Friday, July 31, 2009

Obama finally finds success in talks, now if Iran or North Korea drank beer

In a carefully crafted "summit" the President put together in order to calm the fires he stoked when he weighted in with his racial remarks between the Cambridge police and his elitist academic friend.

The news cameras were kept at a distance just enough to shoot film, but could not hear the discussions between the disgruntled parties in typical Obama fashion.

At at the end of the summit where no apologies were traded the White House spun the talks as successful as the President poured mugs of froth for the combatants in order to show he can bring together warring factions.

Next up, microbrews for little Kim and the crazy Iranian?

Did Jesus Claim Barack Obama is SATAN?, “I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from Heaven.” Luke 10:18

Written on the 29th day of June 2008 C.E. by The Hon. Dr. Rabbi Sollog Immanuel Adonai-Adoni

How does a Jewish Rabbi, which Jesus is credited with being (John 1:38), say in HEBREW, that Satan is like LIGHTNING from heaven?

Barack, also transliterated as Baraq in Hebrew, is LIGHTNING (Strongs Hebrew word 1300).

Even in Greek, Barak is LIGHTNING (Strongs Greek word 913) for the name of a person!

The ONLY WAY, a Jewish Rabbi can say in Hebrew that SATAN is LIGHTNING is, SATAN BARACK!Interestingly, the “Greek” verse of Luke 10:18 does not contain an actual Greek word to translate into “Fall”.

The Greek word translated as “Fall” appears to be a rare form of a Hebrew word for “transgressions”.

So, the words of Jesus in this verse probably refer to heavenly transgressions.

In Hebrew poetry from the dominant book that the New Testament draws upon, to validate the “works” of Jesus as “proof” of poetic prophecy, the use of BAMA (Strongs Hebrew word 1116) is used to refer to the “heights” of heaven. That book is Isaiah.

Christian scholars would agree, that much of the New Testament refers directly to passages of Isaiah's poetry.

Isaiah is also the source of origin for the Christian concept of “Satan” or “Lucifer” Isaiah 14:12.

In the verses of Isaiah that refer directly to “Lucifer” in King James translations of Isaiah, sure enough, BAMA (Strongs Hebrew word 1116) is used to refer to the “Heights” of Heaven (Isaiah 14:14)!In Hebrew, the letter vau is transliterated as an “O” or “U”.

It is primarily used as a conjunction to join concepts together. So, to “join” in Hebrew poetry the concept of lightning (Barack) and a high place like heaven or the “Heights of Heaven”, the letter “O” or Hebrew vau would be used. Bama is most commonly used to refer to a high sacred place, as well as to the “Heights” of the heavens or clouds.So, Barack O Bama in Hebrew poetry, similar to the style of Isaiah, would translate literally as Lightning and the “Heights” of the sky or heaven!Satan is Satan in Hebrew.

So the Jesus “Prophecy” of Luke 10:18, if spoken actually by a Jewish Rabbi influenced by the poetry of Isaiah, would have said the verse Luke 10:18 as ;Satan Barack O Bama

That would be Hebrew for Satan is Lightning (Barack) and the heights (BAMA) of heaven or the sky.

Since the oldest copy of Luke 10:18 is recorded in Greek, the only word we need to add, is the incorrectly translated word for a “fall”.

Thus far, Christian scholars claim the word translated as “fall” is Strongs Greek 4098, Pipto. In Luke 10:18, in GREEK, Pipto is not used. The word is pesouta. This is probably a Greek phonetic usage of the Hebrew word. Like Satan is Hebrew and translated phonetically as a Hebrew word, it seems pesouta, a Hebrew word, was not correctly translated, since a Greek word NOT IN THE GREEK TEXT for “fall” is credited by scholars as being in the Satan is Barack (Lightning) verse.

The Hebrew root of pesouta is a word normally used to refer to a “transgression” or a sin.

Pesa (Strongs Hebrew word 6588) refers to a revolt, rebellion or sin, a “transgression”. This is the exact concept normally associated with “Satan” in Christian theology.

So, Luke 10:18 is correctly translated as;“Satan is like Lightning (Barack) and the Highest (Bama) heavenly rebellion/sin/transgression!!

While Christians consider “Sin” a humanly “fall” from Grace, the Greek word for a “fall” is not used in Luke 10:18.

Interestingly, we now have a political leader on the threshold of obtaining control of the largest arsenal of NUCLEAR WARHEADS on this planet!

If you were SATAN, or Barack (Hebrew for Lightning), what army would you try to take control of, so you could unleash 10,000 NUKES upon mankind and DESTROY what he hates (Humanity)?

That army, is the army of the United States of America!

Interestingly, another world figure named Barack, is already in control of over 100 NUKES! The minister of Defense of Israel is named Barack!

The New Testament records Jesus saying LIGHTNING, or Barack in Hebrew, only three times! Luke 10:18 is clear. SATAN is BARACK or Lightning!

