Saturday, February 27, 2010

Democrats answer to Rush was Air America…..

Progressives answer to Tea Party is “Coffee Party”……

Leave it to a bunch of Progressives that could not handle the true grass root explosion against the intrusion of big government by opponents that called themselves “the tea party” (after the historical event that occurred in Boston in the 1700’s) to attempt to mimic success, badly.

The problem is that the Progressives never have good ideas to counter those who do. The title of this article is the first example and was the catalyst that started the “brewing” of discontent among the electorate to the socialist agenda. Rush Limbaugh was the first to start conservative talk radio into the stratosphere because of his honest and honed message that brought the truth to the airwaves and woke America up from its slumber. The Liberal Progressives have since had Limbaugh in their crosshairs and have tried everything to silence his appeal. They have failed and have largely resorted to just calling him fat and drug addled. The Progressives thought that all they had to do was throw a lot of money at Air America and voila, they would get their vitriol and propaganda out during “drive home” time, but they failed as usual. I mean please, Al Franken and Randy Rhodes as commentators was the first sign of trouble. In the end even money wasn’t enough to keep the whole listening audience (12) afloat.

Now, here we are again with another anti-democrat success story that the Progressives have tried to demean, destroy and disqualify into oblivion, again to no avail. So, taking another page from their first failed play book with Air America they have decided to start their own party – the coffee party!

The Progressive “coffee” movement has a motto – “Progress is patriotic, they tell the camera. Wake up. Espresso yourself. Something is brewing, America. “ – pathetic and cliché.

First problem with this is that there is no American historical significance to the idea. Leave it to the socialists to utilize a European revolutionary idea. For instance “in 1785, the coffee revolt broke out in Prussia because coffee consumption was restricted to the nobility, the clergy and high officials?”

Now this sounds like a Progressive notion of revolution against the Rich, the Church and elitist officials (well maybe not the latter).

Again, “the infamous French Revolution was born in French Cafes? It happened in 1789 when the Parisians, spurred on by Camille Desmoulin's verbal campaign, took to the streets and two days later the Bastille fell, marking the overthrow of the French Government and changing France forever.”

We can give them credit for one thing though, as a result of the “Boston tea party”, which was done to protest high taxes (which is not high on the Progressives list of causes) the American colonists switched from drinking tea to drinking coffee. To do so was considered to express “freedom”. But, honestly do we really think this is their motivation? Of course not!

The reason for this new movement is -- “The snowballing response made her the de facto coordinator of Coffee Party, USA with goals far loftier than its oopsy-daisy origin: promote civility and inclusiveness in political discourse, engage the government not as an enemy but as the collective will of the people, push leaders to enact the progressive change for which 52.9 percent of the country voted in 2008.”

Reading the manifesto above you can only surmise that this movement will not get out of the “corner” coffee bar and into the streets as a serious movement. The 52.9% that they refer to in 2008 has already joined the ranks of the tea party movement. In this case, the “Coffee Party” will go the way of Air America because it is now a sign of “freedom” to switch from drinking coffee to tea.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Arizona lawmakers blaze a new “birther” trail!

Will the Obama camp fight the law as unconstitutional?

Arizona has just passed a new piece of legislation that will require all candidates to disclose proof of citizenship for any wanna-be politician applying for candidacy within the States borders. In the February 23rd edition of the New York Times an article titled “Ariz. Lawmakers: Verify Citizenship of Candidates” was posted and described as an attempt to force Obama to prove his citizenship if he attempts to run for re-election in 2012.

There were 40 co-sponsors to the bill and all were Republicans. Two of those co-signers have resigned to run for Congress. Next move – Obama!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's the letters the Presidents receives that drives his Health care agenda!

From Atlas Shrugs, very funny indeed yet so true!

Shutting down the debate

A view from the Summit

Democrats: 223 minutes
Obama: 119 minutes
Republicans: 110 minutes

In an attempt to “control” the message the tale of the time says it all. In 452 minutes (the elapsed time of the Summit) Democrats held the microphone for 342 of those minutes.

That is a slightly more than a 3-1 margin.

The other glaring discrepancy to this Obama billed “bipartisan” meeting was that every time a Republican brought up ideas they were labeled a “talking points” while the Democrats droned on and on about their plan without that label.

During the Super Bowl, Obama announced his plan for the Summit which was explained to “convene a bipartisan summit in which Republicans and Democrats would try to forge a compromise while a national TV audience watched.

If you are to seriously consider this “Summit” as a truly bipartisan meeting then it should have convened with a clean slate and not a discussion that started with the three Democrat bills (House, Senate and the newly crafted White House version that has yet to be scored by the CBO). All three of the bills that were tossed around today were crafted by Democrats without any Republican input. In fact, the Republicans were shut out of each and every turn while the doors were locked (and locks changed) and backroom bribes were made to Louisiana, Nebraska, AMA, AARP, Unions and a whole host of special interests in order to move this monstrosity forward.

This is why the Republicans wanted to scrap this corrupted and bloated government takeover of 1/6th of our economy to have an equal say in the process. Yet for all of the touting by the Democrats and Obama at a bipartisan effort here we heard from Harry Reid and Nanci Pelosi that regardless of the outcome, we are to expect the Senate to ram this legislation through using the “reconciliation” process.

In legal terms, this is a tactic of coercion that would make any contract illegal because of the threat that looms if one side doesn’t agree. I believe it is called “fraud in the inducement”!

Per legal dictionary:

“Fraud in the inducement n. the use of deceit or trick to cause someone to act to his/her disadvantage, such as signing an agreement or deeding away real property. The heart of this type of fraud is misleading the other party as to the facts upon which he/she will base his/her decision to act. Example: "there will be tax advantages to you if you let me take title to your property," or "you don't have to read the rest of the contract--it is just routine legal language" but actually includes a balloon payment.”

Obama and the Democrats have gone into this Summit with an uphill climb as it tries to convince an angry American public that their legislation is in our best interest. How else can you explain the failure of a 60 seat majority in the Senate from just passing this bill? How else can you explain the failure of a majority in the House from just passing this bill? With the bribes and payoffs to lobby groups how can you explain the failure of this bill? Finally will someone please explain why there are many states that have enacted and some that are considering enacting “Federal Health Care Nullification” legislation if the majority of people want Obama and the Democrats legislation?

The following States have already passed this federal nullification of healthcare legislation: Arizona and Virginia

The following States have passed this federal nullification of healthcare in one or two houses within their state: Tennessee, Utah and Idaho

The following States have introduced the federal nullification of healthcare legislation:

Alaska, Washington, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, Missouri, Iowa, Alabama, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Hampshire.

The following States have turned down the legislation when put to voters:

North Dakota, Minnesota, Mississippi and Wyoming.

With the overwhelming anger that constituents have over this healthcare takeover bid by the Democrats that have translated into absolute Republican rejection at every vote during the legislative process has also led to Democrat defection from their ranks.

To move forward with the reconciliation process to force this into law would not only be stupid politics but politically suicidal. The real test will be whether or not Democrats can even muster the 51 votes needed for reconciliation given the poison pills Democrats will need to swallow to get us there.

The two things that I can say that were accomplished today:

1) Republicans found the hidden key to the negotiation room!
2) Republicans utilized their 110 minutes masterfully while the Democrats looked like, well, what they were – bullies!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An open letter to the Republicans of the House and Senate

It is true that over the past three years I have been openly critical of your behavior when it comes to the abandonment of “conservative principles” regarding spending and fiscal restraint.

It was this behavior that has been the impetus for the frustration that has led to the “tea party” movement that has risen from the ground up across the country by the people who are mad as hell that you were not listening.

I must now admit that you are listening and have acted in a manner that you are not getting the proper credit for – the “obstruction of Obama’s agenda”!

You have shown absolute solidarity in your votes against Cap and Trade as well as the ominous Health Care bills. I want to thank you for the hard work you have performed and understand that it is your efforts that have prevented these disastrous bills from becoming reality.

