Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Obama/Democrat prism

Remember Bush v Gore? Imagine an election result (2012) that the Democrats, especially Obamas’ turning up negatively through a shift rightward rejecting their failed policies. Imagine an Obama war chest of close to a billion dollars and an army of election law attorney’s fanning across the country after a defeat to “contest” the results ala Bus v Gore.

Conspiracy theory? Preposterous?

If individual States cannot certify results then what is the result -- Obama remaining in the White House? Can you say “Occupy White House”!

Do you think this is such a radical idea for a man and his party that cut their teeth utilizing radical tactics? ACORN, Bill Ayers, OWS, Rev. Jeremiah Wright are just a few examples of Obama friends and advisors seeking radical, violent if necessary, change.

On December 5, 2011 Ed Pilkington (thegardian in NY) ran an article titled “NAACP warns black and Hispanic Americans could lose right to vote”. In this article it was reported that “the NAACP has petitioned the UN high commissioner on human rights of what it contends is a conscious attempt to “block the vote” on the part of state legislatures across the US.”

It must be reminded that the US has, in the recent past (Bush Administration), withdrawn/boycotted this Council until the decision by Obama to rejoin in 2009.

We know, for example, Jesse Jackson, Jr., stated his belief that Obama “suspend the Constitution” and pass the Jobs bill. We also know that Democrat Governor Bev Purdue (NC) called for suspending Congressional elections until the economy recovers only to recant with “I was joking”.

We also know that the people Obama is affiliated with look to Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals” as a roadmap to bring the American system down from within. The Cloward-Piven strategy to overwhelm the system by making the government live up to its promises/laws was the catalyst for the New York bankruptcy.

It was people like Bill Ayers and the Rathke brothers who began their activism in “Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)” and the “Weather Underground” offshoot to go on to found ACORN and SEIU.

Obama and his “Motor voter” efforts with ACORN saw the rise of rampant voter fraud charges and convictions after the 2008 elections. It was many of these abuses and electioneering that caused many States to adopt more stringent voter registration laws to combat them.

The NAACP’s petition of the UN HRC, goes to the heart of this effort and have gone to the international body for what, relief? According to the December 5 article the NAACP contend that - “voting rights are being whittled down at every stage of the electoral process. First of all, the registration of new voters is being impeded in several states by moves to block voter registration drives that have historically proved to be an important way of bringing black and Hispanic people to the poll.”

The article goes on to say - “more than 5 million Americans are denied the right to vote on grounds that they were convicted of a felony, 4 million of whom have fully completed their sentence and almost half of whom are black or Hispanic.”

Again, the article goes on to say – “Other measures have reduced the ease of early voting, a convenience that is disproportionately heavily used by African-Americans. Even more importantly, 34 states have introduced a requirement that voters carry photo ID cards on the day of the election itself.”

Finally, the NAACP points to Texas where the law passed disallowing college ID as a form of ID but a concealed carry permit (handgun) is. This argument is frivolous as stringent background checks are required to get a handgun permit whereas the college campus admission policies are not so stringent, wouldn’t you think?

The suppression of voter turnout is a red herring issue as the very States that the NAACP cite as conspiratorially racist in its aims were themselves victims of ACORN and their tactics. For instance, they cite Florida, but in 2008 election officials in Brevard County prosecutors were investigating more than 23 suspected registrations from ACORN while the states Division of Elections were also investigating complaints in Orange county.

In 2009 11 ACORN workers were accused of forging applications in Miami-Dade county. Law enforcement found 197 of 260 ACORN applications did not match living people.

In North Carolina in 2008 many applications had similar or identical names, but with different addresses or dates of birth.

In New Mexico in 2008 Prosecutors investigated more than 1,100 registrations deemed fraudulent. Many were also duplicated names and slightly altered personal information.

In Missouri in 2008 registrations were rejected due to duplicated and false information.

In Michigan in 2008, a large amount of fraudulent applications were turned over the US Attorney for investigation.

In Indiana in 2008 Election officials threw out registrations after they were found identical (handwriting) and from dead voters not to mention a “fast food restaurant” as a name.

In Ohio in 2008 ACORN gave residents cigarettes and cash for registration. Many voters admitted to registering more than a dozen times with one individual admitting to registering 72 times.

