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"When the Government fears the people there is Liberty!"

The quote in the title of this post, by Thomas Jefferson, is indicative of the behavior of this Administration and those who follow it's dogma.  The other half of this quote is "When the people fear the Government there is Tyranny."

This Government is busy trying to marginalize those groups and individuals that it fears.  It seems to be doing so unabated and unafraid in their quest.  It really didn't start with this Administration, but long before.  It is not isolated to anyone who is liberal, or with a "D" behind their name because there are those with an "R" behind their name just a culpable.  For instance, when the Bush Administration decided that they would be the ones to bring 12-20 million illegal aliens out of the dark shadows with a big push for amnesty we saw "we the people" push back in the form with petitions, emails, phone calls and letters to our elected officials in the hallowed halls of Congress.

In addition, we saw a grassroots organization spring forth in the form of regular everyday citizens ready to do what our elected leaders could not and would not do.  This group was called "The Arizona Minuteman Project" led by Jim Gilcrist.  First, the group was labeled "vigilante" in an effort to marginalize them then we were treated to the news that the ACLU was sending out an army of attorneys to monitor their movements in the desert in an attempt to intimidate them.  Just the thought of a bunch of ex-hippie lawyers trudging through the desert was humorous on its face, but sinister at its core.

In spite of all the failures by the MSM to actually report on the Governments over-reaching arms against Conservatives or just everyday American loving individuals the news has a funny way of getting through the din of lies, deflections and spin.  The "truth will set you free" makes alot of sense. 

The outrageous behavior by those in positions of power, in order to suppress "we the people", is alarming.  The correct analogy to use here is akin to "cornering a rabid dog".  The abuse of the US Constitution by these sycophants are too many to list, but here are just a few recent examples:

"The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights."

1.  FEC investigation of the "Christian Coalition" instituted by Lois Lerner (the now famous IRS head grilled by Congress who took the 5th):

Here is an example of the intrusive nature of the FEC's lawyers trampling on the 1st Amendment during a deposition of Oliver North (Iran/Contra fame):

One of the most shocking things about the current IRS scandal is the revelation that the agency asked one religious pro-life group to detail the content of their prayers and asked clearly inappropriate questions about private religious activity. But under Lerner’s watch, inappropriate religious inquiries were a hallmark of the FEC’s interrogation of the Christian Coalition. According to Bopp’s testimony:
-FEC attorneys continued their intrusion into religious activities by prying into what occurs at Coalition staff prayer meetings, and even who attends the prayer meetings held at the Coalition. This line of questioning was pursued several times. Deponents were also asked to explain what the positions of “intercessory prayer” and “prayer warrior” entailed, what churches speci?c people belonged, and the church and its location at which a deponent met Dr. Reed.
-One of the most shocking and startling examples of this irrelevant and intrusive questioning by F EC attorneys into private political associations of citizens occurred during the administrative depositions of three pastors from South Carolina. Each pastor, only one of whom had only the slightest connection with the Coalition, was asked not only about their federal, state and local political activities, including party af?liations, but about political activities that, as one FEC attorney described as “personal,” and outside of the jurisdiction of the FECA [Federal Election Campaign Act]. They were also continually asked about the associations and activities of the members of their congregations, and even other pastors.
If that all sounds like it could simply be Bopp’s jaundiced characterization of the FEC’s inquiries, Bopp’s testimony includes this transcript of the FEC’s deposition of Lt. Col. Oliver North. An attorney for the FEC asks North about prayers between him and the Christian Coalition’s Pat Robertson. Bopp and other attornies are present for the questions, which leads to this testy exchange. The letter Q denotes the FEC’s lawyer, the letter A denotes North’s responses, and the letter O is used to represent attorneys representing North and the Christian Coalition:
Q: (reading from a letter from Oliver North to Pat Robertson) “‘Betsy and I thank you for your kind regards and prayers.’ The next paragraph is, ‘Please give our love to Dede and I hope to see you in the near future.’ Who is Dede?”
A: “That is Mrs. Robertson.”
Q: “What did you mean in paragraph 2, about thanking -you and your wife thanking Pat Robertson for kind regards?”
A: “Last time I checked in America, prayers were still legal. I am sure that Pat had said he was praying for my family and me in some correspondence or phone call.”
Q: “Would that be something that Pat Robertson was doing for you?”
A: “I hope a lot of people were praying for me, Holly.”
Q: “But you knew that Pat Robertson was?”
A: “Well, apparently at that time I was re?ecting something that Pat had either, as I said, had told me or conveyed to me in some fashion, and it is my habit to thank people for things like that.”
Q: “During the time that you knew Pat Robertson, was it your impression that he had – he was praying for you?”
O: “I object. There is no allegation that praying creates a violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act and there is no such allegation in the complaint. This is completely irrelevant and intrusive on the religious beliefs of this witness.”
O: “It is a very strange line of questioning. You have got to be kidding, really. What are you thinking of, to ask questions like that? I mean, really. I have been to some strange depositions, but I don’t think I have ever had anybody inquire into somebody’s prayers. I think that is really just outrageous. And if you want to ask some questions regarding political activities, please do and then we can get over this very quickly. But if you want to ask abou somebody’s religious activities, that is outrageous.”
Q: “I am allowed to make-’’
O: “We are allowed not to answer and if you think the Commission is going to permit you to go forward with a question about somebody’s prayers, I just don’t believe that. I just don’t for a moment believe that. I ?nd that the most outrageous line of questioning. I am going to instruct my witness not to answer.”
Q: “On what grounds?”
O: “We are not going to let you inquire about people’s religious beliefs or activities, period. If you want to ask about someone’s prayers-Jeez, I don’t know what we are thinking of. But the answer is, no, people are not going to respond to questions about people’s prayers, no.”
Q: “Will you take that, at the first break, take it up- we will do whatever we have to do

We now know that Lois Lerner will be dragged back into Congress to forcibly testify into the IRS scandal and her participation in her current activities directing the IRS to target the Tea Party and Conservative/Religious groups applying for non profit status. 

This is a Tyrannical arm of the Government that even the Democrats want to distance themselves from as the 2014 mid-term elections arrive.

2.  DOJ spying on reports from the AP, Fox News and other journalists should send a Constitutional chill down every ones back.  The DOJ is just as busy in targeting enemies of the cause as they have repeatedly sued the State of Arizona (Jan Brewer governor) for passing and signing into law regarding illegal immigrants.  They also have waged a full scale war against Sheriff Joe Aripao for his enforcement of laws concerning the same. 

2nd Amendment - The right to keep and bear arms!

1.  DOJ, again, embroiled in another Constitutional scandal in regards to "Fast and Furious".  Though unproven at this point, it is believed that the program was to increase violent gun crimes to give the Government a rally point to further gun control legislation.  In other words, to disarm us from our 2nd amendment rights.

4th Amendment - Unreasonable search and seizure

1.  DOJ targeting AP, Fox and other private journalist emails, phone call and such.
2.  Arrest and detention of the film maker of the prophet mohammed blamed for the Bengazi attack.  We now know that the film had nothing to do with the attack other than its fabrication by the Administration to deflect the truth it was a planned terror attack (on 9/11 no less).  The film maker is still in jail.

DHS has long been waging a war on citizens by labelling them extremist groups because of their fear of the Government.  They have gone as far as issuing, to regional law enforcement agencies, a bullet point list pointing to Tea Party advocates as targets for investigation.  When Obama ran for President the first time he promised that this Administration would be the most transparent and in some ways their goals, as proved by their behavior and actions, have accomplished more than any "Freedom of Information Act" request (which they routinely deny) could show on paper.

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