In Matthew 24:27, Jesus explains how his “coming” will be connected to LIGHTNING (Barack)!Matt 24:27 “For as the Lightning (Barack) cometh out of the east and shineth unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be!”

The Greek word translated as “For” in this verse is gar (Strongs Greek word 1063). This word can also be translated as SEEING or WHEN. So seeing Barack or when Barack comes from the east and shines unto the west is a TIMING EVENT for the “Coming of Jesus”!

Barack Obama grew up in the “East”, in the country of Indonesia! His political career is now about to shine upon the West, the United States!Can it be, the “Coming of the Son of Man” is nigh?

According to New Testament verses, Lightning or Barack is SATAN and his travels from the East in Indonesia to his accession to the throne of power in the West, the United States, signals the “Coming of the Son of Man”!

In Luke 17:24, Jesus once again uses Lightning (Barack aka SATAN) for a timing prophecy of his “Coming”!

Once again, the Greek word gar (Strongs Greek word 1063) is translated as “for”. However, it is also “seeing” or “when”.

So, Luke 17:24 can also be read as:“Seeing/when lightning (Barack) comes out of Heaven... so shall also the Son of man be in his day!”

So, Jesus used Lightning (Barack in Hebrew) to literally describe SATAN!

He then tied his “Coming” to the appearance of “Barack” or Lightning aka SATAN! Many political pundits describe the charisma of Barack Obama as “Messianic”! Perhaps they should read their Bibles closer and see it is really SATANIC CONTROL!

The modern “Jewish” concept of SATAN is not like the Christian concept of SATAN! “Jews” with a traditional “Jewish” view of the Old Testament consider SATAN to be an “accuser” or an “opponent”, not a “fallen angel” out to DESTROY Mankind!

In fact, SATAN is actually two different words in Hebrew. The second SATAN means literally PISS ON THE WALL! In fact, the Hebrew word SIN means the same thing PISS ON THE WALL! (See Strongs Hebrew word 8366 = Satan/Piss/Sin).

The Satan Christians comprehend, is Strongs Hebrew words 7853 and 7854. The ADVERSARY, slanderer, opponent or accuser!

The Christian version of Satan was influenced by the Greek version of the Old Testament, created about 300 B.C., the Greek Septuaginta.

That Greek view of “Satan” probably emanated from contemporary Hebrew thought that was not part of mainstream Judaism. That view, was of the separatist Jews now known as the “Essenes”. The Essenic concept of a Great War in Heaven between the Sons of God was written about in Essenic literature that is not part of traditional Bibles now. However, their poetic prose about the “Great Battle” between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness were rediscovered not long before Barack was born! That discovery was the Dead Sea Scrolls!

Most Christian Scholars now connect Jesus to the group of Essenes that wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, primarily due to their communal concept of life, devotion to a minimalistic lifestyle almost in poverty, and of course ritual bathing or baptism. The Essenes were also acclaimed “Healers”, in the mode of the “Miracles” of the New Testament!

So, is Satan like what “Jews” are taught? An accuser? Or PISS ON THE WALL? Or, is Satan really LIGHTNING/BARACK who now strolls the earth, walking to and fro, and about to take CONTROL of over 10,000 NUKES?

If SATAN is a real diabolic fallen “angel”, then the rise of Satan/Lightning/Barack is THE SIGN that the COMING of IMMANUEL is nigh...

Obama wants to make our enemies our friend, while treating our friends like enemies

During the campaign Obama raised a considerable amount of ire when he insisted that we sit down and negotiate with the terror regime of Iran over the nuclear weapon issue.

Those who believe that we cannot negotiate with terrorist are angry that Obama tactic to open the dialogue without any conditions attatched to such an adventure.

Obama has instead positioned the American and Jewish concerns into a weakened groundwork by making this bold extension of his "olive leaf".

Since he has stated this position publically Iran has been emboldened to the point to where they are now demanding that Washington apologize for his past transgressions and itself has set a myriad of conditions in order to discuss the issue with us all the while they continue to build their bomb.

In addition to this reckless and dangerously naive policy course Obama has told Israel (actually ordered) to stop its building of settlements and under any circumstances are they to engage in a "pre-emptive strike" against Iranian nuclear facilities with further embolden the terrorist regime.

Netenyahu has openly defied Obama's order to the Jewish State and vows to continue to build its settlements and will likely do what it is in its best interest regarding any military strikes to pretect its citizens from being obliterated by Islamic Fundamentalists.

Obama is still undeterred by Israels defiance and has now sent his most senior advisors back to Israel in order to "order" them again to "cease and desist".

So, instead of holding a firm stance against the terror state in manner that Obama is doing with Israel he is doing his best to ensure that the Jewish state will "cease to exist"!

I wonder if the news sources actually read their own garbage, AP headline - US Defense Chief vows new sanctions if Iran Balks

This little news story really is news! First, Defense Secretaries do not get involved in political decisions like these. That is what a "Secretary of State" and White House strategize.