We the people elected you to represent us and you have shown great courage and leadership in your combined efforts in this regard. You need to know that we appreciate and support your efforts wholeheartedly – we have your backs!

I am sure that you have heard our pleas and as the “front line” soldiers in this fight against oppressive expansion against big government you will be rewarded for this effort when election time comes around.

Thank you and keep up the good fight – it is appreciated!


Your Constituency

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Liberal “elitist entitlement syndrome”!

Then DA, now Democratic Congressman (Delahunt) who let Amy Bishop walk free from the shooting death of her brother in 1987!

What is it with the elitist mentality that lend them to believe that they are intellectually superior yet when they get into trouble they can’t seem to remember anything? The answer can be found in their belief that they are “entitled” to everything and anything they desire. They honestly believe in the caste system and anyone who is not an intellectual is beneath their station in life.

The recent University of Alabama Huntsville shooting is disturbing on many levels and first is the needless slaughter of human life. These deaths were at the hands of an elitist, Harvard educated professor who had already taken a life and because of a connected politician mother did not have to face any responsibility for that action.

The second disturbing fact is the failure of the criminal justice system that allowed it to be manipulated into ceasing an investigation into the crime in 1987 and had it not done so the recent mass killing in Alabama would not have occurred. This is the same criminal justice system that liberals want to prosecute America’s war on terror with.

This is the same criminal justice system that allowed a drunk, liberal politician to get away with the negligent homicide of Mary Jo Kopechne one dark night in Massachusetts.

Another disturbing fact is the higher education system is full of “Amy Bishop’s” who glide through life on the coat tails of EEOC laws and the passes these individuals get through the hiring process in spite of their past criminal deeds. Take, for example other prominent leftist educators like William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Ward Churchill and Angela Davis. Most had direct, hands on violent histories that went unpunished and ultimately went on to educate our youngsters. We all know of the past of Bill Ayers and his involvement into the bombings of the New York City Police Headquarters, as well as the Pentagon. He is also directly tied to the bombing death of a San Francisco police officer that remains unsolved.

We know about Bill Ayers terrorist wife Bernadine Dohrn who is also a Professor at Northwestern University and works for Children services there. This lofty position is after her terror years and her on the record comments that Charles Manson murder of Sharon Tate’s unborn child was inspirational to their Weather Underground movement.

Ward Churchill we know as the “nutty professor” who compared the 9/11 victims as “little eichmans” and their chickens have come home to roost. What most American’s do not know about Churchill is his past with SDS and the Weather underground.

Finally, we have Angela Davis the outspoken “black panther” and co-revolutionary with the Weather Underground who is now a professor at the University of California Santa Clara. The ironic thing here is when Amy Bishop lied on her application for employment with the university and said “no” to the question of any criminal convictions she should have openly admitted to a violent past, she probably would have receive immediate tenure.

Finally there is the selective amnesia from the anti-2nd amendment, MSM and African American lobbies. You know the ones that came out of the woodwork literally hours after the Virginia Tech massacre. Both the Virginia tech and University of Alabama shootings were perpetrated by a lone gunman who was armed with a 9mm handgun. The only thing that separated the two was the number of victims (Virginia Tech deaths stand at 32).

We have heard from Amy Bishop’s attorney when he stated that his client is remorseful, yet cannot remember the incident and ended the press conference with the hint of an insanity defense.

To put this into perspective the history of Amy Bishop is in order here. By definition, at this point in time Mrs. Bishop can be classified as a “mass murderer”. This label will probably be changed when the perpetrator’s past is investigated as it relates to her fatal “accidental” shooting of her brother in 1987. If the designation of “accidental” is changed to “homicide” as a result of the fresh look into the case then she should be labeled a “serial killer”.

The circumstances surrounding the 1987 investigation is coming to light and everyone (with the exception of the investigating/arresting officers) involved in the case is coming under extreme scrutiny, as they should, for giving Bishop a pass.

There have been many theories why this crime was swept under a rug back in 1987 and they include the mother being an elected politician exuding influence to get her daughter off to a small town protecting one of its own.

To compound the speculation of cover-up is the fact that the “official” investigation files have gone missing with the exception of a report, dated March 30, 1987, by Bill Delahunt, the DA (signed by Asst DA, John P. Kivlan). Since 1987, then DA Delahunt has gone on to Congress and is now taking the heat for his decision which many are speculating would have spared 3 additional lives and the grief associated with the incident at the University.

Amy Bishop kills her brother (1986)

On December 6, 1986 Amy Bishop shot and killed her younger brother in the family home with a shotgun. In that incident, according to the DA Report, Bishop claimed no memory of the shooting just as she claims now with the recent killings.

The report states that Bishop said “that she was carrying the gun pointed beside her leg, and that Seth told her to point the gun up. Amy stated that Seth was walking across the kitchen between Amy and her mother and that Amy had the gun in one hand and started to raise it. Amy further stated that someone said something to her and she turned and the gun went off. She stated that she remembered her brother saying, “Oh, God,” and her mother screaming, and that Amy thought that she had ruined the kitchen but was not aware of the fact that she had struck her brother with the shotgun discharge. Amy stated that she then immediately ran out the rear door of the kitchen and thought that she had dropped the gun as she ran away. She stated that at the time the gun went off, she was by the dining room door to the kitchen. Amy also said that she does not recall putting on a jacket prior to running out of the house or leaving the house with the gun and that she cannot recall anything else until she subsequently saw her mother at the police station.”

The DA report ends after this and that no further investigation of the death was warranted.

The selected amnesia of Bishop back in 1986 was obviously contagious and spread to those who decided to write this report and whitewash/bury the crime. I say this because the amnesia that she could not recall anything until she saw her mother at the police station has to do with her actions and behavior when she fled the kitchen and the time of her arrest later that day. These actions were omitted from the report. These were her actions:

“But Chief Frazier said in his statement that the officer on duty, Ronald Solimini, remembered that Dr. Bishop had shot and killed her brother after an argument. She fired another round from the shotgun into the ceiling as she left the home, the officer said, and fled down the street with the shotgun. The officer also remembered her pointing the shotgun at a vehicle in an attempt to get the driver to stop, the chief said.

Another officer, Timothy Murphy, seized the shotgun, and Dr. Bishop was handcuffed and transported to the police station under arrest, Chief Frazier said.

He said that he spoke with the person who was the booking officer at the time, who recalled getting a call “he believes was from then-Police Chief John Polio or possibly from a captain on Chief Polio’s behalf” to stop the process. Dr. Bishop was released from police custody, and the two left the police station by a rear exit, Chief Frazier said.”

Those who do remember her behavior state -- “In the hours after the shooting death of her brother, Dr. Bishop tried to use the shotgun to steal a car from a nearby Ford dealership, said Tom Pettigrew, an employee of Dave Dinger Ford at the time. In an interview on Tuesday, Mr. Pettigrew said a woman who he soon realized was Amy Bishop approached him with a shotgun and told him to put his hands up.

“She was distraught,” Mr. Pettigrew said. “She was hyperaware of everything that was going on. She said: ‘I need a car, I just got into a fight with my husband. He’s looking for me, and he’s going to kill me.’ ”

Mr. Pettigrew, whose account was first reported in The Boston Herald, said Dr. Bishop looked at some cars, then left the dealership carrying the gun and was arrested a few blocks away.

“She didn’t look like she was comfortable holding the gun,” Mr. Pettigrew said. “My impression was that this girl didn’t really have intimate knowledge of firearms.”

John Polio, the former police chief of Braintree, said Tuesday evening that if he had known about the incident at the car dealership, he might have considered pressing assault charges against Dr. Bishop. He said he saw the newly released police reports for the first time on Tuesday.

“I wasn’t privy to any of these reports,” Mr. Polio said. “Whether one hand didn’t know what the other was doing, I don’t know.”

At this point, in spite of a self proclaimed IQ of 180, Amy Bishop has no recollection of 4 people she has killed in an up close and personal manner – point blank.

