes, business, they loudly boast that "there's a new sheriff in town." And they invite foreign authorities, at the expense of our civil liberties, to regulate us further!

36) They say their opponents are all racists, or they say that honest citizens speaking up of their own free will at town hall meetings are thugs and haters and rabbles and mobs and should probably be shut down!

When it get's larger, I will break it down into catagories like "Transparancy", Constitution, Race Relations, Business or anti-business, etc. Once completed I will attempt to publish in some manner (probably a "coffee table book" for conservatives!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Masons and the “New World Order”, Conspiracy theorist

There have always been conspiracy theories when it comes to “secret societies” and the Masons are no exception. The Mason theories have gone back millennia and have become more pronounced since the inception of the US Dollar Bill during the Franklin Administration in 1935.

Masons have long been obsessed with symbolism and numerology. Some of the symbolism believed to be directly attributed to the Masons and their design of the One Dollar bill is such:

The dollar bill bears the likeness of George Washington (a devout Mason) and on his inauguration he wore a Masonic Apron that bore the “all seeing eye” symbol embroidered upon it (which sits atop the “unfinished pyramid”) on the reverse side of the bill.

According to conspiracy (History Channel):

Conspiracy theorists claim this is the work of an underground secret organization of elite men that are seeking world domination at some time in the future. Masonic officials deny this, of course, but a lot of the evidence -- on the dollar bill itself -- tend to support this. The Great Seal of the United States, shown on the reverse of the dollar bill, is the source of much of this symbolism.

On the obverse of the Great Seal is the eagle, our national symbol. This is shown on the right of the $1 bill. The eagle is holding 13 arrows in his talon, there are other objects 13 in number: leaves on the branch in the eagle’s other talon, bars & stripes on the shield, and stars above within the wreath. They claim 13 is a mystical number of the Masons. The number of feathers is also significant, 32 on the left, 33 on the right. Masons have 32nd degree and 33rd degree levels of study.

The reverse of the Great Seal, shown on the left of the bill, has the unfinished pyramid with the all-seeing eye above and the 1776 founding date in Roman numerals below, all Masonic symbols.

In 1935 the design of our current dollar bill was chosen by Franklin D. Roosevelt, his VP Henry Wallace insisted the Great Seal appear on the reverse. The conspiracy theorists note both of these men were Masons as the mystery still continues.

Most significant was the shape of the stars above the eagle in the seal. If a line is drawn through all it forms a six sided star. If this is superimposed over the reverse design five of the six points indicate a letter in the legend above and below. The letters form an anagram for the word MASON. That’s more than coincidence, it seems.

Finally, in an exercise that I just did I found another indicator that the “new world order” will begin in the year 2010 by following the numerology theory. The year of America’s birth and also found in the Roman Numerals on the dollar bill is 1776.

When you subtract 1776 from 2010 you end up with 234 (years). Next, divide 234/13 (the number of arrows, stripes on the flagged shield, stars on the seal and number of steps of the “unfinished pyramid”) you end with 18 (6+6+6 which is another Masonic Symbol and number of the “beast” in satanic myths).

Do you believe? How many times have we heard the Obama Administration, politicians on both side of the aisle as well as the Chinese, UN and other global leaders indicate a “new world order” recently?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama Administration officials serve “at the pleasure of the President”, While the President serves “at the pleasure of the people”

Immediately after inauguration, Obama told the American public that “we should not listen to Rush Limbaugh”. Then we heard him complain that the public gets “ginned up on talk radio”. This was followed by the Administrations all out war against “Fox News” when Rahm Emanuel declared that Fox was not a “news” organization but was an arm of the Republican Party.

When the election was over, Democrats everywhere started the chant of “mandate”. This was to be expected as Bush utilized the term after his election. What goes around comes around!

Somewhere in all of this democratic chest beating we were also told that the Republican platform is dead and that the Republican Party is in disarray and dead. There is a modicum of truth to this as the GOP has long since lost its conservative roots and this fact was evident when they put a weak conservative up as their party representative against Obama in the Presidential elections.

Despite the weak candidacy of John McCain he managed to garner 60 million votes which said a lot about the perceived mandate and popularity of Obama.

Despite the overwhelming love affair the MSM had with Obama before and after the election McCain Managed 60 million votes.

