Thursday, October 31, 2013

The one armed fighter

Imagine if you will, an arena full of hungry and unemployed peasants taking in a heavy weight match between a brutish and thuggish pugilist and his one armed opponent.  The air in the arena is fetid and the hopelessness of those championing the underdog is thick.  The press coverage billed the fight as the "fight of the century" though the odds are heavily stacked against the little man.  The rise of this tenacious little man began as a laughingstock because they all said he didn't have it in him to survive past the first round.  Yet, survive he did and fight after fight he advanced and with every step forward he gained the admiration of the people.  They could identify with him as they all felt it and lived it.  What they felt and lived with is the oppressive and stifling of their will to thrive and succeed.  To not just feed their family, but to live according to their hard work and sacrifice.  They didn't want to stand in the bread lines that seemed endless, hopeless.  Each time the one armed man fought it always seem to be against someone who was bigger, meaner and dirtier than the last but prevail he did. 

We are those I speak of and our arena is fetid and oppressive.  Our opponent is a machine of brute force and corrupt as can be.  They are well fed, trained and bursting with narcissistic confidence as only one can knowing they have full control.  They lord over everything and have no cares about who they step on or over to get to the next trough.

They have their tentacles in every aspect of this blood sport and even have one of their own in the one armed man's corner posing as his trainer.  They are confident because the game is fixed and they can't lose.

The one armed man disregards his trainer on most bouts and as a result, he wins.  Yet, with every win his trainer tells him he simply cannot win the next fight.  The trainer at all times has his "white towel" neatly tucked into his belt, at the ready, waiting for the right moment to throw it in the ring.  But, the little guy just keeps getting up after being knocked down and keeps coming forward despite all odds fight and fight and fight.

By now, you understand this analogy.

Obama is the thug across the ring from the little guy (everyone that opposes his rule).  Ted Cruz has represented the one armed man in this fight (though there are a number of supporting players that aid him in his quest to stop the insanity).  The implosion and crash of the Obamacare website is also an analogy.  It does not simply represent some technological gadget that hiccuped.  It is the full truth that the government cannot even get a website up and running let alone running it once it does, if it ever does.  It has put the fact that they do not and cannot run a post office; mortgage company; car company; education establishment or even a hot dog stand efficiently.

Never mind the lies told and echoed by the media.  Never mind that this was pushed down our throats.  Just look at the simple task they had three years to complete at a whopping 600+ million dollar purse.  This blogger, created and set up this blogsite in roughly one hour and got it off the ground without any knowledge beforehand.  It cost me zilch, zero, nada and it runs efficiently and effectively as it was intended.

If the government cannot even get the front door to their signature legislation opened for us rubes to enter then how can they be trusted to run 1/6th of the economy that healthcare represents as a whole.  It's time for a Russell Crowe Gladiator moment against Caesar or the Russell Crowe "James Braddock" against Max Schnell for the heavyweight championship of the world bout.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

White Hispanic tells Travon's mother the truth

The Blaze -- "After offering his condolences to Fulton, Cruz told the mother that the self-defense laws are not racist because they help blacks as much as whites, if not more.

Cruz also explained that, despite some efforts to exploit Martin’s death, George Zimmerman’s defense team never used Stand Your Ground laws as a defense in the murder trial."
The appearance of Trayvon's mother at the Congressional Hearing was nothing more than the left's effort, once again, to politicize the incident to erode our gun laws and our rights to defend ourselves against the thugs like Trayvon Martin.
He goes on --
“We know that some in our political process have a desire to exploit that tragic, violent incident for agendas that have nothing to do with that young man who lost his life. We have seen efforts to undermine the verdict of the jury and, more broadly, to inflame racial tensions that I think are sad and irresponsible,” the Texas senator added.
Cruz went on to refute the “remarkable” allegation that Stand Your Ground laws do not protect black communities.
“I think that’s a remarkable statement on many, many fronts, including the fact that a great many African-Americans find themselves victims of violent crime, and have asserted this defense to defend themselves, defend their families, defend their children,” he explained.
The assertion is even more “remarkable,” Cruz said, when you consider that in 2004, “a state senator in Illinois by the name of Barack Obama co-sponsored an expansion of Illinois’ law providing civil immunity for those who use justifiable force to defend themselves.”
“The notion that stand your ground laws are some form of veiled racism may be a convenient political attack, but it is not borne out by the facts remotely,” he concluded.

Of lies and the loss of credibility

What is the human reaction when we uncover the fact we have been lied to?  When you have a purported best friend that goes behind your back and sleeps with your significant other and is caught are they your best friend anymore?  Trust is instinctual and deeply rooted in how we move forward individually and as a society in general.

The left has mastered the art of lying.  They have even made it fashionable when they get caught in their deceptions.  Take the famous "I did not have sex with that woman" line from a sitting Democratic President who is still being hailed as the most truthful and honest man in America.

What about this President and the myriad of lies that are so lengthy one cannot actually count them?  What about those who opposed the lies when they were uttered and were destroyed, maligned and heckled publically as racist, stupid and ideological?  We have all witnessed the lies that have been truly exposed with just the Obamacare subject.  You can keep your healthcare, your doctor and save $2,500 per person doing so.  As the hearings continue and more lies, deception and damage are exposed we must remember those who stood up and screamed the loudest against those who correctly predicted what is actually coming to pass.