In Pennsylvania in 2008 Election officials threw out over 57,000 registrations for fraudulent signatures with vacant lots listed as their address. That same year an ACORN worker was sentenced to 23 months in prison identity theft and tampering records while a second ACORN workers posted a $10,000 bond to await trial.

In Pennsylvania in 2009 7 ACORN workers were indicted for falsifying voter registration with 6 of the 7 also indicted for registering under a “quota” system.

In Texas in 2008 over 10,000 registrations were thrown out as invalid including fraudulent address and personal information.

In Washington in 2007 3 ACORN workers pleaded guilty (and 4 more charged) for the worst case of voter fraud in the States history.

In Wisconsin in 2008, ACORN used “felons” to register voters in violation of State rules and 2 have been charged with voter fraud felonies.

The incredible divisiveness of Obama and the Democrats only make this scenario more plausible than not. Obama needs not to win the election, he only needs to occupy the White House after all “possession is 9/10ths of the law”!

With the election looming and Obama’s incredible credibility gap with the voting public due to failed promises, distortions and outright falsehoods it is easy to see the path he is embarking upon. He desperately wants to distance himself from his record and deeds and has literally blamed everything and everyone else for his and his party’s failures.

Shortly on the heels of the NAACP petition to the UN HRC we now learn through Eric Holder the reality of the supposition above. Holder, in a speech given at the LBJ Library, solidified the aims of Democrats and Obama to change the Voters Rights Act, specifically Section 5 to bring the US “into the 21st century.

No longer is Holder content with arming violent Mexican cartels, he aims to give them the right to vote through automation. The issue is certainly going to divide the American public who see this attempt for what it is – giving an edge to Democrats and Obama just in time for the election, if successful.

We do not have to look any further as this is blatant, illegal and unconstitutional from every angle. If we chose to examine motivations then we must also examine credibility too. As the “top cop” for the nation Holder has proven to be the liberal lap dog who doesn’t look to the law for guidance especially along “voter suppression or voter intimidation” lines. He has proven to be anything other than applying the law equitably as the “Black Panther” dismissal has shown.

The arrogance of Holder as he tries to appear the champion by channeling LBJ in his speech is, well, speechless. For instance, in the text of his speech he states –“Today, as Attorney General, I have the privilege – and solemn duty – of enforcing this law, and the other civil rights reforms that President Johnson championed. This work is among the Justice Department’s most important priorities. And our efforts honor the generations of Americans who have taken extraordinary risks, and willingly confronted hatred, bias, and ignorance – as well as billy clubs and fire hoses, bullets and bombs – to ensure their children, and all American citizens, would have the chance to participate in the work of their government. The right to vote is not only the cornerstone of our system of government – it is the lifeblood of our democracy. An no force has proved more powerful – or more integral to the success of the great American experiment – than efforts to expand the franchise.”

Again, referencing the Black Panther 2008 voter intimidation case that Holder dismissed (after it was won) shows the arrogance of the hypocrisy. Though his speech referenced the dangers that African-Americans faced in the turbulent times prior to the passage of the Voters Rights Act – his reference to “confronting billy clubs” is especially poignant as the Black Panthers blocked a Philadelphia Polling Station while armed with billy clubs. I assume that Holder meant that “to ensure their children, and all American Citizens” does not apply to African Americans who blatantly violate the very laws designed to ensure their childrens rights.

Is Holder lying or is his “frame of mind” just so that he actually believes what he is saying?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Black em"power"

Let us look into a crystal ball for a moment and imagine the GOP field is whittled down to their nominee --- Herman Cain.....

We have been hearing from those on the left who love to inject racism into anything conservative -- Tea Party; House Jobs bill; Deficit reduction bills; any GOP member.
Jesse Jackson, Sr; Jesse Jackson, Jr.; Al Sharpton; Rev. Jeremiah Wright; Harry Belafonte; Morgan Freeman to name a few have interjected and suggested that even those who are white and had voted for Obama but now are having "buyers remorse" and vow to not vote for him this time around are doing so because Obama is black.
I can give a longer list of black leaders in addition to the one's mentioned above who have, for many decades, been telling black Americans that the Government is their only hope for equality through affirmative action (or the phrase I like best, affirmative racism), welfare, abortion rights and wealth redistribution.
Couple this with the same message, and record, that Obama has that mirrors this "big government", big brother equalizer system.
If Cain is ascended into the man to go head to head with Obama for the next term in the White house what will the liberal socialist do who have controlled that message for so long.
Of course, they have already begun to label Cain as backed by white money in conspiracy like theories. They have already begun to label him "no friend of the black man". But, when the rubber hits the road and both men stand against each other with their backgrounds, policies and words hanging in front of everyone to see what do you think will happen? What will the American public see -- Obama as representing the big government dole out to survive and Cain as a shining example for young (and old) black Americans to see a self-made, successful, family oriented, conservative black man who made it on hard work and persperation.
I see that when this occurs it will also vindicate white voters who switch their votes from Obama to Cain with the confidence that they do not fear a black man in the White House, just a Black Socialist in the White House.