So, if the GOP is dead and finished, caput, then why the war against talk radio and Fox news?

I recall the over confidence that Obama touted when campaigning when he told the US that he would “fix” the economy immediately but once elected Biden comes out and states Obama would probably get 30% of things wrong. Once elected Obama pressed Congress to pass the stimulus quickly or unemployment would rise to 8.5%. The unemployment picture today stands at 9.8% nationally with no end in sight. The rapid decline of the economy is of course still blamed on Bush policies in spite of the harmful and ill conceived policies of this administration. When Obama could not bring home the Olympics for his beloved city of Chicago, it was because of Bush policies.

The Democrat elites are so out of touch with their drunkenness of power that they are making policy and forcing it down the serf’s throats. This is in spite of the grass-root efforts of the American public who attended the tea parties first, then the town hall meetings and finally the accurate reporting of these efforts by conservative talk radio and Fox news.

This is why the death of the GOP is fabricated by those on the left and constantly under assault. The elected elites do not think or believe that they serve at the “pleasure” of the people.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Will Obama follow the footsteps of Al Gore, The award winning ex-VP and failed Presidential hopeful!

There is only one award that the fat, old, white guy has received that Obama has yet to:

An Oscar!

The Honduran Coup, Obama backs leftist regime over constitutional law!

The last we heard, Sen. John Kerry (who almost became President) departed here to a trip to Honduras on a “fact finding” mission to bolster the Obama Administration position that a “coup” transpired. The Obama position was, in a word, hasty, without legal precedent and was done without a full analysis of the situation.

The Kerry trip wasn’t a full loss because in a day full of meetings meant to “strong arm the participants in accepting the American position did manage to find the only one person who backed the ousted Zaleya – the United States Ambassador Hugo Llorens.

When Moe Lane, reporter for asked Llorens -

“why the U.S. government insists on labeling what appears to the entire country to be the constitutional removal of Mr. Zelaya a “coup,” he urged me to read the legal opinion drafted by the State Department’s top lawyer, Harold Koh. As it happens, I have asked to see Mr. Koh’s report before and since my trip, but all requests to publicly disclose it have been denied.”

This is a typical leftist ploy – point to a legal opinion and deny the release of it! I guess we can label those who disagree that Zelaya is the legitimate President “Coup-ers” that wear tin foil caps.

One final note: Hugo Llorens was born in Cuba and arrived in the United States at age 7 during “Operation Peter Pan”.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

CENSUS cuts its ties to ACORN, Take a look at the surviving partners of CENSUS!

According to the CENSUS website the following organizations are active in the 2010 count:

A. Phillip Randolph Institute
American Federation of Government Employees
American Federation of Teachers
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
Community Action Partnership
Families USA
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Labor Council for the Latin American Advancement
League of Women Voters of the United States
National Black Justice Coalition
National Council of La Raza
National Education Association
Pride at Work
Rainbow Push Coalition
Service Employees International Union
Southern Coalition for Social Justice
United Workers

The above bolded organizations have been singled out on ACORN website for their unwavering support of ACORN during the 2008 election fraud issues.

We can take a short moment to celebrate the removal of ACORN from many of the Federal funding programs and the work it was slated to do for Obama and the Census but looking at the list above that celebration is short lived.

The extent of the personal information that the Census is seeking is first collected by these organization listed above (before it is transmitted to the Feds) and can be used against us in ways we do not wish to even imagine. Do we want this sensitive information in the hands of organized labor, LaRaza or other socialist leaning groups?


We know that Wade Rathke, the man who founded ACORN also founded the SEIU. It has been a great achievement in finally exposing the corruption of the ACORN half of Wade’s socialist dreams, much work remains in exposing the other half of the coin with SEIU. A robust and comprehensive investigation (RICO) that is meaningful and sincere in getting to the truth will eventually bring SEIU into focus. The organizations that are listed above are rife with Labor Organizations that are entwined in the ACORN organization and their goals. Likewise, individuals sit on one board of directors in one organization while also sitting on another. A prime example of this is Wade Rathke himself – he sat on numerous ACORN affiliated boards and also on SEIU’s. This is also happening with the CENSUS partners that are listed above.