A quick review of the facts, according to her father she had a disagreement with him prior to the incident while another report says that Amy also had an argument with her brother. She was upset with her father or brother so she thought it a good idea to go get a shotgun from her parents closet, load it and then, what?

According to the reported incident, she was trying to familiarize herself because of a prior break in at the family home. What the report did not say was what type of “shotgun” she was fooling with. If it was a double barrel the would have two shells to load, but according to the officers who responded, Amy stated that the first shot went off by accident in her room, then she “accidentally”, again, discharged the gun point blank into her brother’s chest. This would account for the two barrel, if in fact it was a double barreled shotgun. But, herein lays the rub! The officers also reported that Amy fired a 3rd round into the kitchen ceiling when exiting the kitchen’s rear door. If this was a double barreled shotgun, then she would have had to reload in the kitchen or in her room before coming down stairs. This fact “blows a hole” (no pun intended) with her statements that she needed help to “unload” the rounds from the gun.

If the gun was a pump action, then when the gun accidentally discharged in her room, she would have had to pump the gun in order for another round to be chambered prior to the second “accidental” discharge into her brother and then again before discharging her gun intentionally into the kitchen ceiling upon leaving the residence. Again, this would blow a hole into her statement of not being sufficiently aware of how to “unload” the weapon.

Bishop “suspected” in attempted pipe bomb attack (1993)

The criminal justice system failed monumentally in this case as it allowed a disturbed young women to walk away from a murder charge and even more so when the ATF and US Postal Service had her in its sights again for another crime as their prime suspect.

In 1993, Harvard Professor Dr. Paul Rosenberg had just returned home from a vacation and was in the process of opening his mail when he started to open a “long thin package” until he saw some wires and a cylinder inside. He stopped and immediately called police as he and his wife fled the residence fearing for their safety.

Inside of the package, police found two “six inch pipe bombs that were connected to two nine-volt batteries”!

According to – “A law enforcement official said today that the investigation by the US Postal Service and the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms focused on Bishop, a Harvard postdoctoral fellow who was working in the human biochemistry lab at Children’s Hospital at the time, and her husband, Anderson.

Bishop surfaced as a suspect because she was allegedly concerned that she was going to receive a negative evaluation from Rosenberg on her doctorate work, the official said. The official said investigators believed she had a motive to target Rosenberg and were concerned that she had a history of violence, given that she had shot her brother to death in 1986.”

Furthermore, according to the – “a witness told investigators that Jimmy E. Anderson Jr. had said he “wanted to get back at’’ the doctor by shooting, bombing, stabbing, or strangling him, according to files released yesterday by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Nothing in the files indicated whether investigators found the unidentified witness credible. But the files confirmed that Anderson and his wife, Amy Bishop, were questioned in the attempted mail bombing. The documents also provided more details about why investigators may have focused on them - although they were never charged.

Rosenberg, a Harvard Medical School professor and physician at Children’s Hospital, told investigators that weeks before the attempted bombing, he played a role in Bishop’s resignation from her job as a postdoctoral research fellow in the hospital’s neurobiology lab because “he felt she could not meet the standards required for the work,’’ according to the documents.

Rosenberg said Bishop’s co-workers felt she had “problems with depression,’’ that he thought “she was not stable,’’ and that there had been growing concerns because she had “exhibited violent behavior.’’

Here we have two federal investigatory agencies looking into the 1986 and did not push for a fresh look into the case of her brothers shooting at the hands of their suspect.

There is an interesting notation into the pipe bomb case that details what the investigators found on Bishop’s computer when they performed a search of her residence. Again, according to -- “ During a search of Bishop’s computer, authorities found a draft of a novel that Bishop was writing about a female scientist who had killed her brother and was hoping to make amends by becoming a great scientist, according to a person who was briefed on the investigation and spoke to the Globe on the condition of anonymity.”

This is an interesting development into a possible motive in the attempted pipe bomb plot as well as the recent shooting deaths at the University of Alabama Huntsville. If Dr. Bishop is writing a book that is mirroring her “internal demons” concerning the death of her brother at her hands and she is truly attempting in her own sick, twisted way, trying to make amends for her brothers death by becoming a “great scientist” -- then the pipe bombing against the man she perceived to be attempting to slight her in her quest for scientific prominence as well as those who sat in the room with her the day of her murderous rampage would have been an impediment to this goal also. They all stood in her way to make amends for her brother’s death.

In the recent shooting case Dr. Bishop again is claiming that she does not remember shooting these people in spite that the murders were up close and personal just like she claimed in the shooting death of her brother. Furthermore, her attorney is hinting at a possible ‘insanity” defense. This will be very hard to prove given the fact that two weeks before the University shootings, Amy Bishop had visited a firing range with her husband. Then directly after the shooting, Amy Bishop threw the weapon she used into a trash can in the bathroom in an attempt to conceal the weapon. All of these actions point to premeditation and clear thinking.

There are three types of mass murderers, the family annihilators, the paramilitary enthusiasts, and the disgruntled workers. Dr. Bishop seems to fit two of these categories – the family annihilator (brother) and disgruntled worker (recent killings).

Finally, the elitist attitude of superiority can be highlighted by another elite professor who was in the news recently (also in Massachusetts) when Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested by white officers at his home in Cambridge.

According to – “He was booked for disorderly conduct after “exhibiting loud and tumultuous behavior,” according to a police report. Gates accused the investigating officer of being a racist and told him he had "no idea who he was messing with,'' the report said.”

These examples of elitist rants of superiority mirror Amy Bishops 2002 assault on a woman at an IHOP where she punched another woman in the head over a child booster seat.  In that incident, before the punch was landed she yelled at the soon to be assaulted woman "I am Dr. Amy Bishop"!

You can rely on almost any Liberal politician, academician or public figure for this type of behavior of superiority. Unfortunately, the product of this superiority is getting people killed because of past cover-up by having the ability to manipulate the criminal justice system for those who are well connected.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Obama – YOU LIE!!!!!!!!

Congressional Committee releases report that finds SEIU & ACORN criminally tied!

I posted the first SEIU/Obama video yesterday in the article titled “Dragnet”. The ACORN video was shown by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) at the conclusion of the CPAC meeting in Washington, DC. Rep. Issa was the ranking Committee member who just released the Congressional committee that found ACORN and SEIU inextricably linked and criminal.

Now look at the two video of Obama long term commitment to both, or should I say the single blended and commingled criminal organization:



The American people know he has long standing ties with these groups and have crafted and pushed the Healthcare bill to enrich SEIU specifically and bailed out Fannie and Freddie as well as other banks in the mortgage industry to enrich ACORN as well as attempt to give them the CENSUS as well as billions in US Taxpayer money.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dragnet - "The story you are about to hear is true; only the names have been changed to protect the innocent”

ACORN – “The story you are about to hear is true; only the names have been changed to protect the guilty”

Follow the Money: ACORN, SEIU and their Political Allies

OK, the US House of Representatives, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has completed its second round of ACORN/SEIU investigations and found the following:

First, ACORN and SEIU‘s illegal agreements, and the crimes committed in furtherance of these agreements, constitutes a criminal conspiracy.

Second, there is a pattern, signature or “trade secret” of corruption common to all ACORN affiliates called “Muscle for the Money.”

Third, ACORN, as a corporation, is responsible for thousands of fraudulent voter registrations throughout the United States.

Fourth, ACORN contributed to the risky lending that led to the financial collapse.

We now know that SEIU spent $61 million dollars to get Obama elected. We now know that 100,000 SEIU members worked on the Obama Campaign (including 3,000 full time). We now know that Andy Stern, President of SEIU has visited the White House since Obama was elected more than anyone else. We know that Obama worked for ACORN early in his career as a trainer and has provided legal representation to them.