Decontructing & Re-constructing of America

The political establishment has been exposed!  The 2 party system has had a long and damaging run that has brought America to the brink of extinction.  For instance, the view of most American's share is that there is virtually indistinguishable actions between Democrats and Republicans.  A good example of this is the "amnesty" talk for the 20+ million illegal aliens (lets not call them immigrants) already here.  It is arguable that the polical ideologies from both sides of the isle appear to be polar opposites but both have worked hard to make it (amnesty) a reality.  The Democrats see a 20+ million voting block to exploit while the Republicans see a new glut of chep labor for big business.  The only thing that has prevented illegals from becoming legal through means other than "legal immigration mechanisms" is the American publics outcry.  George Bush (Jr) tried to implement the amnesty and was beaten back down by an overwhelming negative public response opposing it.  John McCain was for it (amnesty) until he was against it in the 2008 Presidential elections.  Why do you think he "flopped" on the issue?  He knew that voters would punish him for it.

In the 2000 GOP primaries it was Bush vs. McCain -- Bush got the GOP nod.  Then in 2008, the GOP force fed "Republicans" us McCain (the preselected heir apparent for the GOP).  The GOP has groomed their center-left candidates for a conservative country for quite some time.  The 2 party political system has been rigged for quite some time and the result, at least since 1901 has created political and political familial dynasties that have done nothing be erode our American Civil Liberties and the Constitution ever since.  The slow and steady, methodical and deliberate shift leftward has continued -- until recently.

Starting with Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive Party), Uncle to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, had 8 years (1901-1909) in the White House.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt had 12+ years (1933-1945) in the White House where a major shift left really solidified.  Franklin Roosevelt had political support from the father of another familial dynasty in the making with Joseph Kennedy.  John F. Kennedy as you know was assassinated and we can speculate that if that event did not occur, he would have gone on to a second term in office with his brother Bobby waiting in the wings.  As such, the assassination occurred and Bobby had to step up sooner but before he could be annointed, he too was gunned down.  This left the Kennedy clan with Ted and we know now why he did not rise to be annointed -- Chappaquiddick!  His chances died along with Mary Jo Kopechne!

In the 1990's we were introduced to another dynasty in the Clintons who's history is still being written as long as Hillary is in politics and a strong contender for the White House.

Finally -- The Bush family.  Both Bush (Sr) and Bush (Jr) have had 12 years in the White House with Jeb Bush possibly in the wings.

The people know, they feel that something almost out of their control is happening and are now rising to stop it.  Thus, the "Tea Party" movement was born.

I would like to share a passage that I read from the novel penned by Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, where the storyline arrived at a place when those who seized power and systematically plundered America's wealth from it's businesses, eerily similar to what is happening today in real life from those in power -- bringing about anarchy through attrition when there is nothing left to plunder.  One of the early proponents in the novel responsible for ushering in the dogma "from each according to his ability to each according to his needs" was arguing that the resulting imminent collapse wasn't his fault, he said --
"What's reason to them?  you don't know how deadly they are!  You don't understand them!  They don't think!  They're mindless animals moved by irrational feelings -- by their greedy, grasping, blind, unaccountable feelings!  They seize whatever they want, thats all they know:  That they want it, regardless of cause, effect or logic -- they want it, the bloody grubbing pigs!  Our weapons are so helplessly, laughably childish:  Truth, knowledge, reason, values, rights!  Force is all they know, force, fraud and plunder!""