I have posted the link to an article that details an LA Times investigation of (the second organization on the CENSUS partnership list above) where it details a member of the board for apri is also a member of the SEIU board and the corruption of both and the whitewash by both organizations of the corruption. Additionally, apri (an African American civil rights organization ostensibly) was found to be doing “get out the vote” activities rife with corruption.

The socialist organization “A Phillip Randolph Institute” was founded by the namesake of that organization. A Phillip Randolph shares a common thread with Obama Mentor Frank Marshall Davis as they were part of the same College Fraternal Organization Phi Beta Sigma. How did this country get to the point were so many socialist are in direct control of our lives?

Finally, the majority of the above listed organizations have the expressed intent to create a clear path for illegal immigrant’s amnesty and Obama’s healthcare initiatives through the CENSUS.

For instance, Southern Coalition for Social Justice also partners with Tides Foundations’ Detention Watch Network that is aggressively working to force the Department of Homeland Security to ban local law enforcement agencies to round up and detain illegal immigrants that have stepped up in the failure of the Feds to do so. The proliferation and the extensive tentacles that intertwine between organizations that seem unrelated are massive and all aim to do the same thing – get illegal aliens citizenship, allow them to vote and join their ranks.

The board of directors at Tides have long term ties to many of the above list. The founder of Tides “Drummond Pike” was the “anonymous donor” that paid the remaining obligation to the Dale Rathke ACORN embezzled funds.

Though we can celebrate the removal of the cancer called ACORN, we have much more work to do to shine the spotlight on the other organizations that are still actively involved in doing the work ACORN did. It is easy to research the connections that these entities maintain with each other and what their primary missions are. Educate yourself, they are dangerous and well financed and they are winning the battle for the heart and soul of America in their quest to change the fabric we call freedom in the name of people of color, race, sexual orientation and other hot button topics.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

ACORN delusional quote, Bertha Lewis and the Liberal left want it both ways

ACORN CEO at the Washington Press club said the following when comparing the current push by those on the right to defund the group:

“Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This is not how we have discourse. This is not how we have disagreement in this country, by demonizing someone without due process.” 

Now that is ripe. Those on the left everywhere, everday, has made it artform to demonize without due process!

She then goes on to say:

"This whole voting to de-fund ACORN, it’s all sensational, but it’s unconstitutional. . Then hold the folks that made those films to the same standard of the law."  So all we’re saying is, you know, hold us to a standard of the law
Once again, this is ripe. Here she says that we cannot make any move to protect us against them by freezing funds and ensuring that no further taxpayer money goes into their coffers until an investigation takes place, or trial. That we cannot voice our concerns or opinions based on former investigations for voter fraud and that we have all witnessed, with our own eyes, the videos. Finally, she begs for the "law" to be compared to their standard. Problem with that is their allies are doing everything in their power to prevent the law from probing them. Where is the DOJ? Where is the FBI? We have prima facia evidence on many front, including a Congressional Committee investigation (By Rebublicans, not Democrats) that concluded and recommended that a massive investigation be launched by the FBI, DOJ and the IRS on RICO grounds, yet no response from Eric Holder and Obama or the Democrats. 

It is obvious from her/ACORN perspective that she is referring to the "internal investigation" that they have commissioned and launched for us to rely on when they clear them of any wrongdoing just as the Obama transition team did when they were caught up in the Blagojevich Senate Seat sale controversy. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama will go to trial!!



CV-90 (12/02)


Case No. SACV09-0082 DOC (ANx) Date October 5, 2009


Present: The Honorable David O. Carter, U.S. District Judge

Kristee Hopkins Debbie Gale N/A

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Attorneys Present for Plaintiffs: Attorneys Present for Defendants:

Orly Taitz
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Cause called and counsel state their appearances. Argument by counsel. Motion taken
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On September 8, 2009, the Court previously set tentative case management dates. The
Court now orders those dates be made final.

Case Management dates are as follows:

Motion for Summary Judgment Hearing December 7, 2009, at 8:30 a.m.

File Motion for Summary Judgment November 16, 2009

Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment November 26, 2009

Reply to Motion for Summary Judgment November 30, 2009

Final Pretrial Conference January 11, 2010, at 8:30 a.m.