Obama is grasping here by having his DEFSEC announce this pathetic announcement and the pathetic way the news organization is trying to carry water here.

First, the clock is ticking and the story has "Obama sets a rough deadline of this fall for an answer"!

When the fate of Israel and the ME hangs in the balance from nuclear inhialation from a terror state Obama gives a rough deadline, but when it comes to bailouts, cap and trade, stimulus and health care it has to be immediate, no meandering or rough deadlines (the democrats act like these issues are more life an death stuff).

Second, in order to appear strong and threatening over the issue the AP reports SECDEF states "Gates says the next step would be harsher and might include a number of punitive measures simultaneously. That would be a departure from the current international policy of gradual sanctions with punishments getting tougher each time Iran falls short.


I never thought that Obama was such a cowboy unilateralist! Simultaneous punitive measures, wow -- a departure from current international policy of gradual sanctions.

It was those very same international policy sanctions that kept Sadaam Hussein from acting up all those fifteen years and 20 resolutions later (before Bush and the US Marines placed him at room temperature).

The liberal MSM is finding it harder and harder in covering Obama's mistakes and naive policy with stories woven out of pure fantasy!

Outragious - Truly unfit to lead our Armed Forces

With our troops engaged in battle in Afghanistan for the last 7 years and countless US forces fallen in battle you can surely believe that every single soldier, airman, sailor and marine is committed to victory.

The big problem is the Usurper, coward in chief has announced to the world that Victory is not our goal.Outragious and cowardly not to mention entirely demoralizing to those who have fought and are continuing to fight with the goal to achieve victory.

It is no wonder that al-quada and the Taliban are resurging and emboldened when we refuse to act like we have no heart in the fight.

Obama is truly disgusting and cowardly.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apollo 11 - 40th anniversary, According to WND -- Houston, we have a problem

Barack Obama celebrated the historic moon mission by having Michael Collins, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Adrin at the White House and told them during a press conference "The country continues to draw inspiration from what you've done.

I should note, just personally, I grew up in Hawaii, as many of you know, and I still recall sitting on my grandfather's shoulders when those capsules would land in the middle of the Pacific and they'd get brought back and we'd go out and we'd pretend like they could see us as we were waving at folks coming home.

And I remember waving American flags and my grandfather telling me that the Apollo mission was an example of how Americans can do anything they put their minds to.

First of all can anyone picture Obama waiving an American flag in pride for anything?

Second, Obama was living in Indonesia at the time of the historic moon mission and not in Hawaii.

Just another lie about living in Hawaii!

If the President cannot even get his past correct, shouldn't he allow historians access to all of his records to document and get his story correct for posterity? After all his election was the most historic -- according to the MSM.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama's Soup kitchens now open, Stimulus money to feed the growing ranks of poor

Hope and Change!

"If we do not pass the stimulus package unemployment will soar to 9%, If we quickly pass the stimulus then it will stay below 8.5%" declares Obama.

The stimulus passed without any Republican support and the democrats own it.Guess what, unemployment is on a rocketship to over 10%!

Whoa I thought it would not go above 8.5%?So, next we heard "Everybody got it wrong"!

Joe Bidens attempt to share the blame when no Republicans voted for it.

No-one read the bill before the vote - wonder why they did not get it right?

So, next we heard "to get out of the looming bankruptcy that America is facing, we must spend our way out and pass another stimulus bill".

Joe Bidens second attempt at "getting it wrong".Now, with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) testifying before the Congressional Committee that is trying to foist yet another back breaking money boondogle call Health Care, they tell our leaders that if passed, it cannot be sustained.

What does Obama do with this testimony from his own Government oversight group, tell Congress to get some Cojones and keep on track to pass the bill.

Is anyone wondering yet, why they are getting it wrong? They have direct evidence that their proposed policy will bankrupt America and yet they are still moving ahead.

So, what does Obama do in the face of the growing opposition (from his own party, because everyone else is rejecting it)? He delays the Federal Budget forecast that was suppose to be released mid-July, until mid-August (which will be after the bill is voted on).I

t seems that Obama does not want any distraction from passing a bill designed to destroy America financially.

This is pre-meditated murder of democracy and he needs to be stopped.

Obama's midnight call to liberal bloggers, Health Care bill promised regardless of defeat

It was learned that Obama held a conference call to his liberal blogger network to coordinate "talking points" in advocating his "healthcare bill".

During this call Obama made the promise that regardless of the opposition to his bill he would ram this down the Americans throats by way of the "fillibuster proof", Budget Reconcilliation procedure this year.

Just thought you would like to know what the Usurper was planning!

Feds exerting muscle over states gun rights, ATF sends letters to gun dealers and manufacturers

Earlier this year Utah told the Feds to butt out when they did not require its residents to register firearms if the weapons were made in Utah and are meant to stay in Utah thus getting around the "commerce act" that gives the Federal Govt its teeth in that law.