That passage wasn't describing "evil business" -- it was describing exacly what the Progressives, and yes Republicans who are attempting to usher in "wealth redistribution" through theft, power and erosion of our rights.  Who would have imagined that the Supreme Court would have allowed the "KELO" decision to become law of the land whereas, at the end of a gun barrel (the force of our laws) a corporation could seize an individuals private property for the gain of the State and this corporation?

This election cycle is no different that the 2000 Bush/McCain annointment.  In 2008 when McCain was foisted upon us his rival in the primaries was Romney and the GOP again, mistakenly, is doing the most within their arsenal to ensure they heir apparent is foisted on us -- problem is, we don't want Romney.

The GOP reaped the windfall of the 2010 mid-terms through the tea party anger.  The GOP ridiculed and ignored this grassroots, yet they benefitted from it.  The GOP continued to try to miminize or marginalize the incoming tea party freshmen by first ordering them to get in "the Party line" then by threats.  The freshmen stood their ground and as such have stopped some further damaging legislation from moving forward.

Make no mistake about it, the tea party is not through as I believe the 2012 elctions (House, Senate & White House) will throw these interlopers of overthrow into the dust bin of history.  The "Deconstructing" began with the tea party, with the proof of the election results since their inception and will begin "Re-Constructing" after the political houses have been cleaned and sanitized from those who do not believe as Ronald Reagan did when he saw America as that "shining city on the hill".

God Bless America -- the world is about to see how she will throw the yokes of oppression of her in spite of the overwhelming odds against her.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Can you handle the truth?