Jury Trial January 26, 2010, at 8:30 a.m.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ACORN -- assault from the outside and within!, Implosion likely!

There have been complaints lodged against the embattled community organizing behemoth for years that ranged from voter fraud to being a criminal empire. The spotlight on this radical organization came to focus during the Democratic Presidential primaries and the close ties to Barrack Hussein Obama so much so that he had to walk a thin line of boasting his community organizing experience on his resume to distancing himself from them due to their reputation.

The MSM and Democrats have given ACORN a pass time and time again due to their own “dubious” ties to the organization as well as their candidates. The shell that surrounds ACORN seemed impregnable with the political protection from the White House, Senate and Congress until a “pimp and prostitute” entered the Baltimore, MD offices of ACORN and cracked that shell with pleas for assistance in trafficking illegal immigrant, female sex child slaves and a “house”.

The fissure that these two created in the span of one week has spread like wildfire across the country at a speed that will surely crumble this criminal enterprise. These two “conservative filmmakers” have done the investigative journalism that should have been done by the MSM.

MSM Cover:

Before the video releases the MSM has provided cover (not journalistically but their illegal tracks) for ACORN. We have had instances of reporting of various investigations ongoing ACORN for their alleged and convicted voter registration activities but the true journalism have stopped there. This is a “Pulitzer” story in every aspect because of the level of Politician involvement, Government graft and corruption and embezzlement by the founders.

The lack of coverage is highlighted when, after the videos surfaced and brought ACORN into the public light in such a riveting way, the Louisiana Attorney General got a little attention regarding his investigation into the 1999-2000 embezzlement by Dale Rathke. This story did not see the light of day until after the videos yet the investigation was initiated in June 2009 and the massive subpoenas were issued in August at ACORN corporate headquarters on Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans.

Now that ACORN is such a toxic subject in the public arena we have just learned that this $1 million dollar embezzlement and cover up has grown to over $5 million dollars. The Louisiana Attorney General now states:

"It is still unclear if some of the monies embezzled are from state, federal or private funds."

The recent subpoena against ACORN, dated October 2, 2009 is very troubling indeed. The evidence submitted in support for the subpoena show that ACORN’s illicit activities do not stop at the Louisiana border but, in fact, are Federal law violations on many fronts. This begs the question of why, even after Obama stated that ACORN needs to be investigated and that the US House of Representatives “Committee on Oversight and Government Reform” report titled “Is ACORN Intentionally Structured As a Criminal Enterprise” (resulting from the Committee Hearings investigation ACORN) dated 7/23/09 – the FBI through the Department of Justice (Eric Holder) initiated their own RICO investigation of ACORN?

Here is the 10/2/09 image of the most recent subpoena:

The subpoena also alludes to SEIU involvement, though no subpoenas have been issued to the Union to my knowledge to date.

The political and MSM cover provided to ACORN is ongoing and can be best described as “bitter enders”! When the fissure became a “crack” in ACORN shell, Congress as well as the Senate voted to cut funding them. This was in addition to the Federal Census bureau and the IRS and Bank of America. Now, we find that some of the largest philanthropic organizations that have routinely given to ACORN through grants and donations have cut their funding as well.

One of the philanthropic organizations that recently cut funding to ACORN was the Ford Foundation. In a bizarre twist of coincidence (or is it?) there is a connection to two individuals that Obama holds near and dear to his heart and were on the Ford Foundation payroll at the same time was the father of Tim Geithner (current Treasury Secretary) and his employee in Indonesia in the 1980’s, Barrack Obama’s mother.

The Ford Foundation receives a great deal of money and support from another philanthropic behemoth “The Tides Foundation” and the founder of Tides is a man called Drummond Pike. When the scandal broke about the $1 million dollar (now ballooned to $5 million) was discovered in 2008, it was Drummond Pike that was the “anonymous donor” that bought the balanced owed on the agreement that kept the embezzlement secret. Wade Rathke, the founder of ACORN and brother to ACORN embezzler Dale Rathke, sits on both “Tides Foundation boards”.

There are a lot of Democrats sitting in their lofty offices that have extensive and deep ties to this massive and politically corrupt organization that are starting to sweat. If, as the Louisiana Attorney General promised, they are following this investigation “where-ever” it may lead up to and including the White House then the delay from the Obama Administration in initiating their own RICO investigation will be even more damning.