Now, Tennessee has followed suit in a closely worded law (to Utah's) and in response, the AFT has sent all the gun manufacturers and dealers letters stating the must register each gun sold or manufactured in accordance with Federal law or face consequences?

The stage is being set for a confrontation between States rights vs. Federal bully tactics. This is just another example of States flexin their 10th Amendment muscles.

Obama Administrations' version of Bagdad Bob, Robert (Bob) Gibbs

Do you remember when the Iraq war was going on, the voice of Sadaam Hussein was Bagdad Bob. He would come out to say that there were no American Troops at the airport when in the background you could see US troops. Then he would come out to say that the Iraq military was kicking US butts out of the country when we were toppling the statute in the square.

Well, now America has our own version of Bagdad Bob -- Robert Gibbs. Seems everytime he opens his mouth to spout out the WH version of events, it is always proven wrong or that they have lied.

Obama - the failure in chief, lies starting to effect his policy goals

Recent Polls show that American are distrustful of Obama! See here:
Here are some of the reasons why:
Promise: Obama pushed Congress to Pass the $878 billion stimulus by predicting an immediate impact.
Result: Economic indicators are still in a tailspin in the downward trajectory and Obama now insists it will be over 2 years before the benefits peak.
Promise: Obama predicted the stimulus package would keep unemloyment below 8% and would hit 9% if it wasn't.
Result: Unemployment has rocketed above 9.5% and now is set to breach double digits this year.
Promise: Obama insisted that a Health Care Plan would lower costs.
Result: The CBO has reported that the plan is unsustainable and would actually raise costs and the national debt.
Promise: Obama, on April 20th promised the public that Congress would cut $100 million from the federal budget (due to the out of control spending spree the Democrats had been on) within the next 90 days.
Result: Though prodded for the details on whether Congress has achieved this goal - Silence!Promise: Bailouts would be around $2 trillion dollars and taxpayers would reap dividends when distressed properties sold.Result: Bailouts have bled into other sectors that were never approved by the American Public and no oversight has resulted from the promised oversight of the first bailouts (which was a law passed with the bailouts in the first phase).
Now we learn that the bailouts could exceed $23 trillion dollars.
See the following:
and in regards to oversight of this massive sums of money:,0,4611786.story

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Laugh, Robert Gibbs laughs/scoffs at Obama Birth Certficate claim

Just in case you were not aware:

In addition to the WND reporting on this issue, Fox News (Hannity) has now picked up the issue and is reporting on it. Addionally, the reporting of this "birther" issue is not exclusive to "right wing" (even though Fox is not a right wing news agency) news as Lou Dobbs of CNN interviewed attorney Taitz over the case on July 15th and said the following:

"And Orly Taitz, the attorney for Maj. Stefan Cook, was on the Lou Dobbs radio program, along with former U.S. Ambassador Alan Keyes, who was a presidential candidate on the ballot in 2008. Dobbs said he and his staff have "been working hard to figure out what's going on."

He said he's found the Federal Election Commission does "nothing to validate … a candidate." Nor do the states, he said. Keyes said it rests upon judges and members of Congress, who have sworn an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, to do their duty and investigate questions or discrepancies. Dobbs suggested that many Americans believe simply being born to a mother who is a U.S. citizen automatically makes the newborn a citizen, but both Taitz and Keyes explained that under the immigration law in effect in the 1960s when Obama was born, an American woman married to a foreign national man had to have lived in the U.S. 10 years, at least five of which were after the age of 14, to pass along U.S. citizenship. Taitz pointed out Obama's mother was too young to do that.

"Now that Dobbs has reported on it, another Liberal Talk show host out of NYC (Lynn Samuels) also joined the ranks of the "birthers" when she said this:""We don't even know where he was born," she says. "I absolutely believe he was not born in this country."

Challenged by a caller that Obama could not have hidden birth certificate issues from the U.S., she responded:

"Yes you can. His birth certificate is locked and the story came out on WorldNetDaily the other day – they're really on this – he said originally he was born in like Queen Anne hospital in Hawaii. Then he sends a letter of congratulations on the anniversary of some other hospital in Hawaii, saying of course this is a great hospital, I was born here. He doesn't even know where the hell he was born because he's lying."

The issue is gaining momentum from all sides and is just a matter of time before it is too much for Team Obama to keep under wraps.

With his socialist policy going down the tubes according to the polls and his health care bill coming apart at the seams he still will have to start fending off legal issues from the Rod Blagoyevich case. It just keeps getting better and better

"Obama the messaih", and the criminals and crimes his name is tied to

I was sitting here in front of my computer doing research on an article when I came across a story of a murder that took place in front of a church in Washington DC on April 19, 2008. The headline of the article in the Washington Times read "Key witness is passport fraud case fatally shot"!