When you look at this report (linked above) and see all of the various government entities at the local, State and Federal levels that have ongoing investigations and a Congressional Committee finding SEIU and ACORN criminal enterprises that continues to receive Government money, taxpayer money, you need to only ask why is it that Andy Stern, Anna Berger, Wade Rathke and a whole host of other management officials in this ONE organization arrested and facing serious prison time?

Why is that this organization (I say ONE and organization in the singular term because the SEIU and ACORN are commingled so tightly they are ONE) is still operating? We can take a little solace in the fact that they have been weakened, at least ACORN, prior to the 2010 elections which should level the field a little more fairly without unchecked shenanigans at the ballot boxes.

09 Lima - Military Murder Unit

If we can’t protect our service members, how can they protect us?

First, let me premise the following with the demand that John Brennan be fired immediately for his utter and dangerous incompetence. Secondly, the following also shows that the last war of words between VP Biden and ex-VP Cheney only proves Cheney right on all accounts and Biden as an inept idiot of grand proportions.

As the US Government was holding their “behind closed doors” investigation into the “Fort Hood” terror plot spearheaded by John Brennan another terror act on a US base was unfolding!

According to news sources, 5 Muslim service members were arrested sometime in December in a plot to poison the military food system on the base in South Carolina.

According to CBN – “CBN News has learned exclusively that five Muslim soldiers at Fort Jackson in South Carolina were questioned just before Christmas. It is unclear whether the men are still in custody. The five were part of the Arabic Translation program at the base.

Patrick Jones, the Deputy Public Affairs Officer for Fort Jackson, confirmed for CBN News Thursday afternoon that an investigation was ongoing.

Prior to this posting, CBN News learned that these details were also confirmed by a government official with knowledge of the investigation.

The men are suspected of trying to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson.

A source with intimate knowledge of the investigation, which is ongoing, told CBN News investigators suspect the "Fort Jackson Five" may have been in contact with the group of five Washington, D.C., area Muslims that traveled to Pakistan to wage jihad against U.S. troops in December. That group was arrested by Pakistani authorities, also just before Christmas.

Coming as it does on the heels of November's Fort Hood jihadist massacre, this news could have major implications.

If this is true, then a little over 2 weeks after this most recent development the Fort Hood report was released and it failed to mention this attempt and even went as far as “white wash” the Ft. Hood attack itself!

Most news report about the report itself was scathing, as is the article by the NY Post that described it as such – “There are two basic problems with the grotesque non-report on the Islamist- terror massacre at Fort Hood (released by the Defense Department yesterday):

* It's not about what happened at Fort Hood.

* It avoids entirely the issue of why it happened.

Rarely in the course of human events has a report issued by any government agency been so cowardly and delusional. It's so inept; it doesn't even rise to cover-up level.

"Protecting the Force: Lessons from Fort Hood" never mentions Islamist terror. Its 86 mind-numbing pages treat "the alleged perpetrator," Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, as just another workplace shooter (guess they're still looking for the pickup truck with the gun rack).”

The article concludes with this observation – “In the end, the report contents itself with pretending that the accountability problem was isolated within the military medical community at Walter Reed. It wasn't, and it isn't. Murderous political correctness is pervasive in our military. The medical staff at Walter Reed is just where the results began to manifest themselves in Hasan's case.

Once again, the higher-ups blame the worker bees who were victims of the policy the higher-ups inflicted on them. This report's spinelessness is itself an indictment of our military's failed moral and ethical leadership.

The PC culture in the Pentagon and the upper echelons of the Intelligence agencies can be traced back to the firing of Stephen Coughlin in January 2008 from his position on the military “Joint Staff” as the Pentagon specialist on Islamic law and Islamist extremism.

In the article by Canada Free Press about the firing (titled – Fired for the Truth) it spotlights the exact problem that officials face when speaking frankly about anything “jihad” oriented.

Coughlin was fired for this:

“Stephen Coughlin understands and enunciates what was stated openly to then Ambassadors John Adams and Thomas Jefferson—and what they apparently understood—by the Tripolitan Ambassador Adja.

During his September. 2007 presentation which I witnessed at The US Naval War College, Coughlin updated this timeless Islamic formulation into its modern context:

If the Enemy in the War on Terror (WOT) states that he fights jihad in furtherance of Islamic causes that includes the imposition of Shari’a law and the re-establishment of the Caliphate; And Islamic law on jihad exists and is available in English; Then Professionals with WOT (War on Terror) responsibilities have an affirmative, personal, professional duty to know the enemy that includes ALL the knowable facts associated with the law of jihad.

And Coughlin, a well-trained lawyer, further argued that such understanding by our military leaders is obligatory if they are to uphold their essential commission:

This is the Professional Standard.

Stephen Coughlin has been fired for reminding his peers of this basic obligation.”

What a radical concept, in order to fight a war you should know and understand the motivation of your enemy. How dare he tread onto this hallowed ground!

This is exactly why the Ft. Hood report was a whitewash and why those who are charged with the well being of our soldiers as well as the American public at large will consistently fail to protect us, from ourselves.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

They promised immediate results on Jobs!

Now they say they this!

The $787 billion economic stimulus plan turned out to be $860 billion. This proposed stimulus was suppose to create 3.5 million new jobs and keep unemployment below 8%. Then why has the President come out and say that the stimulus has saved America from a depression? The stimulus was about jobs, not the saving the economy! The bailout bills were about pulling out economy back from the brink.

The 2009 Economic and Recovery Bill:
“The measures are nominally worth $787 billion. The Act includes federal tax cuts, expansion of unemployment benefits and other social welfare provisions, and domestic spending in education, health care, and infrastructure, including the energy sector. The Act also includes numerous non-economic recovery related items that were either part of longer-term plans (e.g. a study of the effectiveness of medical treatments) or desired by Congress (e.g. a limitation on executive compensation in federally aided banks added by Senator Dodd and Rep. Frank).”

Here is what Obama said Wednesday:

“WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama hailed Wednesday's one-year-old economic stimulus law as a solid accomplishment that staved off another severe economic depression and kept up to 2 million Americans on the job. – AP

If this is true, which it is not, then why are the democrats being told by their leadership to refer to the latest stimulus proposal as a “jobs bill” instead? It is because the first “stimulus” was a failure and not a “solid accomplishment” as the President is lying to us about. In fact, the word “stimulus” is so tainted by the failure that it is considered a “dirty word” in their nomenclature.

This Administration is up to its neck in the outright lies and distortions that it peddles on a daily basis to look like they are actually accomplishing anything but the utter destruction of our economy and with that so goes our national security.

According to the Washington Examiner – “In a telephone town hall meeting last week, Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif., told constituents the leadership instructed members "not to call it another stimulus bill," but rather "a jobs bill."

Sherman went on to tell listeners the bill is different in name only.

"It's pretty much similar, but smaller," than the stimulus, Sherman said, adding that it would include money for construction projects that would for the most part not be taken up until 2013 at the earliest.

There you have it, more lavish spending that benefits cronies and Unions and does nothing for the creation of jobs. By the way, I distinctly remember Obama and most in the Democrat side say clearly that “jobs creation” is their highest priority yet we only see more spending and extensive and exhaustive work on a “Health care” bill that just won’t die.

SEX, Drugs & Rock n. Roll and SEX

Now that I have the Liberals attention

Who is Herbert E. Meyer? Most Americans never heard of him but one thing that he does and does very well is analyze information. He has the knack of seeing the “big picture” through the minutia of detail that would normally bog a normal human down. So, all of you Liberals out there who are flailing about, sinking in the mire of quick sand that you have created and really don’t have any explanation of how America simply will not die – read this.

WARNING, you are about to read the truth that will anger, agitate, stress you and depress you. This is not a “life line” for you to grasp as you commonly see the truth as an anchor plunging to the depths of the sea.

First – The biography of the author to establish credibility

Herbert E. Meyer served during the Reagan administration as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Council.

He is the author of How to Analyze Information and The Cure for Poverty.