The sad commentary about this whole controversy is that the MSM had this possible “Watergate” moment in their hands and purposely looked the other direction. If they would have done their jobs during the Presidential campaign and reported the extensive Obama ties to Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, ACORN, Margaret Talbott, SEIU and Tony Rezko then perhaps there would be a woman sitting in the Oval Office instead of a domestic terrorist disguised as a leader.

If you are going to act like "sheep"le, You will have to look like "sheep"le!

150 doctors (useful idiots) showed up for the Obama "dilusional photo-op" in the Rose Garden at the White House. Same stuff, different day! The Obama "healthcare" ruse was meant to counter (visibly) the true majority of Physicians that oppose the bill in true "Alinsky" style just the same as when the SEIU packed townhall meetings the Democrats scheduled during the Congressional Recess to try (in vain) to show that someone really wants this legislation (other than the radical fringe left).

Some of the 150 no-so-useful idiots did not bring their "white lab coats" as instructed and delayed the Press briefing until a staffer rustled up enough coats for the photo. This is the best Obama could do to get a mere 150 in the garden to counter the 45% of all physicians who are threatening to retire, shut down their private practices or plainly just quit if the socialists get their dream.

Speaking of dream, this is what the photo actually looked like -- Obama counting "sheep"ple in his dream repleat with all the white coats. Sorry, that was baaaaad!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Obamaholics are in the “denial” phase of their addiction, “Obama confronts waning political capital!” – ABC news

In an article fresh off the printing press, Rick Klein, ABC News’ Senior Political Reporter tries to explain Obamas’ recent failures and makes it clear that he himself needs a serious “intervention”!

He writes:

“This is a time where the president needs to be spending his capital -- in the halls of Congress, and on the world stage. But when he talks, who is listening? (And does the president lose options himself the longer he chooses to keep listening?)

Testing time: "A number of factors have combined to strip him of the camouflage that he once enjoyed when it comes to health-care policy," David Broder writes in his Sunday Washington Post column. "His main leverage point is the realization among nearly all Democrats that nothing would be as costly to them, in their individual 2010 races, as the failure of this Congress, with its heavy Democratic majorities, to pass a substantive health-reform bill. That may be enough in the end for Obama to succeed. But the task of getting there will really test him -- and expose his core values."


It appears that Klein IS aware that the “Obamacare” plan is truly Obama’s “Waterloo” but the premise of David Broder that the most costly political ramifications of the upcoming 2010 races are if the Democrats fail to deliver the bill is fantasy. Additionally, Obama has already exposed his “core values” which is why the Republicans and the majority of Americans reject him and the Democrats bill.

He writes:

“Susan Milligan reports in The Boston Globe. "He must also make difficult decisions on whether to increase troop strength and commit America to a larger, longer mission in Afghanistan. And the economy, while apparently on the road to recovery, is still not producing new jobs and continues to generate anxiety around the country."
Rep. Chris Van Hollen: "I do believe that if we are not successful in passing health care reform, it will make it much more difficult to enact other major initiatives," said Van Hollen, D-Md., the DCCC chairman.


Denial and reality collide here. The economy is not on the road to recovery by any stretch of the imagination but the reality of mounting job losses is glossed over by changing the wording to “is still not producing new jobs” is good enough to show Obama’s pledge of saving or creating 3.5 million jobs by passing the stimulus package last year is an utter failure. Remember Biden and his comment after the election that Obama may get 30% of things wrong, time to move that percentage upward. Finally, Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s comment is true except for one major reality – all of the “major initiatives” he is speaking about are not tied to the health care bill success, they are all resoundingly being rejected along with the health care bill.

He writes:

“The White House is using its Monday to re-set the focus of the debate on health care -- again.

At 11:10 am ET in the Rose Garden, "the President will welcome doctors from across the country to an event in the Rose Garden, where he will deliver remarks on the need for health insurance reform this year." (They're coming from every state, which means plenty of local-media pick-up.)

(And Organizing for America wants letters from doctors -- and others -- to make the case: "You don't have to be a doctor or an expert to write an effective letter -- you just have to have an opinion or a personal story to share. And these letters are short, usually just a paragraph or two, but they can have a huge impact because it shows your representatives and the media what local folks are thinking in the most public way possible.")