The research I was involved in when I came across this headline had to do with the information that attorney Orly Taitz ("Birther" attorney) is seeking as a result of the two recent victories she has racked up. The documents she is seeking from Obama is his Birth Certificate, college records, immigration records, school records and his passport records.

Going further back in time (from the murder in DC) on March 21, 2008 there was a news item that seemed innocuous at the time that was reported by msmbc titled "Obama passport file breach at State Department".

The reason I labeled it innocuous is because Hillary Clinton, John Mc Cain and Obama's files were all breached. The murder victim was a "key witness" to the breach at State.Some will say that I have the whole thing wrong here, that it would have been someone tied to the Republican camp that wanted to cover their tracks when they stole records for political purposes. To smear the democratic candidates for President. After all the records that were accessed on John McCain were later verified as a training exercise for a new records employee while the breach to Obama and Clinton had warrented a federal investigation.

All that I would have to say to that idea is yeah, right, and Sandy Berger accidently had documents fall into his underwear and socks.I have yet to find any follow up story as to the status of the investigation as most political murders go unsolved (ala Vince Foster).With his name tied to ACORN fraud, Rod Blagoyevich Senate Seat Sale, Bill Ayers terrorist criminal, Tony Rezko and a whole host of other criminals and crimes (that the left does not want "guilt by association" to apply) when will it be enough to seriously investigate the invisible man?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

US Army retreats in the courtroom

In less than 48 hours a single attorney who has been on the forefront of litigation to compel, through legal means, Obama to disclose his long form birth certificate to prove he is not fit to be President has won two major legal victories.

First, yesterday, in Federal Court in Santa Ana, California Ortiz won the right to trial in a case filed on behalf of Alan Keyes (former 2008 Presidential Candidate and Ambassador). Now, today, the Army withdrew it's orders of deployment for US Army Major Stefan Frederick Cook instead of proceeding to fight it out.

It now appears that the Army, instead of forcing one of its officers to deploy during wartime it chose flight over fight.

Now, if any active duty or reservist members of the US military wish to challenge orders given by their usurper CINC all they have to do is call this great American Attorney.

Monday, July 13, 2009

++++Update: Obama will stand trial++++++, Judge declares there will be a trial held on its merits

This just in from a friend of Orly Taitz (attorney that is representing the plaintiff Alan Keyes, the former Presidential Candidate and Ambassador)

At the hearing today at the Federal Court building in Santa Ana, Judge Carter said the following:

1. There will be a trial.

2. It will be heard on the merits.

3. Nothing will be dismissed on proceedural issues.

4. The trial will be expeditious, and the judge pledged to give case priority.

5. Being a former Marine he realizes the importance of having a Constitutionally qualified POTUS/CINC.

6. Judge stated that if Obama isn’t Constitutionally qualifed he needs to leave the White House.

The DOJ will be involved with the case also…. I wasn’t clear if they would be trying to get to the truth or they would just be blindly representing Obama.Orly will be adding members of the military from California as plaintiffs also.

This is from what my interpretation of our conversation.Orly, asked me to disseminate this information out for her, she will be doing a posting later after she gets some sleep.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The extinction of honesty, meeting of Polar Bear Specialist Group to "cook books"

A meeting that is currently underway in Copenhagen that the International Union for the Conservation of Species/Species Survival Commision has organized to strategize ways to create a report that is intended to scare the world on the decline of the species due to man made global warming has banned the leading expert from attending due to his contrary views.

Dr. Mitchell Taylor, who has studied all the 29 different species of Polar Bear for Canada and the Artic Circle for the last 30 years has the proof that instead of a decline in populations of the bears, they have actually increased in numbers over the last 30 years to a tune of 50%.
This meeting is one of many that are aiming at alarming the public prior to the UN's major meeting on Climate Change next December.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Last Laugh, Robert Gibbs laughs/scoffs at Obama Birth Certficate claim

Remember when the reporter finally got his chance (because the White House allows certain news agencies only limited questions on specific days during White House briefings) to ask about Obama and his eligibility to serve as President and he laughed and ridculed the issue as being settled when Obama posted his "short form" Birth certificate on his website during the campaign?

Then all of the lawsuits demanding the long form have been entered at the County, State and Federal court systems that have been routinely denied or dismissed until a couple of weeks ago when a Federal Judge ruled that there ARE serious issues and questions that need to be resolved and schedued a preliminary hearing to get at them (the crack in the wall of silence). That hearing is scheduled for July 13th (Monday).

Since the attorney for the Plaintiffs personally served Obama as an individual on inauguration day (prior to his swearing in) and Obama had ignored the subpoena he is technically in default and the attorney will attempt on Monday to get the order for the documents demanded (which include his long form birth certificate, college records and a slew of other personal documents).