Is the Obama Jobs plan credible, or is it just another stimulus plan disguised as one?  Before we can begin to assess this plan that Obama instisted Congress pass, we need to ask another question first -- "Is Obama credible?"
The President has insisted, emphatically, his "Jobs plan" is the only plan that will be acceptable enough to bear his signature and that the Senate and House need not send a "stripped down" version or a completely different package to him.  He will not sign it!  Period...
Obama has gone on the record, ad nauseum, telling us that "he will not rest until every American who is in need of a job, gets one!"  What we see though is a different reality.  Golf, White House Parties and Global junkets/vacations fill the headlines instead.
In his opinion he believes that his Jobs plan is right and everyone else (including Senate Democrats) is wrong.
As human experience has proven throught time, those who are untruthful to us in our personal lives tend to lose their credibility in our eyes.  The old axiom "burn me once shame on you but burn me twice shame on me" goes to the heart of this experience I speak.  To get to Obama's credibility with the American public we need to be honest and objective in our assessment lest we be labeled racist, knuckle-dragging tea baggers that do not care or have compassion to those who believe he is above reproach.
To start this object process we must clear our minds of all clutter, news bites, rants by the Right Wing and Left Wing to arrive at a "Zen-like" state of mind that is free of bias.  We need to disregard things Obama has told us in the past like, lets say, "Even though I sat in Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for over 20 years I never heard him preach those things" -- or, "Bill Ayers is just a guy who lives in my neighborhood".  Clear your mind....
So, now that we are there the first question to contemplate is -- "Has Obama lied to us or did he harmlessly embellish his estimation of his abilities when he told us we needed to pass Stimulus and if we did unemployment would stay below 8%?"  "Has Obama mislead us by believing in the advice of those around him or is it just plan and simple incompetence?"
There is a difference between a lie and embellishing abilities.  For example, if someone is caught lying vs. "embellishing" the human reaction is apt to be harsh towards the former and more nuanced towards the latter.
In a court of law a witness is impeached when found inconsistent or outright deceptive in their testimony.  Kind of like when Bill Clinton went on the record to say "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"!  The blue dress, Bill!  Again, human nature has seen that the American legal system is based upon our necessity for the truth -- thus the oath each and every witness takes before testimony pledging to "tell the truth and nothing but the truth".  We have had enough of Obama's testimony, so to speak, in the public forum for many of us to conclude that we have personally inpugned him along these lines.
Past vs. Present
Obama began his Presidency, in all fairness, in a weak economic condition.  His campaign said as much.  Unemployment was increasing, though below 8% at the time.  One can argue Obama had known there was a looming economic storm coming, but the question of how large was unknown.  The American public also knew that soon after his election, in the first 100 days, Vice President Biden admitted that "Obama would probably get things wrong 30% of the time" when making economic decisions.  The expectation bar was lowered.
The first priority of any incoming Administrations is to set in place, as quickly as possible, their Cabinet.  In spite of Obama's prior knowledge of the approaching financial storm clouds he filled his cabinet with men and women with literally zero "real world" business experience.  His Cabinet, collectively, had 8% that did which is the lowest percentage in any American President Cabinet.  His Cabinet's business experience was even lower than that of the Carter Administration.
Another prime example of the ignorance that Cabinet members appointed can be highlighted in the Solyndra scandal.  Steven Chu, Department of Energy Secretary pushed through the Solyndra loan in spite of the warnings and prediction that the Office of Management and Budget advised about the company during their "financial due diligence" of the loan documents.  The company was so heavily indebted that the OMB actually predicted the month and year the company would go broke.  This Nobel Prize winning Cabinet member may know how to split an atom, but he surely didn't know anything about business.  Obama's $38 billion loan guarantee program (part of Stimulus) promised to "save or create" 65,000 jobs and the centerpiece and first loan recipient went bust.  The reality was Solyndra added 1,100 people to the unemployment roles instead.
While it is true that his Cabinet is feckless in all things economical it could have been worse as Obama's original choice for Deputy Treasure Secretary, Annette Nazareth withdrew after it was discovered she had a problem with her personal tax filings.  Additionally, Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination to the Department of Health and Human Services for tax evasions as did Nancy Killefer.
Despite all of these individuals and their tax issues one did manage to survive to become the Secretary of the Treasury -- Timothy Geithner!  He is having trouble shaking his nickname though -- "tax cheat geithner"!
Obama's Job Council
By now everyone is aware of the much heralded "Jobs Council" that Obama put together in addressing the increasing unemployment issue.  This "Dream Team" of real world, free market titans that were hand picked reads like a "who's who" of the business and finance world.  The Council is Chaired by Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman, CEO -- General Electric (GE).  The other prominent names and companies are Kenneth Chenault, Chairman, CEO -- American Express; Ursula Burns, Chairman, CEO -- Xerox; Jim McNerney, Chairman, President, CEO -- Boeing; Paul Otillini, President, CEO -- Intel; Gary Kelly, Chairman, CEO - SW Airlines; Ellen Killman, Chairman, CEO -- DuPont; Antonio M. Perez, Chairman, CEO -- Kodak; AG Lafley, Chairman -- Proctor & Gamble; Brian Roberts, Chairman, CEO -- COMCAST; Mathew Rose, Chairman -- Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway; Sheryl Sandberg, CEO -- Facebook.
You would think that the collective experience of these individuals can be trusted to usher in the "silver bullet" of job creation, right?
Again, we must clear the clutter of our minds that have been boggled by the shear array of companies and people listed above so that we can again reach an objective state of mind to assess whether or not Obama finally did something right financially. 
Again, before we can begin to answer this question of trust and confidence of this Dream Team of idea "movers and shakers" we must consider some others who also sit on this Council with the Titans listed above.  The first name I want to mention is a man named John Doer (great name for a businessman).  His bio on the White House "Jobs Council" website lists his current background as -- Partner -- Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.  This firm is the firm that originally financed Solyndra.  If that connection doesn't raise any alarm bells then perhaps another partner in this firm where Mr. Doer works is another Nobel Prize winner -- Al Gore!
Moving along now.  Another name on the council is Lewis Hay, Chairman, CEO of Nextera.  Again, not a big name company like GE but important enough to be picked by Obama.  What Mr. Hay's bio on the Council website does not mention is that Nextera just purchased another Project that just recived Department of Energy Loans totaling $1.46 billion dollars (about 3 times more than Solyndra).  The project purchased by Nextera is named "Desert Sunlight Solar Project".  When you look at the strength of Nextera you will see similar "debt-to-capital" ration problems as did Solyndra.  The debt-to-capital ration of Nextera is 59%.  If you or I were to walk into a bank to seek a loan with that ratio, what do you think we would be told?   With Solyndra still fresh on everyone's mind and in the early stages of a Congressional investigation chaired by Darrel Issa why would the DOE take another chance on a heavily indebted company?  Because a much bigger corporate fish swam into the pool and partnered with Nextera to purchase the Desert Sunlight Solar Project -- Jeffrey Immelts, General Electric and Chair of the Jobs Council.
Perhaps GE used all that money they saved not paying any Corporate taxes last year, you think?
So, can you handle the truth?