The lies have come one right after the other, after the other, after the other.  So, we must honestly ask ourselves and those around us publicly -- If the democrats lied, and caught in their lies what other subject matters of theirs are truthful?  Can we trust anything they have told the American public no matter how small?  Gun Control, Global Warming, Israel, Syria, Benghazi, IRS, Tea Party or even maybe Obama's birthplace.

Once a liar has been exposed is he ever really trusted again?  Think about it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Worraf Nanor

Just as the name in the title of this thread is "ass backwards" so is the new MSMBC host "Ronan Farrow" when he said "They're nimble politicians. Also I think that they represent a style of honesty that the public craves right now. And that's reflected in the numbers. I think people are tired of the old school politicking, and when a politician comes out and says, “Actually, I changed my mind, I've evolved on the issue,” that's something people are willing to embrace."  Farrow is the host of MSMBC 'The Cycle".  No wonder conservative talk show host call the channel MSLSD.

Clinton(s) are the biggest liars.  They actually blazed the trail for the acceptability of Lying.  They made it fashionable and now most liberal Democrats wear those designer clothes with the "Clintonista" fashion tags hanging out.  Well Ronan if comparing the Clintons to your network in the honesty category then, yes, they are Mother Teresa compared to you......

Friday, October 25, 2013

Universal Collapse of the US

In 1966 political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of "a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty".  This is commonly referred to as the Cloward/Piven Strategy and by all indicators, it is working.  Just as terrorist make "dry runs" for their evil plans so did the socialists.  The 1975 near bankruptcy was blamed for this strategy that started at the state level. 

"The key to sparking this rebellion would be to expose the inadequacy of the welfare state. Cloward-Piven's early promoters cited radical organizer Saul Alinsky as their inspiration. "Make the enemy live up to their (sic) own book of rules," Alinsky wrote in his 1971 book Rules for Radicals. When pressed to honor every word of every law and statute, every Judeo-Christian moral tenet, and every implicit promise of the liberal social contract, human agencies inevitably fall short. The system's failure to "live up" to its rule book can then be used to discredit it altogether, and to replace the capitalist "rule book" with a socialist one." -- Discover the Networks

Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on Alinsky.  She is in the wings of the Democrat party to continue if Obama fails.

When Alinsky published "Rules for Radicals" he dedicated it to Lucifer. 

Obama, as a college teacher, taught "Alinsky Tactics 101!"

Since Obama took office Welfare spending has risen 19% to almost 1 Trillion dollars a year.

It appears that a lot of people on the right have accused this Administration of incompetence.  I say they have been brilliant in their plan execution as we are reliving New York of 1975.

Obamacare aka "Unavailable Healthcare Act"

By now we all know about the "glitch" that has occurred to the centerpiece of Barak Obama's Presidential legacy.  While he, the democrats, and the Main Stream Media describe this train wreck as a glitch we are beginning to see what is really going on (no pun intended) here.  First, before we even discuss the techno issues surrounding the implosion of the Affordable Health Care Act we must address the first looming issue.  That issue is the lies that were given to all of us out here across the continent about:

1)  Obamacare will give over 30MM uninsured Americans free healthcare.
2)  You can keep your same insurance company and or doctor.
3)  Obamacare will save each household approximately $2,500 a year in premiums.

We now know the truth that each of these advertised promises for this Government product were grossly misleading if not an outright lie.  When the private sector catches a private business of deceptive advertising, it is prosecuted (some instances) and sued out of existence.  The above lies do not even cover the deceptions about the true costs promised (which couldn't be scored by the CBO) as well as the whole legislation is, by it's own words, a ponsi scheme as defined by the SEC.

We know that the books the Government keeps and the way it's accounting is handled is something that would be prosecuted in the private sector.  Now it seems that there is nothing the Government can't do in which the private sector must. 

Kathleen Sebelius is still employed.  In the private sector, she would be perp walked out of the building in silver bracelets.  Same goes for this President.  The scandals that keep piling up without any recourse from prosecution or even heavy scrutiny is outrageous.  Fast and Furious.  IRS targeting private sector Conservative organizations.  Benghazi.  The list goes on and on.  Just when will the "buck stop here" apply to anyone in this mess called Democrat controlled government?

The Obamacare website was touted as a cutting edge virtual place where one could go and shop for competitive health insurance plans, side by side, to make qualified decisions in Kumbaya land.  Michelle Malken has a great article today that reminds us about the myriad of Obama IT Czars whom were touted, when hired as  "Obama's top government titans of information technology."  Malking lays it out:

In 2009 Obama named then 34-year-old "whiz kid" Vivek Kundra to the post overseeing $80 billion in government IT spending.

Obama's "U.S. chief technology officer." In May 2009, the president appointed Aneesh Chopra "to promote technological innovation to help the country meet its goals such as job creation, reducing health care costs and protecting the homeland.

Obama replaced Chopra with Todd Park, the former "chief technology officer of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services." The White House described him as a "change agent and 'entrepreneur-in-residence,' helping HHS harness the power of data, technology and innovation to improve the health of the nation."

In 2011, Obama appointed former Microsoft executive and FCC managing director Steven VanRoekel to succeed Kundra. At the time, he promised "to make sure that the pace of innovation in the private sector can be applied to the model that is government."