With this impending hearing, the Justice Dept is NOW getting involved and is trying to insert itself into the hearing stating that it is a party to the motion. Thing is, since Obama was not sworn in yet when the subpoena was issued, the Government has no standing as he was not the President yet. In addition, the counsel for the Joint Chiefs are also weighing in NOW because they believe there is concern with the issue of military matters if Obama's eligibility goes sideways on him.

We will wait to see who will get the last laugh here Mr. Gibbs.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Overwhelm - then topple!, Obama strategy for America

photo by AFP Getty
I think we can all safely say that this author believes (and is backed up by sourced material and Obama’s own actions) the usurper President is an ardent socialist that is intent on destroying America (from within) in order to bring about a utopian society that he and his fellow travelers believe in.

The strategy that I talk about is well sourced and is funded by foreign individuals as well as our own money from taxpayers.

First let me begin by restating that Obama is not even an American Citizen by birth and the very act of his Presidency should show that he has no intention of upholding and defending our sacred constitution by this fact alone. His radical roots are also well sourced and in the public domain.

His ties to ACORN go back to his youth and he believes in the “community activist” model as he has shown in his policy aspirations and decisions. This is cemented by his proposal to give the 2010 census to them for completion.

The Obama belief in ACORN is not just in the voter registration spectrum, but mainly in the militant philosophy that they have adopted in the Cloward-Piven strategy.

I have written extensively about this before and hope the readers take a chance to read it again now because it goes to the heart of what Obama is trying to achieve. For instance, how many times in the past 6 months have you heard the following words coming out of the Obama Administration – “Never let a crisis go to waste”?

This is the gist of the Cloward-Piven strategy that Obama and ACORN worship in order to bring about the downfall of this great nation by “overwhelming” the very institution of our government.
The opening statement of Cloward-Piven is – “Cloward-Piven is a strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis.”
Now that you have read the strategy think about the things that have transpired and reported in the MSM as well as the internet in regards to the various governmental agencies (at the county, city, state and Federal levels) that are under enormous strain or that are outright “overwhelmed”:
1) California is now issuing IOU’s to keep itself afloat. The state has repeatedly tried to solicit help from the Federal level (which Obama has refused intentionally to hasten the economic crisis there).
2) The unemployed ranks are growing at a level that averages roughly 650,000 per month (all of which are drawing benefits, which in turn are placing a number of States across the nation in further economic distress).
3) The last three Presidential elections have been rife with voter fraud, intimidation and corruption that have overwhelmed states and the judicial system with lawsuits.
4) Illegal immigrants have been flooding into the country unchecked and have been sapping local, state and federal welfare programs.
5) The banking system has been overwhelmed by bad loans to unworthy credit risks forcing federal bailouts.
6) Insurance industries have been overwhelmed by defaults of those same banking decisions and have overwhelmed the private companies to seek federal assistance.
The list goes on and on.
Whenever I hear Obama say “never let a crisis go to waste” I know that these are “code words” to the various community organizers and fellow socialist travelers to keep the pressure on to hasten the fall of the “capitalist system” and usher in a Venezuela type government.
If by now you are not convinced that Obama is a radical socialist then all you have to do is look at his ‘foreign policy” (which is now in the history books and should still be fresh in the minds of everyone):
1. Withdraw troops from battlefields in Iraq.
2. Close down Guantanamo and transfer prisoners out of the prison.
3. Meet and shakes hand with Hugo Chavez warmly.
4. Opens up travel and tourism and banking to Cuba.
5. States that Iran has the right to nuclear power and remains quiet about the brutal killings from their elections.
6. Condemns Honduras for upholding their constitution by ejecting their President and calling the whole affair a “coup” and demands they allow the ex-president to return and all the while keeps silent on the threat from Hugo Chavez that Venzuela will use military action against the country to reinstate the outsted president.
7. Demands that Israel stand down militarily against the aggressive Iran and orders them to stop building new settlements.
The list goes on and on!
Domestic spending frenzies, Cap and Trade (which will kill millions of jobs and saddle the taxpayer with high fuel and energy costs) and the biggest spending of all to come in the form of “Healthcare for all”.
The question will not be “will America survive these issues” but “when will the government fall”. In the ensuing riots and chaos will be – “Will the police and military follow Obama to complete the transformation”?
I have no doubt that Obama is pushing to disarm us quickly because the fall is being hastened. This is also why those on the right are being labeled as “extremists” because they will be the ones who will not go quietly into the socialism nighttime.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The "Kill Bill" (not the movie), Going from patient to victim