Here, Klein is highlighting the failure of Obama to deliver Health Care multiple times with the Presidents’ “Re-set the focus” White House Rose Garden astro turf event. The first question that comes to mind when the Democrats trot out a doctor at an “astro turf” event is – “are they really doctors?” I say this for two reasons: First, during a Democrat town hall meeting a fake doctor stood to praise the need for the bill only to find out it was not a doctor but an Obama campaign worker. Second, the recent news about just how much the rank and file doctor’s support this bill is that if passed, 45% of them would consider quitting the profession.

The reason Obama needs to shuttle in doctors is because they reject the bill in spite of their own AMA’s endorsement of it. This is the typical ploy of Obama and his community organizing days at ACORN by organizing an astro turf photo op to give the impression of support where there is no support. The whole re-set the focus event and “bring a doctors note” smacks of a juveniles attempt to get out of class but the main reason for this fake doctor support is not even mentioned in this article. The reason is to give Democrats that are up for reelection in 2010 political cover of fake support to counter the 2.25 million (and counting) pink slips that real Americans have sent their leaders in the past 10 days. The true grassroots pink slip campaign has been so successful that it has completely tapped out the national supply of 8.5” X 11” pink paper.

The request sent out from “Organize for America” is proof positive of the “losing the argument, er argument!” This organization was created by the DNC and is closely tied to the Obama White house and saw their first ground incursion during Obamas’ budget battle when the DNC sent their OFA shock troops door to door to drum up support.

Obama has hitched his wagon to community organizers and attempts to use this weapon to pass his socialist agenda. The biggest problem he will face in utilizing this astro turf arrow from his quiver is the controversy and outrage over ACORN and their Democrat allies in the Senate, Congress and yes, the White House.

Once again, the democrats are in denial as the President lamely pronounced that passing the health care bill is directly tied to increasing jobs and the economy is at a time when the latest polls show that Americans top concerns are not the economy any more, it is corruption (which is directly tied to ACORN, Democrats and Community Organizers in General).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

2nd Amendment is the ONLY “homeland security”, Court cases forcing the issue to solidify constitution!

Liberals have been on the offensive for years in their attempt to wrestle our personal firearms from our hands. The level of the liberal hatred for the 2nd Amendment is a “clear and present danger” to the sovereignty of our country as the federal government has failed time and time again to protect our citizens from harm through liberal ordinances at every level of our country. The “no gun zones” at our university campuses and “city handgun bans” in our nations’ capital as well as Chicago are just a few examples of the disregard to the fabric and spirit of our constitution.

The anti-gun lobby failed in their attempts in the City of San Francisco to enact these dangerous ordinances and were thwarted only when the NRA, in court, to overturned them.

This fight has been waged in every corner of this nation and with the recent election of Obama it is imperative that the courts find, once and for all, that the 2nd amendment truly means that our citizens have the right “to bear arms”.

In the DC v. Heller case, pro gun and pro 2nd amendment advocates have won an important first step in this solidification. Yet the Supreme Court has not definitively ruled to end the matter to the satisfaction of those who insist on their 2nd amendment rights.

On October 1, 2009 the State of Montana passed legislation that was meant to bring about the definitive court battle and pits the might and power by the Federal Government to step aside in the matter. The legislation intent:


The legislation is referred to as the “Firearms Freedom Act” and is best described by WND as follows:

“The law provides guns and ammo made, sold and used in Montana would not require any federal forms; silencers made and sold in Montana would be fully legal and not registered; and there would be no firearm registration, serial numbers, criminal records check, waiting periods or paperwork required.”

Since Montana, Tennessee has passed similar legislation and the following States are introducing legislation:

Alaska, Michigan, South Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Minnesota and Florida.

In addition, the following states are intending to introduce FFA legislation:

Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Washington State.

Again, according to WND “David Codrea, a Gun Rights Examiner writer, noted the federal government already has started attacking the move.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, he wrote, previously had written to Federal Firearms Licensees, warning that they could be prosecuted for following the state laws in Montana and Tennessee.”