Now, with all eyes on the glaring failures of the Utopian socialized medicine vision upon us, Obama feigns anger and dismay.  His answer is to bring into the fold the technology experts from the private sector to once and for all fix the "glitch".

Who does he trot out?  None other than Todd Park (see above).  So, instead of bringing fresh eyes to the problems this administration brings in the one person who had his hand in the fetid pie since it's inception.

Fox News released it's poll Thursday that shows 73% of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of the United States.  I wonder why.  Could it be that at the same time insurers are dropping millions of those currently medically insured the Unavailable Healthcare Act isn't catching them.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog of the Month

Bayou Renaissance Man

"The idle musings of a former military man, former computer geek, medically retired pastor and now full-time writer. Contents guaranteed to offend the politically correct and anal-retentive from time to time. My approach to life is that it should be taken with a large helping of laughter, and sufficient firepower to keep it tamed!"

Rooting for failure

We hear a lot from the Democrats since Obama took over the helm that Republicans, Rush Limbaugh, Libertarians in general, are rooting for failure.  It is not just the current implosion of website fiasco but most of his social justice programs he has implemented as well as fiscal policies on Jobs and the economy.  Does this mean I want the US Government to come crashing down around me and my fellow Americans -- No!  Does this mean I want pain and suffering inflicted upon us because of this failure -- No!  Are these failures that I and so many others are rooting for the reason for their failure -- Hell No!

There is a new movie at the box office where two American Astronauts are adrift in the void of space and are fighting for their lives literally.  This is what it feels like to be an American, especially a conservative American in America today.  The policies are devoid of reason and hope and we are all adrift suffocating slowly as we watch our oxygen indicators for the precious time we have left.  Obama and his Democrats have proven why our unique American Government fails when it ever expands into areas that it was not designed or even imagined doing.  For instance, Government, as Rush Limbaugh tells us, does not create -- It takes.  It does not design gadgets and then sell them in a free market setting.  The only thing it was designed to do is to tax us as this is it's only form of income.  So how are we to believe that this Administration filled with enlightened academics can actually create, package and sell medical insurance on the open market.  It can't, which is why it is failing before the doors to this sham business even began.  When Obama say's the glitches are being worked on by "the best and the brightest" it makes me shudder and hide my valuables from plain sight.  It is a damn good thing that Obama pulled the plug on the Governments involvement with NASA because the world would have seen horrific accidents on a regular occasion.  The old axiom that the bid for the space shuttles went to the lowest bidder when there are literally billions of movable pieces involved.  This is exactly how private marketplace functions.  It takes complex engineering, financial and safety issues and make them work to an amazing degree.  Sure, there are failures but the marketplace has the ability to root them out and replace them with something better, faster and more ingenious than it's predecessor.  Those in charge simply want us rubes to feel guilty that the enlightened ones are failing on every level of their stewardship.  At first, those who rooted for Obama to fail were told "to give him a chance" and some time to prove he is everything he says he is and can do everything he had promised he would do.  But here we are well into his second term and all we have seen is what he continues to do in spite of it's obvious failure.  He promised us he would not rest until all of us who wanted and needed a job, had a job.  He spent his waking hours on a golf course or vacation with his family in some exotic locale.  Also, during this time of his waking days in search of the solutions to our plight of joblessness he spent most of it crafting and obsessing over this current Obamacare fiasco.  Look where we are for all his effort.  Yep, adrift in space and waiting for my O2 to expire all the while hoping my spacesuit fails to end my suffering.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Terror Training Camp in San Antonio, TX

In 2009 the DHS had issued a memo to law enforcement warning of "Tea Party Extremists" are on the rise.  In fact the DHS is so worried about their violent proclivities that on more than a few occasions DHS had a pronounced presence at their events.  Ted Cruz, by association, has been called a terrorists because he is the darling of the "tea party".  Ted Cruz is the face of the political aim of the massive movement that sprung up due to Obama and his policies.  The MSM as well as the Democrats had all denounced the tea party initially as "astro turf".  The claimed that it was nothing more than a staged and paid group fronting the wants and needs of big business interests and lobby.  The Koch brothers were their benefactor. 

I shudder to think how much money the Koch's and lobby groups had shucked out to fill busses in just about every single state and in some states tens of thousands appeared.  Hell Obama even had to make his escape out of the back of the White House in his helicopter all the while claiming they didn't exist.

In typical fashion, Kathleen Parker wrote her recent Op Ed titled "The Crux of Ted Cruz"!  where she pontificates "To those who feel jilted by the system (tea party types) and insulted by critics (Ms. Parker and her ilk), he is a vision of palm trees, dates and fountains.  He articulates what they think and feel and, as a bonus, he's got that Latino thing".  She drones on and on about how in 2010 the tea party was defeated soundly giving her examples of Christine O'Donnell, Sharon Angle and Richard Murdock.

This tea party terror group has, regardless of those who say otherwise, become a very powerful bottom up organism that has no leader.  When you have an enemy you chop the head of the snake in order to kill the body, but the tea party has no head and is all body.  In spite of this those who seek office as someone representative of the body has had profound success.  In spite of having to fight the money and media of the Democrats they also had to fight many inside the Republican/GOP establishment. 