Note: Liberals, though you will not understand his first book, the second one has a catchy title that will cause you some momentary comfort until you quickly realize there are no pictures.

I will, for expediency and convenience, re-post his article that just appeared on the “American Thinker” website.

It is titled “The Re-Establishing of America”

“America is on the verge of something unprecedented in history: the peaceful, constitutional replacement of our country's entire political establishment. This is what lies behind the decisions of so many elected officials, at every level, to step aside rather than fight for reelection. And it explains how the Tea Party movement can exert so much political leverage without nominating its own candidates or even without formally choosing its own leaders.

Most of the time, we Americans don't pay much attention to politics. We focus all of our energy on our jobs, our families, and our faith. We work hard, play by the rules, and wish only to be left alone. We love our country, consider ourselves blessed to be living here, and ask little from the men and women we elect except to keep from screwing things up.

But in just the last decade, Americans were shocked by two catastrophes we hadn't imagined our political establishment would allow to happen. The first was 9-11, when nineteen terrorists successfully attacked our homeland, and by doing so revealed that for years, al-Qaeda and its allies had been waging holy war against us. The second was the 2008 financial crash, which revealed that our economy is a house of cards built on a pile of debt so high we cannot possibly repay it.

Republicans blame Democrats, and Democrats blame Republicans. To ordinary, non-political Americans -- who grasp intuitively, and correctly, that both parties share responsibility for these two catastrophes -- these politicians seem like children who've turned a party into a food fight. And what do parents do when a children's party gets out of control? They turn off the music, turn out the lights, and send everyone home, including those few who weren't behaving badly and just got caught up in the melee.

Americans don't like getting tangled in the details of politics. We prefer to stand back and see the big picture. (This, by the way, helps explain the extraordinary appeal of Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin. That's what they do, too.) What the big picture is showing now is that our entire political establishment has failed. These were the men and women, both Republicans and Democrats, we relied upon to focus on the details, and by doing so, to keep us safe from terrorists and to keep the world's most powerful economy from imploding. And they blew it. So we'll replace them with a wholly new establishment -- some of whom will be Republicans, others Democrats, and a few Independents here and there -- and hope our next political establishment will get it right.

In the looming political battles, persona will matter more than policy. As we move toward the 2010 elections, of course we'll ask candidates to outline their plans for how to improve our health care system, what to do about illegal immigration, how to bring down the unemployment rate, how to fight the war, and all the rest. But what will determine who gets elected this year won't be a set of specific policies, but something simpler, and in a way much deeper: a recognition among grassroots voters across the political spectrum that character is more important than personality, that education isn't the same thing as judgment, and that expertise without common sense is dangerous.

Stand back from politics and you'll see the same re-establishment trend unfolding in other public arenas. Americans have decided that the mainstream media has failed, and so we are replacing The New York Times, the television network news departments, and all the rest with an entirely new media, including FOX News and websites like American Thinker and Americans have decided that our country's education establishment has failed -- our kids are barely learning to read and write, let alone taught our country's history -- so we're seeing the rise of private schools, charter schools, and home-schooling. Would anyone like to bet that within just a few years, we'll have a wholly new financial establishment on Wall Street to replace the greedy idiots who run it now?

The re-establishment of America won't be easy, and we'll make mistakes along the way. Some of the new people will prove just as worthless as they ones they replaced. And some very good people who now hold key positions in politics, the media, education, and finance will be swept away by the avalanche. That's too bad, but collateral damage is unavoidable.

No other country in history has ever attempted to replace its establishments so smoothly and so peacefully -- and so cheerfully -- as we are doing right now. And it isn't likely that any other country ever will attempt something like this. How exhilarating to realize that 234 years after our revolution, the United States is still the most dynamic, forward-looking, optimistic place on Earth. Boy, what an exciting time to be an American.

The Bhagwan Shree Obama

Max Gutierrez Photograph

A comparison of a collective Utopian dream (er, nightmare)

An iconic leader with a fleet of 80 Rolls Royce’s and a fleet a personal jets who presides over a throng of followers who are laboring 12 hours a day in the fields of his collective farms, many of whom were homeless that were bussed in.

When he traveled around his “ashram” his adoring followers threw rose petals in his path while his guards with automatic weapons looked on suspiciously for any who might be trouble.

Neighboring town governments viewed the “ashram” with suspicion and fought to keep the commune from spreading to their communities until the iconic leader purchased just enough land in those communities to unseat the local politicians in a “coup-like” manner.

When this take over did not set well with those who still opposed this commune the next step was the first act of domestic terrorism of a biological nature -- Their food was poisoned.

The Oregon History Project explains it like this:

“The Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was the spiritual leader of the Rajneeshee religious sect headquartered at Rancho Rajneesh in the Central Oregon desert from 1981 to 1985. He attracted hundreds of thousands of red-clad followers from around the world, known as sannyasins. These followers, mostly educated and affluent, followed Rajneesh’s teachings which he argued did not reject but rather built on, other religions. Described by reporter David Sarasohn as a “combination of Eastern mysticism…and the Western human potential movement,” the Rajneesh believed that meditation and sexual exploration were essential to spiritual enlightenment.

Born Rajneesh Chandra Mohan in 1931, Rajneesh grew up in Kuchwada in central India. In 1955 he earned a masters degree in philosophy and taught at two universities until 1966. In 1974 he founded an ashram (commune) in Poona (Pune), India where his success as a spiritual leader began. On July 10, 1981, his assistant Ma Anand Sheela, the president of the Rajneesh Foundation International, purchased the 64,000 acre Big Muddy Ranch straddling Wasco and Jefferson Counties in Central Oregon. The Bhagwan renamed it Rancho Rajneesh and moved there in August 1981.

The Rajneeshee developed the city of Rajneeshpuram, whose population was estimated between 2,000 and 3,000 in 1983 and 1984. They also planned a communal farm on the property. As the population of sannyasins increased, so did local resistance. Reports surfaced that Rajneesh was exercising mind control techniques on his followers. To the suspicion of the residents of the nearby town of Antelope, he owned fleets of Rolls Royce cars and private jets, while sannyasins on the commune labored 12 hours each day without monetary compensation. A lengthy struggle between the Rajneesh and their neighbors erupted, attracting the attention of the international press. On September 13, 1985 Sheela, his assistant, fled the commune for Europe amid criminal charges.

Despite Rajneesh’s attempts to distance himself from Sheela, the commune collapsed, and on October 28, 1985, he too fled. Arrested when his jet refueled in Charlotte, North Carolina, Rajneesh was tried in Portland on charges of immigration fraud. Immediately after his trial on November 14, Rajneesh left for India and changed his name to Osho. He spent the rest of his life in several countries including Greece and Uruguay. He died on January 19, 1990 in Poona, India where his followers still operate an ashram.”

Bagwan Shree Obama – according to the Daily Kos

“A Catalyst for a 21st Century Progressive Class Alliance

Barrack Obama has shown great instinct and intelligence for a Democratic politician.(5) He has become larger than life in US politics, mesmerizing people with his oratory skills and carefully crafted message of hope, empowerment and change. He has gathered around him a new breed of political professionals - a campaign team that mastered the evolving rules of the political game and outplayed the seemingly unbeatable Clinton juggernaut.

It is no accident that college students, Afro-Americans and IT industry workers find themselves in the same campaign. Nor is it an accident that they are joined by antiwar activists, growing unions that focus on organizing, and recently naturalized immigrants. To paraphrase Obama's insightful mobilizing themes, the alliance consolidating around his campaign represents the future. It is powered by those who believe "Yes, we can!"

Ma Anand Emanuel (Rahmbo)

Ma Anand Sheela was the personal assistant to Rajneeshee sect leader Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and the highly visible president of the Rajneesh Foundation International when it was based in Oregon from 1981 to 1985. The only person who regularly conversed with the Bhagwan, Sheela directed the commune, operating as its spokesperson to the outside world. Born Ambalal Patel Sheela in Baroda, India in 1950, she was introduced to the Bhagwan by her parents just before she left for the United States to attend university. In 1972 she returned to India and began her career with Rajneesh, later moving back to the United States and marrying an American.