In a recent development, the US Supreme Court has docketed the “Chicago handgun ban” case known as McDonald v. Chicago. Per WND the case “challenges a 7th Circuit court ruling that said the Second Amendment applies only to federal regulation of an individual's right to guns and not in cases of restrictions by states and municipalities like Chicago and Oak Park, Ill.”

Finally, this battle cry or “call to arms” has accelerated because of the Obama administration position that “advocated for a treaty that would require a federal license for hunters to reload their ammunition, has expressed a desire to ban "assault" weapons, has seen a plan to require handgun owners to submit to mental health evaluations and sparked a rush on ammunition purchases with his history of anti-gun positions.”

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What has Obama accomplished?, Other than blaming the Bush Whitehouse – still!

Obama promised a “quick turnaround” in the economy if Congress passed his bill. Obama claimed that if we did nothing, then unemployment would run up to 8.5%. Obama claimed if we passed his bill, then 7% unemployment and that the cash infusion would arrest the economic fall.

What we have now realized is that unemployment has hit 9.8% and Joe Biden admitting that “we all got it wrong” when assessing the true nature of the economic mess. Problem is that we he said we all got it wrong he can only mean the Democrats because the entire Republican party voted no (except for Arlen Specter who fled to the Democrat ranks shortly thereafter and the two Maine Senators who should be labeled Democrats anyway).

The bank bailouts were intended, per Obama, to infuse those banks and thrifts with toxic waste on their balance sheets to free up credit and allow those who are nearing or in foreclosure to get relief.

What we have now realized is that those who banks took the money and continued to freeze credit and those who “reworked their mortgages” are still defaulting under the new terms (just 60 after doing so) and are again nearing foreclosure.

The auto bailout of GM and Chrystler were done because Obama, using his favorite phrase, were too big to fail. The American public overwhelming cried NO, yet Congress and the President did so anyway. Then after the big cash infusion we were treated to the “cash for clunkers” program (which was very successful).

What we have now realized is that the cash for clunkers program participants (dealers) are still awaiting reimbursement from the feds. The program was also rife with corruption as Hummers and large pickups were being sold through the program. The latest “retail consumer confidence report for August” was released that proclaimed a surge in consumer confidence (which was a direct result of the program) so the surge cannot be accurately called “confidence” as the program was temporary and has since sunset.

The period after the sunset shows that the American consumers have taken out their anger on the two giant automakers that took taxpayer money as GM reported their “same store sales over last year” (September) are down 45% (which was worse than they were reporting leading up to the proposed bankruptcy) and Chrysler “same store sales over last year” (September) are down 42%. Ford, which decided to “go it alone” and not seek taxpayer money saw their “same store sales over last year” (September) was only down 5%.

Finally, when is the MSM going to start hammering the failed economic policies that Obama has steered us into as they did during good economic times under Bush?

Graduates of Columbia Univ, Harvard, etc., plan to murder 25 million people in US

The man who wrote Barrack Obama's book and introduced him to the world of politics, from his home in Chicago as well as his professor at Occidental College planned the murders of 25 million Americans.

Fool me once, shame on you!, Fool me twice, shame on me!

While the Midas President was off to Copenhagen to touch the International Olympic Committee with his “rock star status” and his fashionista wife giving her impassioned “my father had MS” speech another one of those pesky unemployment reports came out. This is another area that Mr. Mida’s touched in early February telling the rubes that we needed to act quickly in order to pass the “not so Stimulus bill” in order to curtail the unemployment figures to a mere 7% (if passed) or we would face 8.5% if we do nothing.

The report that was just released while the Obama’s were enduring great personal sacrifices traveling abroad (per Michelle Obama) the national unemployment rate was topping 9.8%.

Getting back to the “Midas” touch Obama assured the American workers that the stimulus would in fact create or save 3.5 million jobs, yet since this proclamation we have seen an average of 500,000 jobs per month decline.

Mr. Midas has moved on to the “Health Care” crisis (after all a crisis is too good to waste) and has told us the system is broke and millions will die as a result if we do not pass this reform bill. The American public is now wary of Mr. Midas. We, the American public, like our health care just as it is thank you Mr. Midas. In fact, during the last decade up to and including today it is the only sector of our economy that is showing a continued growth in jobs and profitability so we are asking ourselves just where the “crisis” is?