When you see the polls that show the country has a low opinion of both Democrats and Republicans in Congress it is no surprise.  Furthermore, it can be said that the low opinions of dissatisfaction of likely voters of the Republicans comes from Republican likely voters who are disgusted of the way they have acted or worse, what the have come to represent is so foreign to those who call themselves conservative.  These were the very same voters that handed Obama a second term rather than vote for another GOP establishment candidate.  The base (conservatives) are sick and tired of the John McCains who, during his failed Presidential run refused to discomfort Obama in the least amount.  Yet, he has plenty to say about Ted Cruz.  If McCain would have shown half of the fire he spewed against his own camp towards Obama then maybe he would not have needed the other tea party darling that almost gave him the White House, Sarah Palin.

In spite of the empirical evidence that has slapped the GOP and the Democrats squarely in the face they still self deny their power.  Kathleen Parker says "But Cruz is a mirage -- an idea conjured in a fantasy that can't be realized in reality."  Well Kathleen, when the terrorist in chief Ted Cruz left Washington DC after his principled stand against everything those terror followers loathe, he returned to San Antonio, Texas and upon entering his first public appearance, received an 8 minute standing ovation.  Where were those DHS storm troopers?

In the opening of Ms. Parker's OpEd she actually put hers, and her fellow travelers fears front and center when she said -- "Two things are often said in this town (DC):  "A day is a year in politics."  And, "It's all about 2014."  Combined, the two statements mean that much can happen between now and the midterm elections next year when Republicans hope to hold the House and gain the Senate -- and Democrats intend to hold the Senate and recover the House."  Each respective goal is equally possible depending on the same single significant determinant:  Whether Ted Cruz stops talking."

When is the last time any Democrat including Obama received a standing ovation by the whole crowd and not a split audience during the State of the Union?

You betcha that both the Republicans and Democrats hope Cruz stops talking.  They want him silenced in a bad way.  Yet, in San Antonio, where the people are in the midst of throwing out their mayor (Castro) with one hand, they are congratulating another politician (Cruz) with their other.  Funny, both Castro and Cruz have that "Latino Thing going on".

It is all about the 2014 election, Parker is right about that.  Everything Cruz stood for in his principled Washington DC stand reminiscent of Jimmy Stewarts "Mr. Smith goes to Washington", will be vindicated between now and then without him having to say a word.  Obamacar's implosion is only the beginning to accentuate the fact that Washington DC is incapable of running anything correctly or efficiently.  The latest poll show that the public wants to throw the bums out.  It will probably be so.  The lines are already being drawn by McConnell and Cruz.  On the one hand, McConnell has already promised capitulation while Cruz promises more of the same fight to come.  That my friends, is what the "Latino thing is all about".

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The lasting and effective Jim DeMint

A lot of people were disappointed to learn that Jim DeMint was leaving his post on Capital Hill for the private sector.  His departure, then arrival at the Heritage Foundation came and went with little fanfare.  While the battles were being fought in the trenches to dismantle the burgeoning government pig fest and harmful Obamacare the Heritage Foundation was flexing it's muscles behind the scenes.  It was this action that provided the last minute scuttling of the moderate RINO capitulation in the Senate with their new and proposed deal.  Thank God and Jim DeMint.

When we conservatives felt that nothing could get any worse, the Senate RINO's pull together their dream team of negotiators starring McConnel and Susan Collins.  They would tell us that it was a brilliant move to put Collins face on this because she is a moderate and politically the Obama administration and Harry Reid have told the media that we (on the other side of the political fence) are a bunch of hostage taking terrorists driven by ideology.  So, they put Collins out there to force the issue and when they (Democrats) balk at the new grand bargain then they can show America that they refuse to negotiate with even the moderates.  Problem was, the plan these yahoo's agreed to was everything that Obama wanted. 

Cruz and company, long been pushed aside by House leadership in an effort to curb his appeal, received a last minute communique from the Heritage Foundation telling them to stand tall, stand firm and be brave.  In the end, the House speaker and his merry bunch of appeaser RINO's could not muster the votes to pass the moderate RINO's masterpiece. 

Here-here to democracy and obstructionist action.  We will now see a more unhinged media and Administration trotting out the tired old lines of "we want to kill grandma and the kids" ballyhoo but just like the story of the "boy who cried wolf" -- that line just won't cut it in reality anymore than screaming "racist"!

America wins when Democrats lose

The House conservatives have held firm and the country is the better for it.  Conservatives has sit back this week and watched as the RINO's worked side by side in the Senate singing Kumbaya.  It gave everyone that dirty taste of what it looked like when bi-partisanship happens but then shit happens too.  The shit I speak is the minority of conservatives who have stood brave and tall, told it like it is and did not flinch in the face of withering fire.  All of us out here have hoped that the Senate GOP'ers would fail to get what Obama and Democrats have been wanting all along.