On July 10, 1981, Sheela purchased the 64,000 acre Big Muddy Ranch in Central Oregon near the village of Antelope. The Rajneeshees renamed their land Rancho Rajneesh and prepared it for the arrival of Rajneesh’s followers, known as sannyasins. As Rajneeshee influence grew, so did conflicts with their neighbors. In April 1982, Sheela instructed about 60 Rajneeshees to move to Antelope so the cult could gain control of its city council in the November 1982 election. Similarly, in the spring of 1984 Sheela began a Share-A-Home program recruiting homeless people from around the country who were eligible voters in an attempt to win two seats on the Wasco County Commission. That September she instigated a salmonella outbreak in The Dalles by infecting the salad bars in 10 of the city’s restaurants, poisoning 751 people. Furthermore, the sect began stockpiling weapons and protecting the commune with armed guards.

All of these activities attracted the attention of the media and authorities. On September 13, 1985, Sheela fled the commune for Europe, and on September 15, the Bhagwan himself accused her of arson, wiretapping, attempted murder, and mass poisonings. Once authorities discovered wiretapping networks and bio-terror research facilities in Sheela’s house, she was arrested in West Germany on October 28, 1985, extradited to Oregon and sentenced to ten years in a federal prison in Pleasanton, California. She was released on December 13, 1988, after just two and a half years and immediately left for Switzerland, where according to the Oregonian, she runs two private nursing homes near Basel under the name Sheela Birnstiel. – Oregon History Project

Rahm has utilized his forces in the SEIU and ACORN to do exactly what Sheela did for the Bagwan in Oregon in 1982 to gain control of the November 1982 election. Dead voters, duplicate voters and voter fraud are a handy tool in his quiver for controlling election outcomes.

Though I draw comparisons between this cult movement of the early 1980’s with the current administrations goals of utopian collective societies I also draw the comparison of their downfall in power. Just as the Bagwan’s rule and fall took place in the span of 4 years, so too will Obama’s

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One million cars per day times 365 days per year!

Billboard on I-75 in Florida at a cost of $65,000 per year -- worth the price and the resulting cost to Democrats!

Quote of the Day

To anger a Conservative -- lie to him!
To anger a Liberal -- tell him the truth!

PaleoCon Command Center blog  -- SPOTLIGHT

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

This is what Hollywood thinks about our Flag!

Though Penn & Teller are protected under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, there is nothing funny about this skit. In fact, it shows the contempt of the Liberal Elites in Hollywood for the USA!

According to the MSM, Bayh moderate!

The “hollowing out of the middle”!

Ever since Evan Bayh announced his decision to retire the MSM has labeled him as “another moderate politician” that will leave in his wake, an even more partisan electorate. They use this moniker of “moderate” as if he is a politician who has maintained his political life in the middle of the road and as such is ending up road kill.

The dynamic that actually drives these politicians to the door is simple – they do not act or vote as the public wishes them to. The tea party movement has created an open door policy for those who wish “flight over fight” for their seats and a boot for those who think they can survive an election.

In the process of researching Bayh’s voting record to substantiate the MSM’s claim of his moderate nature I can pinpoint this dynamic on the first vote I came across. The vote was to enact cloture on the nomination of Craig Becker for the National Labor Relations Board. This is another of the SEIU nominations of Obama.

“The controversy surrounding the nomination is due principally to Becker’s background, which many believe displays an anti-free-market and pro-union bent. Becker is a labor lawyer who has served as associate general counsel to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the AFL-CIO. For the past 27 years, Becker has taught and practiced labor law and written articles expressing extremely pro-union, anti-business views.”

The Obama nomination is another attempt to push the “Card Check” without the need to involve the Senate or House votes. This is evident by the following article that was written by Stuart Acuff (Utility Workers Union of America, Chief of Staff and Assistant to the President) in the Huffington Post (see exerpt for Obama’s plan to circumvent the Legislative Branch by Executive fiat):

“Most importantly, we are very close to getting the support necessary to pass the Employee Free Choice Act which would simplify and streamline organizing, effectively punish employers who violate workers rights with $20,000 civil fines and triple damage back pay for firing workers, and force the Financial Elite to bargain in good faith with unions by allowing unions to seek arbitration for recalcitrant employers.

The legislation has the support of President Obama and the US House of Representatives which passed it 241-185 in March of 2007. The Employee Free Choice Act has the support of a majority of the US Senate. But under the current rules in the Senate you need not a majority -- 50 votes-- but a super-majority of 60 votes to move legislation to where a vote to pass it can even take place.

We are very close to the 60 votes we need. It we aren't able to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, we will work with President Obama and Vice President Biden and their appointees to the National Labor Relations Board to change the rules governing forming a union through administrative action to once again allow workers in America access to one of the most basic freedoms in a democracy--the freedom of speech and assembly and association so that workers can build the collective power to challenge the Financial Elite and Get America Back to Work.”

In all his glorious moderate form, Bayh voted yes on the Cloture (which failed to pass by a vote of 51 Democrat Yeahs + 1 Independent Yeah to 31 Republican Nay’s and 2 Democrat Nays).

I was curious, who were the two Democrats that voted along with the Republicans to kill the Cloture? Answer – Blanche Lincoln (D-AK) and Ben Nelson (D-NE). Guess who did not vote -- Mary Landreau (D-LA)?

“The lament of partisan gridlock is a well-worn element of lawmakers' farewell speeches. Former Republican Senate leader Bill Frist of Tennessee, a physician, lectured his colleagues about it on the way out the door in 2006. Former Republican Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi appeared with former Democratic President Bill Clinton and former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich earlier this year to urge the parties to get along.

But tellingly, no Republicans were present in the Senate when Democrat Paul Kirk, turning over the seat held by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy to Republican Scott Brown earlier this month, spoke about the lack of comity in the chamber.” - AP

The notation above about Bill Frist as a moderate in a way is true. He was more liberal than the voting public wanted from an elected leader. Take, for instance, the following comment on Frist by WND:

“Frist's overall voting record in the Senate puts him squarely in the squishy center of the Republican Party and well below the conservative average for his fellow members of the Senate Republican Caucus. According to at least one noted conservative ranking, Frist scored somewhere between the 28th and the 30th most conservative of the 49 member Senate Republican Caucus in terms of his voting record during the 107th Congress. Trent Lott was rated the 15th most conservative member of the Caucus by the same ranking. Senate Republican Conference Chair Rick Santorum, R-Pa., the other declared challenger for Lott's Senate majority leader position, scored even better than Lott as the 10th-ranked conservative in the Senate. Don Nickles was rated as the Senate's fifth most conservative member.

Frist was awarded a "D" by Gun Owners of America for his voting record of opposing the Second Amendment rights of U.S. citizens. He was also awarded a "D" lifetime rating by Americans for Better Immigration for his voting record of supporting unrestricted open-borders immigration and amnesties for millions of illegal immigrant law-breakers. As objectionable as Frist's voting record is on the Second Amendment and border-security issues, his record on abortion is even more troubling to social conservatives.”

Sound familiar (speaking of the tea party platform), Frist was anti-2nd amendment, pro-open border amnesty hawk and a strident pro choice Republican.

The fact of his departure can be laid at the feet of his Amnesty aspirations (which mirrored GW Bush & John McCain). This was one of the original grass root uprisings against big government intentions over the wishes of the little people. It was this uprising that killed the legislation for amnesty.

Then you have Trent Lott who the MSM tells us is moderate and again he is moderate in their eyes because he talks and acts like a Democrat. Take the Immigration issue back in 2007 when the Republicans were working in a bi-partisan fashion to give illegal aliens amnesty against the American public wishes. Here is what he said about that defeat:

“Comments by Republican senators on Thursday suggested that they were feeling the heat from conservative critics of the bill, who object to provisions offering legal status. The Republican whip, Trent Lott of Mississippi, who supports the bill, said: “Talk Radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.”