Universal Healthcare will kill you or someone dear to you!
Obama touts the sucess of other Government controlled healthcare programs around the globe and throws in horror stories of examples of what you currently expect with the our system as it stands today, which is the envy of the world.
Here are a few press releases about the very same programs he touts that show that these programs are nothing more than a waiting list to die. Look carefully at these articles and see if any of the following maladies exist in someone you love, or perhaps you personally, because if they do, you will be targeted for rationing or outright refusal of care:
• Kidney cancer patients denied life-saving drugs by NHS rationing body NICE- April 29, 2009 [Daily Mail (UK)]
• Girl, 3, has heart operation cancelled three times because of bed shortage- David Rose, April 23, 2009 [Times Online]
• Number of children going to hospital to have teeth pulled soars by 66% since 1997- Daniel Martin and Cher Thornhill, April 12, 2009 [Daily Mail (UK)]
• NHS 'failings' over elderly falls - March 25, 2009 [BBC]
• Learning disabled 'failed by NHS' - Nick Triggle, March 24, 2009 [BBC]
• Cancer survivor confronts the health secretary on 62-day wait- Lyndsay Moss, March 21, 2009 [The Scotsman]
• Culture of targets prevents nurses from tending to patients- Claire Rayner, President of the Patients Association, March 21, 2009 [Telegraph UK]
• Children being failed by health system, says head of watchdog- Sarah Boseley, March 21, 2009 [Guardian Unlimited]
• Our cancer shame: Survival rates still lag behind EU despite spending billions- Jenny Hope, March 20, 2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
• Failing hospital 'caused deaths'- March 17, 2009 [BBC]
• Health gap drive 'wasted money'- Nick Triggle, March 14, 2009 [BBC]
• Longer GP opening hours branded wasteful 'PR exercise' by doctors- Lyndsay Moss, March 13, 2009 [The Scotsman]
• "Political meddling" threatens general practice, warns GP leader- March 13, 2009 [Management in Practice (UK)]
• Children at risk through lack of training for doctors and nurses, report warns- Rebecca Smith, March 13, 2009 [Telegraph UK]
• Chocolate should be taxed to control obesity epidemic, doctors are told- Simon Johnson, March 13, 2009 [Telegraph UK]
• 1,000 villagers wait for a dentist after just one NHS practice opens- March 10, 2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
• Study that proves the folly of NHS Alzheimer's drug ban- Jenny Hope, March 7, 2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
• NHS charges to rise in England- March 5, 2009 [BBC]
• Disabled children wait up to two years for wheelchairs- March 4, 2009 [Guardian Unlimited]
• NHS under fire over waiting times- February 25, 2009 [The Scotsman]
• Government procrastination blamed for HIV-contaminated blood tragedy- February 23, 2009 [Guardian Unlimited]
• Specialist nurses 'vastly overworked'- February 20, 2009 [Harwich & Manningtree Standard]
• Hundreds of operations cancelled at Lothian hospitals- Adam Morris, February 19, 2009 [The Scotsman]
• Stop asking for antibiotics to cure coughs and colds, Government tells patients- Daniel Martin, February 17, 2009 [Daily Mail(UK)]
• Stroke services are 'UK's worst' - February 17, 2009 [BBC]
• Hospitals curb caesarean births- Sarah-Kate Templeton, February 15, 2009 [The Times]
• Only five out of 51 hospital trusts pass hygiene test, say inspectors- Sarah Boseley, November 24, 2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
• Top doctors slam NHS drug rationing- Sarah-Kate Templeton, August 24, 2008 [The Times]
• Heart patients dying due to poor hospital care, says report- Sarah Boseley, June 8, 2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
• NHS dentistry loses almost a million patients after new dentists' contract- David Rose, June 6, 2008 [The Times]
• Private healthcare managers could be sent to turn round failing NHS hospitals- Philip Webster, Political Editor, and David Rose, June 4, 2008 [The Times]
• Cancer patients ‘betrayed’ by NHS- Sarah-Kate Templeton, June 1, 2008 [The Times]
• NHS scandal: dying cancer victim was forced to pay- Sarah-Kate Templeton, June 1, 2008 [The Times]
• Pensioner, 76, forced to pull out own teeth after 12 NHS dentists refuse to treat her- Olinka Koster, March 26, 2008 [Daily Mail(UK)]
• Dental patients face care lottery- March 26, 2008 [Metro(UK)]
• Lung patients 'condemned to death as NHS withdraws their too expensive drugs'- Jenny Hope, March 24, 2008 [Daily Mail(UK)]
• Women in labour turned away by maternity units- John Carvel, March 21, 2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
• Health inequality has got worse under Labour, says government report- Andrew Sparrow, March 13, 2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