Well the Democrats didn't and the final shootout at the OK corral happens inside of 2 days.  That date will come and go and the world will still be standing.  The only world that will be crumbling is the one utopian world that the Democrats have been hastily building at our expense.  It is time to start the dismantling project.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Colorado recall - Part III

Colorado made history when it recalled 2 sitting Senators who worked to pry the guns from their constituents hands.  Now, after the successful recall another Senator is facing the same fate.  This has prompted the Democratic Colorado Governor (Hickenlooper) to issue a pleas for outside groups to stay away and let Colorado handle their own business without interference.  This of course is aimed at the NRA.  The difference between the NRA's involvement and other socialist forces like Bloombergs' group is that the NRA actually has members inside the State that it is fighting for whereas Bloomberg is only interested in the same thing the gun grabbers want, well to grab those members guns.  The interesting thing about this plea from the Governor is that the Senate Democrats are in the majority by 1 slim vote and another successful revolt of the voters would swing the majority away from their power.  Me thinks the wild west is revitalizing. 

When free isn't enough

Everyone by now has heard that the EBT food stamp cards had a glitch and caused a near panic amongst those who received free Government assistance for food.  In Louisiana, Walmart had a problem on their hands as they were in the front lines of the angry recipients and had a choice to make.  Allow those with the cards to shop for their food without the benefit of knowing the balances on each individuals cards or face stores being damaged by the angry masses.  They chose to allow them to shop.  So, the food stamp crowd took advantage and cleaned the shelves out.  When the cards finally began to work and Walmart announced over their PA that this was the case, the crowds left their carts full of food in the aisles and left.  One woman was detained because she had over $700 rang up at the register and when they ran her card it only showed .79 cents.  Walmart let her go as long as she left the food.

It made sense that this happened in Louisiana as this is where the chain opened it's first store and where it's corporate headquarters is located.  I wonder if Walmart bought itself any reprieve from the left and their union goons as people friendly.  Somehow I think not.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Individualism vs. Collectivism

Obama and the Democrats want to fundamentally change America.  They want social justice which is giving that imaginary person on the ladder of life a hand and propel them upwardly even if they haven't worked for it.  Take your money and give it to them.  We know this is their aim because Joe the Plumber got Obama to say so when he didn't have his teleprompter to hide behind prepared speech.

We also know that most of the Democrat elected leaders are narcissistic about their power.  It is all about them, individually.  Nanci Pelosi stated to the public that if THEY wanted to know what was in the Obamacare law they would have to read it after it passed.  How many times can you pick up a verbatim speech by Obama and literally count the time he uses "I" or "Me" in them.  They will tell you to deal with this because "They" won the election.

Americans elect their leaders to represent those who elected them not for themselves but for us.  I read an article this morning over at the American Thinker titled "Times Are-A-Changin' for Conservatives that is a must read.  The author touches on the "Millenials" and their influence that Obama tapped to get elected.  It was this very group that stopped Obama from his proposed adventure into Syria recently.  Now, this very group is abandoning Obama and the Democrats because these young and "individualistic" group are the ones that are being required to pay the lion share of the load for Obamacare in spite of the fact they are young and healthy.  To put it in Obama terms, they are on the ladder rung above the old and wealthy and are being required to give them a hand.  They want no part of this.  It is reminiscent of the college poll that asked if they agreed that the 1% should share the efforts of their wealth with those who do not have it.  They answered with a resounding YES.  But, then they were asked if they would share their grades with those who did not have them and their answered with a resounding NO.

With the Millenials it comes down to "what is good for thee, is not good for me" and Obamacare and the war with Syria is not good for them.  Both directly effect their age groups directly.

The funny thing is I do not find anything wrong with the Millenials individualistic attitudes.  I do not find them to be selfish or arrogant.  What I find them to be is American.  They are exercising exactly what it is to be American and enjoy "individual freedoms" and "individual liberty"!  They were the ones that initially supported Obama because of his veiled campaign promises were masked as something that they did not find threatening.  Now, they see the light.

When you look at Millenials historically you will find them inherently conservative.  Specifically, the following people were considered, by today's definition, as Millienials:

Marquis de Lafayette -- 18 years old
James Monroe -- 18 years old
Gilbert Stuart -- 20 years old
Aaron Burr -- 20 years old
Alexander Hamilton -- 21 years old
Betsy Ross -- 24 years old
James Madison -- 25 years old

 These young Americans were born into British heritage and expected to toe the British line in the colonies.  They did not want taxation without representation.  They wanted individual freedom and liberty.  They shunned King George III, just as the current Millenials are shunning King Obama.

There is hope that the young, whom we fear have been indoctrinated in schools by collectivists, will stick to their own individualism as most youngsters do.  The mixed message of the socialists want their unbridled loyalty for their personal political power but as most youngsters defy authority, hopefully they will defy the men and women of the crown.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Obama's kept promise

Try as I might to find just exactly where Obama has kept his myriad of campaign promises there was one that I have found, resoundingly.

The fundamental fact of the United States is that it represents "freedom and liberty" based upon the founding documents (Constitution and the Bill of Rights).

So the question is, has this President fundamentally changed the United States of America?  The answer is an absolute YES.

In the case of the US Constitution Obama has had the most profound effects.  He has blatantly breached or outright disregarded its charter since the very beginning.  As a result he has also shredded the "US Bill of Rights" as a result.

"The Bill of Rights enumerates freedoms not explicitly indicated in the main body of the Constitution, such as freedom of religion, freedom of speech, a free press, and free assembly; the right to keep and bear arms; freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, security in personal effects, and freedom from warrants issued without probable cause; indictment by a grand jury for any capital or "infamous crime"; guarantee of a speedy, public trial with an impartial jury; and prohibition of double jeopardy.