Shifting his “midas” touch, Obama is now attempting to link the passage of his “healthcare bill” to creating new jobs. Say what?

According to the above article:
“If aspiring entrepreneurs believe they can stay insured while switching jobs, Obama said, they will start new businesses and hire workers.
“Obama said he has met people "who've got a good idea and the expertise and determination to build it into a thriving business. But many can't take that leap because they can't afford to lose the health insurance they have at their current job."
Small businesses create many of the nation's jobs, Obama said, and some have the potential to become big companies.”

The first "fatal flaw" to this reasoning is an academic one as more people are losing their jobs coupled with the "downsizing" of major companies -- those who have jobs are HOLDING ONTO THEM and have little or no chance of, or thinking about, switching jobs in this economy!

So let us take a look at some big companies that Mr. Midas indicates have the potential to become. The lists of companies I have listed below have reported to the “financial street” the number of stores that have closed and will close in fiscal year 2009:
Rite Aid – 117
Jo-Anne Fabrics – 30
Ritz Cameras – 300
Gottschalks (Department Stores) – 58
Snyders Drugs – 17
Chico’s – 25
New York & Co. – 50
Filene’s Basement – 11
Bruno’s – 10
Jimmy’z – 11
ZGallerie – 25
Bassett Furniture – 8-10
Sam’s Club (Canada) – 6
Gap – 100
Bealls – 12
Kira Plastinina – 12
Claires – 119
Famous Footware – 30-35
S&K Famous Brands – 30
Oneida – 20
World Market – 26
Sweetbay Supermarkets – 8
Goody’s Family Clothing – 282
Cub Foods - 50
Yankee Candle – 28
Calvin Klein, Van Heusen, Izod – 175
Iredesse (Tiffany’s) – 16
Sportsman Wearhouse – 23
Ruby Tuesday – 70
American Greetings – 60
Circuit City – Entire chain
Home Depot Expo Design Centers – 34
Macy’s – 11
Ann Taylor – 163
Starbucks – 600
Pier 1 Imports – 60
Chrysler – 1 in 4 nationwide
General Motors – 1000
Boaters World – 129
Ruehl Stores – 29
Advance America Advance Cash Centers – 60
Jones Apparel – 225
J Jill - 75
Zales – 191
Samsonite – 85
Kmart – 22
Sears – 6
PacSun – 40
Bank of America – 610
Smith & Hawken – 56
Blockbuster Video – 810-960
Payless Shoe Source – 17

The total retailer stores that are shuttering in 2009 are 6109! When you think about a single small retailer footprint (square foot) like starbucks, who averages are around 700sf per store, they employ roughly 5-6 store level employees. When you look at an “Anchor” store like Macy’s, Rite Aid, General Motors, etc., the number of store level employees can reach upward of 100.

Note: The list is only a sampling of “national or regional” retailers who have made announcements so the number of retailers who are “downsizing” is potentially much larger.

The job losses that result in a store closing do not stop at the store level. For instance, using Starbucks as the example again, they announced over 600 stores to close and at the corporate level there will be support staff (accounting, payroll, security, regional sales managers, etc) that will also lose their jobs as the company’s stores regional maps change to reflect the closings. Regional sales managers at national retailers have an average of 10-15 stores that they are directly responsible for, so when starbucks announces 600 stores closings, the net result of regional sales manager job losses are roughly 60. Then, if you lose 60 regional sales managers, then you will also lose those Regional Vice Presidents that supervise them, etc, etc.

Like the title of this article is “Fool me once, shame on you” indicates, we will not be fooled by the shifting arguments of Mr. Midas when the previous arguments failed to advance his job killing plans for us all.

Senators and Congressmen receiving their "pink slips", over 2 million sent to each in just 7 days

Individuals, more than 2 million have spent the time and money to fed-x each and every member of the Senate and Congress pink slips that tell them if they vote yes on the following, they will lose their jobs:

government health care

cap and trade

"hate crimes"

any more spending

The grassroots effort has a stated goal of 5 million, but at this point the trend will greatly surpass that. How is that for a stimulus achievement!

Tea party protests, 9/12 march on DC and now this. Obama obviously ducked out of DC to say he did not see the masses, but our other politicians that are trying to move the four items forward cannot escape their "inboxes".