Finally, the telling pabulum that the AP article is feeding us has to do with the following quote to their article – “Former Republican Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi appeared with former Democratic President Bill Clinton and former GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich earlier this year to urge the parties to get along.”

Lott, Clinton & Gingrich get together, hold a press conference to plea for the following:

“So why were the three old foes together for an hour of handshakes and happy reminiscences? " I thought it might be a good time for us to show that a president, a speaker, the leaders, can find a way to come together," Lott explained. "If three good ol' boys from the South like the ones you've heard today can find a way to get it done," he said, "I know the outstanding leaders that we have in the Congress . . . can get it done."

The AP story wants us to believe that even the “good ol’ boys from the south” can get it done so can Congress and the Senate pass Obama’s policies. What a joke. In the end all you have to do is look at the most recent vote that Bayh cast to see how extreme left he is but more importantly how out of step he is with the voting public.

Bayh last voted on the following legislation to raise the public debt:

H.J. Res. 45: Increases the statutory limit on the public debt from $12.104 trillion to $13.029 trillion. Bayh voted YEA!

The battle between Democrats and Republicans have reached such a point that both parties (which look, feel and act exactly the same) want the public that represents tea party principles to think that the middle ground is being eradicated in order to get them to think left and abandon the right priciples in which they believe.  It is true that there isn't a moderate anymore, it is left v. right but the issue here is socialist v. conservative values and not party line platforms and platitudes.  The MSM will not trick us anymore with their pabulum!

Monday, February 15, 2010

CSI – Motorcade

What’s with the VP and his motorcade accidents?

So far, in a four month span the VP motorcade has been involved in 4 accidents including one that resulted in a fatality.

I realize that the very inertia of everything in Washington DC is traveling at subsonic speed with the Administrations attempts to rush legislation through on his agenda, but come on now, it is killing Americans – literally!

I am beginning to think that the reason why this Administrations war on Insurance Companies is because with Joe Biden alone, their premiums must be pretty high by now. I am also beginning to think that Biden has hired the former bodyguard and driver of Princess Di.

This is the era of bi-partisan cooperation!

Contrary to Democrat claims, both parties are in-synch!

The Obama Healthcare bill has been, since the start, a singular Democrat party effort. The backroom negotiations, the locked conference rooms, even the deal cutting in the halls of the White House has all taken place without any input from the Republican Party but not without trying to.

Throughout this non-transparent process of ramming speed bill writing without benefit of being able to read what has been hammered out has largely backfired as the tea party movement has had this whole shebang in their sights.

The Republicans, from the get-go have stood in opposition to most of the legislation that this Administration hails as their centerpieces. Cap and Trade, Health Care Overhaul, Union Card Check and others have been rejected on the right side of the isle.

Today, we learn that longtime Senator Evan Bayh is not seeking re-election and in his departure speech has taken the liberty to take a parting shot at the non bi-partisan efforts of the Republican Party. It is equally important to note that the announcement today is one of a string of Democrats that have made the same announcement to retire.

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), Marion Berry (D-AK) as well as Byron Dorgan (D-ND) have made their retirement announcements.

According to Big Government – “Then there’s Michigan Democratic Lt. Governor John Cherry’s decision to end his floundering bid for governor. Colorado Governor Bill Ritter is also retiring. Not to mention the stunning late December party switch by freshman Alabama Representative Parker Griffith — just to mention a few.”

We cannot forget the Democrat loss in New Jersey when Chris Christie beat John Corzine and immediately began to anger Democrats when he declared a “fiscal emergency” and began to make drastic cuts.

Then, there is Virginia where another Republican (McDonnell) beat the incumbent Governor and last but not least was Republican Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts. In every instance, the victories were decided by the people who reject Obama and his agenda. This is the same agenda that the Republicans have battled (because they have listened to the people) Obama since inauguration. The only problem with the Democrats claiming the Republicans as the “party of no” is that there are quite a few Democrats that have sided with the Republicans against this agenda.

In my book, that is bi-partisanship at its finest and for the right reasons. The only ones who don’t get the bi-partisan idea are the ones who are bailing from the fight they would be facing in the 2010 elections instead of standing up for their own principles, whatever they may be.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Look at the deal George Soros received from the FDIC!

George Soros owns One West Bank.  One West Bank just bought IndyMac Bank.  Look at what the FDIC did to cover their losses!  Remember the article from Bloomberg that said the FDIC would be insolvent by years end and would rely on Congress to allow the Treasury Dept to fund their losses.

Now, keeping this in mind, follow this link that explains the cushy deal Soros received from his Goldman Sachs buddies here.

If you aren't hopping mad after viewing the link, then you must be an Obama follower!

Obama's Historic Moment - he finally tells the truth!

This may be past news, but everyone should commit this to memory as it is important to show the lies and secrecy.  The MSM or somebody please tell us NOW THAT YOU HAVE COME CLEAN --- WHO SNUCK THIS CRAP IN UNDER YOUR WATCH BARRY?

America’s Paradigm shift!

Democracy’s Petri dish!

Everyday Americans are awake and the ground is rumbling across the land. For a very long time now there has been a movement to erode America and transform it into something that was never intended.

Glen Beck has adroitly described this movement that call’s itself the “Modern Progressives”. Beck has correctly shown that it began with the Wilson Presidency and is now ending with the Obama Administration. I say ending because the tea party movement seeks to first stop its forward inertia (which they have done) and then to ultimately destroy it once and for all.

I find it ironic that the one promise that Obama has pledged (to “fundamentally change America”) is the only promise, to date, that he has accomplished. Albeit, not the one that he had envisioned. Instead, the change that has occurred is the rise of the “people’s voice” over the entrenched elected elites who have turned the Federal Government into an oppressive, corrupt and moral-less abyss that has every intent on the enslavement of the populace that they are suppose to serve.

It is equally ironic to imagine what would have happened if John McCain actually won the election over Obama. The big question is – “would the tea party movement been born”?

The tea party movement (us) has largely been ignored until our collective voices resonated above the din of the “echo chambers”. When our voices soared above this chamber it was then castigated as a dangerous, ideological movement akin to the KKK, Nazi’s, Mafia and Right Wing militia’s that the Timothy McVey’s emanated from.

Since the “echo chamber” has failed to marginalize us by first ignoring, then labeling us they have now resorted to fear tactics. They are now saying the tea party is the most powerful “third party” and will ensure that those who vote for them will erode the Republican pool and hand Democrats power for the next decade. Again, the “echo chamber” is dishonest and again it will fail to suppress the growing and collective voice of the American Public.

This voice, this bottom-up grass root voice is yelling to those who have an “R”, “D” or an “I” behind their given names – enough!

What we want is fiscal responsible behavior, constitutional adherence, bi-partisan cooperation, business growth, sustainable job markets and prosperity, less taxation, an open transparent political process and at no time bestow constitution rights to terrorists.

Since the internet revolution American’s now have the access to information that has countered what the MSM have been pushing. As a result the MSM has been exposed for their distortions of fact. To counter this loss of credibility the left has created fact check organizations that are funded by the George Soros and the William Ayers (former Weather Underground unrepentant terrorist) Annenberg Foundation. This dishonesty too has been exposed.

To counter this erosion our elitist leaders are desperate to control the message and are now threatening the “re-instatement” of the Fairness Doctrine. This over attempt to stifle free speech has only resulted in our concern of the agenda, thus, the louder our voices reach.

The paradigm shift will result in “taking America back” because the tea party movement is a true bi-partisan phenomena. The ranks are filled with Americans from all political affiliations and races. The upcoming elections will not just benefit the Republicans as the “echo chambers” proclaim. Those who are elected in 2010 will see victories by all political affiliations. For instance, if a Democrat wins a certain seat it will be because they ran on a platform that is most desirous of the tea party movement. The same goes for any Republican victors. This is why the “echo chamber” is so eager to paint the movement as a “third party spoiler”.