There are many examples of this in his policies and he knows that he can breach these areas initially and wait for our system of balance to address them causing a delay of rectification, if any.  For instance the "freedom of religion" has been breached by Obamacare's inclusion of abortifacients and the penalty for those of faith to adhere to the policy against their beliefs.  In another area -- "freedom of speech" was breached as a result of the intentional targeting of conservative groups by the IRS.  This breach had profound ramifications on the last US Presidential election as the hold-up of those particular 501(c)(3) applicants kept them on the sidelines and out of the election fray. 

The federal government is actively seeking to breach the 2nd Amendment rights.  The unrelenting assault against gun ownership continues, unabated and in earnest.  The Justice Department is at the forefront of this battle to take away our guns while at the same time providing them to Drug Cartels.  The State Department under John Kerry has signed onto the UN Arms Ban Treaty and the ratification is just a heartbeat away by the Senate.  The Senate as you know is controlled by the Democrats.  Those who think it won't be ratified had better wake up. 

The Justice Department has become so politicized and acts as a thug of this administration in many areas.  When Obama stressed that the US needs a civilian defense force that rivals the military in size, strength and funding, it is clear that it is already occurring.  The large influx of federal jobs has assured this reality.  The DHS has been buying and hording ammunition and military like assets.  The Park police have already flexed their muscle in the interdiction and harassment of citizens trying to enjoy our monuments.  The IRS, well I have already discussed the harassment and personal targeted attacks against those that counter Obama's policies and philosophies. 

The Senate has failed their Constitutional duties to balance the US Budget since Obama has taken office and the result has been to weaken us domestically as well as internationally as our financial strength has been eroded to the point of impossibility to function.

This administration has shunned negotiations with internal political opposition, but relishes in negotiating with terror sponsored states.  Everything that America use to represent has been flipped onto its head and upside down.  Reality is unbelievable.  This is Obama's view of American exceptionalism. 

As more and more of his insidious policies are brought to bear on a perceived helpless public the more difficult it will be to reverse and correct.  This is exactly what the "Cloward-Piven Strategy" is designed to do.  I used the words "perceived helpless" nomenclature to describe the public because the helplessness perception is held by the Administration and their fellow travelers because there is power growing from the grassroots who abhor what this transformation has accomplished.

There is a tipping point that is quickly approaching as America hangs in the balance.  This tipping point, I believe, will show the world once again that America (or the idea of what America really is) will rise above this internal menace and right this ship of State.  It will show the world that freedom and liberty are inherently American in nature and the 200+ plus years that it has flourished and taken root in our conscientiousness cannot be eradicated as it is now in our very DNA.  The world will see how we, as freedom and liberty loving souls will rise to the occasion again to throw off this yoke of tyranny.

Friday, October 11, 2013

A FAILURE of leadership

In 2006 Senator Barack Obama gave a speech (actually didn't read it, just included it into the record) in which he advocated against raising the debt limit.  Not only did he oppose it on principle, he called it a "failure of leadership" (Bush's). 

He said the following -- "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure.

If Washington were serious about honest tax relief in this country, we would see an effort to reduce our national debt by returning to responsible fiscal policies.

Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grand children. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better. I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit."

Since he has become President the debt has more than doubled from the levels he was complaining about.  So where is the FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP fall now?

America under "quasi-Martial Law"

A Texas Democrat recently said the solution to the Government shutdown is "Martial Law".  What America is slowly recognizing is, this is exactly what they have enacted against us already.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is no stranger to socialist strategy or support.  Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis. Martial law is usually imposed on a temporary basis.  Remember when Obama, during his 2008 election campaign said --

Many are coming to understand what he meant and why.  Many also believe there is ample proof that this Government has used the government civilian workforce in this manner already.  The IRS scandal that targeted political enemies for one.  The EPA regulatory arms that have intentionally strangled business (a back bone of financial support for Republicans) and the thuggish police tactics of the park police in manning the memorial barricades as well as their kidnapping of tourist at a closed hotel all in the name of order to make the public as uncomfortable as possible.

It is no surprise Obama's and Congresses approval ratings are in the toilet.  The populace is not happy to be living in quasi martial law.  You can put lipstick on this pig, but it is what it is......

Monday, October 7, 2013

The swirling lies of Obamacare

Make no mistake about it, Obamacare is owned lock stock and barrel by the Democrats.  They are the only ones that have voted for it and then performed a procedural sleigh of hand to get it enacted.  There was even a touch of election chicanery in the election to the US Senate by a Saturday Night Live comedian for the State of Minnesota who cast the deciding vote.

I could go down the litany of lies told by Obama (and the Democrats) during the run up to the force feeding of this bill.  I say bill because it certainly does not qualify as a law which is one of the other lies that Obama and even some Republicans call it.  Let me explain.

The short version, Obamacare is unconstitutional (yet another lie that Obama spews when he said the Supreme Court has upheld the law.  I use the word law here because Obama and the Dems use that term, but in the truth of the matter it is not a law.

The longer version is this:

"Obamacare originated in the Senate.

It was introduced in Congress in 2009 by Senate majority leader Harry Reid, who called it the “Senate health care bill” (a description still touted long afterwards on Reid’s website). Employing the chicanery that marked the legislation through and through, the Democrat-controlled Senate turned its 3,000-page mega-proposal into a Senate amendment. The Senate attached its amendment to a nondescript, uncontroversial House bill (the “Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009”) that had unanimously passed (416–0) in the lower chamber.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, it is now undeniable that Obamacare was tax legislation. It was also, by its own proclamation, a bill for raising revenue. Democrats maintained that the Senate proposal would reduce the federal budget deficit by $130 billion. More to the point, the bill contained 17 explicit “Revenue Provisions” — none of which was remotely related to the House bill to which the Senate proposal was attached.

Therefore, Obamacare is revenue-raising tax legislation, originated in the Senate in violation of the Constitution."

Per the Washington Times:

"This fall, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit will hear an appeal in Sissel v. HHS as to whether Obamacare violates the Origination Clause of the Constitution, which provides that “[a]ll Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives,” the people’s house.

So, the gist of the matter is when the President was trotter around the country telling lie after lie, such as "Obamacare is not a tax" it turns out that, er, actually, it is.  As such that legislation under the Origination clause falls to the House. 

This is why the Democrats and Obama are shrill and nervously peeing their pantaloons.  When the House, led by Ted Cruz conservatives and begrudgingly following Boehner, the clock has stopped for Obamacare.  During this clock stoppage we get to see just how screwed up the rush to "beat the clock" has been.  A disaster.  They are grasping at straws and acting childish in an attempt to break the impass and get that clock a ticking again.  Here's to a well deserved time out.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


For anyone who has any doubts about this President and his fellow travelers that have forced Obamacare down America's throat the following toll free number is the official Obamacare hotline.  This is not a joke.  I have tried it, so should you to verify.

1-800 FUCK-YOU

Don't take my word for it.  Pick up your phone and dial it.

Spotlight on the "Non-Essentials"

It is no wonder why the Democrats, who are in love with a bloated and powerful government, have not passed a budget in the Senate and are fighting so hard to demonize the Republicans as destroying it as it is shuttered.

The doom and gloom prediction by the left and the MSM has been in full speed ahead mode.  Make no mistake the left is literally banking on the mechanisms they have put in place (No Budget and endless Continuing Resolutions) in order to mask just how much of this bloated and feckless bureaucracy is truly non-essential.  We have heard, from the left and the MSM, that 800,000 federal employee's are being laid off and the horror stories keep on a coming.  We have heard that sick children are not receiving their cancer treatments because of the obstructionist terror led Republicans.  But with each horror the Republican House has offered up a separate bill and each one has been rejected by the Democrats.  Harry Reid even let slip that he has no intention of allowing those sick kids get their treatment because there are 1,100 Federal Employees that need help too over at Andrews AFB. 

According to Reuters, of the 2.1 million Federal employees 60% are still working despite the shutdown.  The article list the percentage of certain agencies essential to non-essential ratios:

EPA - 6% deemed essential
HUD - 6% deemed essential
NASA - 3% deemed essential
IRS - 9.3% deemed essential
Dept. of Education - 10% deemed essential
Treasury - 18% deemed essential
Interior - 20% deemed essential
Labor - 22% deemed essential

Since the shutdown, the National Security Agencies have maintained 30% of its civilian workforce.  Homeland Security 86%, Dept. of Justice 84%, VA 95% and State Department have 100% working.

So, why are we paying the salaries for workers that are not essential to the Government?  Obama and his ilk hired an additional 200,000 federal employees as a centerpiece to his stimulus bill.  It is no secret that the Federal Government has been hiring at a faster clip than the private sector.  The Federal Government pays its employers substantially more than the private force.  These are the stakes for the Left and cancer kids are fodder to them.  The kids who are being denied crucial treatment so callously are acceptable loss in the larger war to keep the State expanding, growing and burgeoning.  In order to keep this behemoth fed, their cannot be a budget because a budget is the impediment.  The longer the Government is shutdown the more the Left is exposed to their lies of its essential life giving need.  They have bemoaned that the economy will collapse worldwide if we don't reopen the doors.  This is why this administration keep making political moves such as shuttering the WWII vets memorial and posting more guards to keep them out than they had posted in Benghazi.  They are desperate to keep feeding this unessential beast.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yeah, Normandy was closed when we got there too!

The title was a comment by one of the WWII vets that stormed the Washington DC Memorial site.  You got to love those guys, I do!  It seems though that Obama doesn't.  It was learned that Obama ordered the park service to barricade the site to punish the Republicans.  To counter this the Republicans (House) passed a bill specifically to fund the memorial and it was rejected by Harry Reid.  The same Harry Reid that replied to a CNN reporters question about funding cancer treatments for 101 sick kids that the Republicans also passed a separate funding bill for  -- "Why would we want to do that"?  He replied.

It also appears that there were more security at the WWII memorial than that was provided to the request of the Ambassador for Benghazi.  So, come now, who are the terrorists?

The Avengers

There are new Superhero's on the scene and they are not "Whacko Birds".  Senators Cruz and Lee are taking Washington by storm in the name of true Americans.  They are leaping tall buildings with a single bound and are faster than a speeding bullet.  They are also multitasking dynamo's.  Instead of taking the fight to the evil doers on the Democrat side of Gotham they are also fighting the insidious infiltrator imposters that call themselves Republicans.  As Sally Zelikovsky at American Thinker puts it -- "As a party, we cannot afford to lose millions of more votes. We must clean up our internal affairs before we take on the enemy."  While fighting for us, the little people, they are also engaged in reformation.  Guess what, they are winning.  Islam, moderate Islam, can take a page from their book in efforts to weed out their extremist elements and reform. 