During the Bush Administration Democrats proudly exclaimed that “dissent” is the highest form of patriotism when they sought to end the wars, give terrorists “habeas corpus” rights, repeal tax cuts and put an end to enhanced interrogations. Now the “echo chambers” are calling the dissenting voices of the tea party movement dangerous as well as un-patriotic. The ruling elites on both sides of the spectrum are increasingly agitated and fearful of the coming shift back to us, the people. Once the people put in place those who share our concerns in the halls of government we will see a highly functional, bi-partisan governmental body that listens and governs in the way America’s Founding Fathers envisioned.

The world will be able to look upon America as the “Shining City on the Hill” and our US Constitution will once again guides our hearts, minds and hands.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Tea Party of today are modern day Abolitionists!

Who we are today is who we were!

Everything that our forefathers have done, they have done for us.

Those who serve the nation as our current elected leaders have grappled with recent events that have led to the tangible erosion of their “perceived power” which in turn has led to their grand design of “fundamentally changing America”.

Those three words are at the heart of the matter – “fundamentally changing America”!

We have heard those words repeatedly from Barrack Obama and since his inauguration he has set out to do just that, by any means, at breakneck speed. Obama has, in his own words and deeds have shown America what he intends to do in spite of the unprecedented level of secrecy. In fact, in spite of this man’s illusive past, we have seen glimpses of who he his by spotlighting his past (that has been documented in the public realm) and his present associations with radical people who have documented histories of un-American behavior and their open desires to overthrow the current and historical philosophy which our founding fathers have created to usher in a utopian socialist dictatorship upon us.

The American people have begun to forcefully push back against this reality by going back to their ancestors to seek the answers and guidance. The modern day Tea Party is the resulting manifestation of this search. The Tea Party have been labeled by the MSM and those seeking to “fundamentally change America” as “Right Wing Extremists”, Thugs, Nazi’s and unpatriotic. The fact of the matter is they are not attending the mass rallies and town halls and now their first convention as members of the Republican Party, but as citizens that hail from all political parties collectively under the banner of “Americans”.

I sat down to write this article after I finished watching the movie “Amistad”. It is being shown because February is “Black History Month”. The movie documents the arrest of 44 Africans by the US Government in the early 1800’s and the subsequent adjudication of that case which wound it’s way, over a period of 18 months, to the US Supreme Court.

In a way, metaphorically speaking, the Tea Party movement is a lot like the plight of those Africans. I wish to say that this author is not in any form diminishing the plight of those individuals (slaves) and the manner in which they were forced into slavery by this comparison. I only wish to draw some comparison to the Constitutional remedies that led to their freedom. The one common theme that emanates from the Tea Party movement is the fervent desire of Americans to cherish and follow the US Constitution as the guiding document to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches which the “fundamental change” that Obama and our elected leaders are ignoring and usurping.

This movie (Amistad) was remarkable in its portrait of the US Constitution and its impact it had in the resolution of the famous case that John Quincy Adams (Son of one of the Founding Fathers John Adams). To put it in a context that will make the most impact is to illustrate what the Africans were facing. The abolisionist movement was in its infancy. When the Africans were incarcerated they were viewed as “property”. The initial court case had many parties that interjected themselves into the hearings as rightful owners through “slave purchase contracts”, salvage on the high seas owners and the country of Spain through its treaty with the United States at the time. At no time was any consideration given to the individuals (Africans) as a standing party.

The US Government through the Executive Branch (President) entered as the sole litigant due to the treaty with Spain. The political climate at the time was tenuous as the politicians from the “slave owning” South were threatening Civil War over the issue of slaves. The abuse of the Executive Branch exertion of its power over the Legislative Branch is a concern today as it was during the Amastad proceedings. It was learned later, that the Executive Branch was still considering sending the Africans to Cuba after the victory, in secrecy.

The pressure of Civil War alone was interjected into the legal proceedings politically. Finally, after two lower courts ruled in favor of the Africans, the Executive Branch appealed the decision to the Supreme Court of the United States. The Supreme Court of the time had 9 members, 7 of which were “slave owners” themselves and only 5 actually heard and ruled on the case in favor of the Africans.

Chief Justice Robert Brook Taney wrote in the famous 1857 Dred Scott case the following (keeping in mind that this was written 17 years after the Amistad victory) and four year before the start of the US Civil War (1861-1865):

A slave, Taney ruled, was property, nothing more, and could never be a citizen.

You have to marvel at the oral arguments presented by Adams that had a highly predudicial court rule against their own interests. It was because of the courts application (guidance) of the Constitution to the case at hand.

This is exactly what the modern tea party movement wants. The separation of powers between the three branches of government and the government itself limit itself to what the Constitution dictates. It is no wonder why States are starting to exert their 10th Amendment rights today. The American public sees that the expansion of the Federal Government into the private sector, the courts, the states and individuals privacy is of great concern. The tea party movement demand that we stand on our fore fathers shoulders for the sake of our country. We know that to relegate our ancestors to the dust bin of history is to erase who we are today.

This is the other area that the movie Amastad portraited -- the wisdom of holding our ancestors up today. In the movie, the title character Cinque (The African that led the rebellion onboard the ship) had a poingent moment when he was explaining to John Adams what he was personally doing to keep his hope of victory alive in spite of the overwhelming odds against him. Cinque explained that he wasn’t alone, that he, according to his culture, invoking his ancestors (calling to them) to enter him so that he would have more power in the face of opposition. He explained that by invoking them as the “last decendant in line” he would draw the power of their wisdom and strength as they would fight to keep themselves alive by doing so. This too is what the tea party movement is doing. They want to invoke the founding fathers and their constitution to guide the nation away from those who actively seek to erase and destroy our most cherished accomplishment – the rule of law.

The “Declaration of Independence” is considered to be a national treasure. It outlines our fore fathers belief that “revolution” is just and a required duty when the Government usurps and abuses the population for which it serves.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

Those who stand before us today in defiance of the sacrifices that our ancestors have endured are on a fool’s errand. They stand before us as hollow and bereft souls. We have many amongst us today that believe America, today, is an evil empire that has sprung forth from a history of oppression that is to be reviled and detested.

This message is carried by printing presses across the globe and it is spread like a disease. This message is wrong and the world knows that it is falsehood.

All through history civilization looks to their young for vitality and hope while revering its eldest for their wisdom. It is the young that ensures that time marches forward with new life while it is the old that teach the young the folly of their youthful impulses by passing the wisdom life’s lessons and in return they too will pass along the history as they reach maturity.

To deny the fact that today we are who we are is because of who we were (as a nation) is an empty argument. The modern Progressive movement has attempted to ignore our forefathers in search of a “social experiment” that has failed everywhere it has tried. Our history books have been rewritten to erase our ancestors that designed the greatest and freest nation on earth. The liberal interpretations of our Constitution from the courts have bastardized meanings that our forefathers never meant. There are those, like Obama that have stated that it is impossible for anyone today to know what our forefathers intent was when drafting this guiding document. I believe that the opposite is true.

I believe that the founding fathers knew what the Obama’s of the world would try to do to circumvent freedom and wrote the document to prevent them from doing so.

The modern Liberal today is far from the morals and decency that our forefathers lived as examples in this new America. Honor, truth, decency, moderation and fairness cannot be found in the modern liberal lexicon. The same argument can be made of most politicians on both sides of the aisle, but the Conservative politician is different.

There are many examples of dishonesty in politics today. There seems to be a culture of acceptance to this in our society, but that is changing. The reverence of the White House should be upheld as the highest of standards yet we have witnessed President after President whittle this office to a level of degradation to the point that we can no longer believe what is being said or we question everything they do.

The erosion of confidence of our leaders has reached such an alarming level that many of us are now looking to our forefathers for their example. This is at the heart of the identity of the tea party movement – to stand on their shoulders to assure they are not forgotten or relegated to erasure.