The vocal and dissatisfied Rep. Peter King (R-New York) calls the efforts of our dynamic duo as turncoats, traitors of Republicans.  I wrote a recent article that on September 9, 2013 King was the only GOP member to officially throw his hat in the 2016 Presidential field.  Cruz is his main obstacle in achieving that (with the exception of the voters) goal.  So, if you do a little background check on King you will find he has done this internal chicanery before.  He has more in common with Obama than Cruz when it comes to taking down another republican for political expediency -- "King first sought public office in 1977, running for an at-large seat on the Hempstead, New York Town  Council and winning with the backing of the then-powerful Nassau County  Republican Party machine led by Joesph Margiotta.  In1981, he successfully ran for Nassau County Comptroller again with Margiotta's support. The next year, when several prominent Republican politicians, led by then Senator Alfonse D'Amato, sought to displace Margiotta, King joined them in this internal Republican dispute; at one point, he was the only Nassau politician to do so." - Wikipedia

The American public are proud of these two and the many others who have joined in the battle.  They are fighting for us and for "Truth, Justice and the American Way".

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The next Obama -- Corey Booker

I love it when the left wing media, aka main stream media, anoints the next messiah prematurely.  The MSM is all agog over Corey Booker and his sure win Senate seat over Steve Lonegan in NJ.  The MSM, on September 11 rolled out a poll showing Booker had a 35 point lead over Lonegan.  Then 9 days later it was shaved down to 26 point lead.  Still a landslide by any definition.  One day later another poll arrives on the scene erodes Booker to just a 12 point lead.

A little reminder to readers show Bookers rise to fame (outside of New Jersey) came during the last Presidential elections and was found countering the Obama party line in an interview in which Booker informed the public that the personal attacks on Bain Capital and private equity firms in general were wrong.  Chris Matthews on MSLSD went ballistic to denounce him as did the DNC and the WH gang.  It didn't take long for Booker to walk back his comments but not before the damage was done.  Now, he is the next Obama.

The only problem with that is Booker is on record to be in total favor of Obamacare.  It makes you wonder if the slippery slide downward is because of Obamacare and Bookers love affair with it and all things Obama.  An "American Spectator" article on booker show -- According to the headline in the Newark Star-Ledger:

          Obamacare to end health plan used by 100,000 New Jerseyans

The Senate seat race may be another Scott Brown moment for the Democrats.  Here's hoping.

Dangerous Returning Veterans

You remember those dangerous would-be; lone wolf; fully trained and patriotic veterans that believe in God and Country and a strong Constitution that we were warned about by DHS.  Well they landed, breached the perimeter barriers and secured their objectives. 

Here is the face of terror in the Democrats America:

Cruz'n for a bruising

For all we have heard in the MSM about the ideological driven extremist terrorist Ted Cruz there has been a silence of sorts to the effect he has really had on House Leaders.  Sure we have heard that Cruz has "co-opted" or "hi-jacked" the House, but the real civil war that is being fought in the trenches for the heart and soul of the GOP is raging.  This inner battle is very important in the bloody fight against the long and consistent march of Progressive socialism and the very heart of American ideals that have been eroding for a very long time.

Make no mistake, this is a watershed moment and Cruz, Mike Lee and grassroots activists who align with Tea Party ideals are in it, to win it, at all cost.  This is their mandate from voters and they have held the line and have even made important movement forward in this battle.

The MSM has largely unreported one of the Cruz/Lee internal victories because if they had reported it for what it was, it would have shown a bright light on the harbinger of things to come.  What I am talking about is that House Conservatives have abandoned the Speaker in this latest fight and have huddled with Cruz/Lee on how to proceed.  The House Speaker has enormous power and influence over the members and hold sway over the purse strings for campaign funds for re-elections and powerful committee posts awarded or taken away.

In fact, Boehner has already lowered the boom on the freshmen members directly after their entering the House in order to, well, order them to toe the party line of appeasement and status quo.  The old guard did not read their tea leafs correctly after the 2010 grassroots sweeps into the House and for some reason think it was their ideas and not a disgruntled conservative electorate demand for change.  Now the old horses who shoved McCain and Romney down our throats as the ones to challenge the Progressive march forward have a decision to make.  Capitulate to the fire breathing, conservative fighting dragons of new, or continue their slide into the dust bin of history.  I cannot imagine at this point what the GOP/Republican brand will look like in the next year if the old guard doesn't get the message.  I do not know if it will be abandoned or re branded into its old conservative roots.  It is important to not think of 3rd parties vs. rehabilitating the GOP/Republican name but as more time goes by and more damage is done it may have to be discarded.  If it is discarded it may mean a longer period of Democrat rule or it could mean that enough of Americans are so disgusted by both parties that the alternative 3rd party is popular enough to bury both.  Ross Perot made history and may have been able to achieve his victory in the 1990's if for one reason.  He gave up the fight, the rejoined after he saw that was a mistake.  It didn't help matters that Perot picked a daft Vice Presidential running mate either.  History could be changing and the shining city on a hill may be brighter than ever.