• Angry GPs reluctantly accept plan for weekend and evening surgeries- John Carvel, March 7, 2008 [Guardian Unlimited]
• NHS chiefs tell grandmother, 61, she's 'too old' for £5,000 life-saving heart surgery- Chris Brooke, February 28, 2008 [Daily Mail(UK)]
• Patient 'removed' from waiting list to meet target- January 31, 2008 [The Scotsman]
* NHS patients told to treat themselves- James Kirkup, January 4, 2008 [Telegraph UK]
• NHS is 'failing patients' despite record funding- Rebecca Smith, October 4, 2007 [Telegraph UK]
• NHS rationing rife, say doctors- September 24, 2007 [BBC]
• One in eight patients waiting over a year for treatment, admits minister- John Carvel, June 8, 2007 [Guardian Unlimited]
• Audit Office asked to investigate record £500m NHS underspend- John Carvel, May 30, 2007 [Guardian Unlimited]
• The drugs the NHS won't give you- May 11, 2007 [Telegraph UK]
• UK lagging behind on cancer drug access, study finds- May 10, 2007 [Guardian Unlimited]
• One in six trusts is still putting patients on mixed-sex wards- Daniel Martin, May 10, 2007 [Daily Mail(UK)]
• Specialist stroke care 'lottery'- May 9, 2007 [BBC News]
• Smokers and the obese banned from UK hospitals- May 2, 2007 [Healthcare News]
• Cancer patients told life-prolonging treatment is too expensive for NHS- Lyndsay Moss, February 13, 2007 [The Scotsman]
• UK health service "harms 10 percent of patients"- Kate Kelland, July 7, 2006 [Reuters]
• 5,000 elderly 'killed each year' by lack of care beds- June 26, 2006 [Telegraph UK]
• Dental Socialism in Britain- Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., May 9, 2006 []
• Pay for nurses and surgeons doubles NHS overspend- Beezy Marsh, Patrick Hennessy and Nina Goswami, April 23, 2006 [Telegraph UK]
• The money addicts: it's your cash they are gambling with- Patience Wheatcroft, April 23, 2006 [Telegraph UK]
• NHS chiefs get luxury car deals- Daniel Foggo and Steven Swinford, April 9, 2006 [The Times]
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• British body rejects EPO drugs for cancer patients- March 17, 2006 [Reuters]
• National Health Service - Grappling with Deficits- March 9, 2006 []
• Hundreds wait to register as another dentist quits the NHS- Martin Williams, September 23, 2005 [The Herald (Scotland)]
• Life-saving cancer drugs 'kept from NHS patients by red tape'- Sam Lister, September 20, 2005 [The Times] • NHS slides into the red despite record increases in health care spending- September 20, 2005 [Telegraph UK]
• Alzheimer's sufferers hit by further delay in NHS approval for vital drugs- Michael Day, September 18, 2005 [Telegraph UK]
• We all pay a price for our 'free' NHS- John Smith, August 19, 2005 [The Scotsman]
• 2,000 British doctors out of work- August 14, 2005 [The Washington Times]
• UK health 'unsustainable'- August 14, 2005 [Finance24]
• NHS faces rising bill for negligence claims- Ben Hall, August 8, 2005 [Financial Times]
• British boy to go to India for operation- August 5, 2005 [United Press International]
• NHS failed to stop doctor raping scores of women- Lois Rogers and Jonathon Carr-Brown, July 31, 2005 [The Times]
• Top crimewriter funds drugs for cancer victim refused by NHS- Martyn Halle, July 8, 2005 [Telegraph UK]
• Report says NHS is mired in huge debts- David Simms, June 25, 2005 [ABC Money (UK)]
• U.K. set to restrict smoking- June 21, 2005 [The Associated Press]
• NHS ‘fund bias’ against men may cost 2,500 lives a year- Sarah-Kate Templeton, June 19, 2005 [The Times]
• Doubts on funding NHS 'monuments'- Nicholas Timmins, June 10, 2005 [Financial Times]
• 17 million reasons why we must improve hospital meals- June 7, 2005 [Cambridge Evening News]
• Figures show more patients waiting for operations- June 3, 2005 [Guardian UK]
• Scarcity of NHS dental treatment is revealed- Celia Hall, May 19, 2005 []
• Why NHS Opposes 'Treatment by Demand' for the Dying- Stephen Howard and Jan Colley, PA, May 18, 2005 [Scotsman]
• 800 queue for NHS dentists- May 5, 2005 []
• Hundreds more heroin addicts to be given a fix on the NHS- Nic Fleming, April 25, 2005 []
• British health service facing nurse exodus- April 25, 2005 [United Press International]
• About 400 patients a year in Scotland succumb to MRSA- April 25, 2005 [Scotsman]
• NHS debts soar to over £1bn- Karyn Miller, April 24, 2005 []
• British taxpayers foot $26.5 million bill for abortion tourists- April 18, 2005 [Catholic World News]
• U.K. Liberal Democrats Would Raise Taxes to Pay for Health Care- Reed Landberg, April 14, 2005 [Bloomberg]
• Number of NHS Bureaucrats 'Rising Faster Than Health Staff'- Joe Churcher, March 22, 2005 [Scotsman]
• '£500m hole' in hospital budgets- Celia Hall, March 21, 2005 []
• 1,000 Scots desert NHS every week- Murdo Macleod, March 5, 2005 [Scotsman]
• British NHS facing financial crisis- March 3, 2005 [Washington Times]
• NHS drugs regulator to withdraw approval of Alzheimer's treatment- Nicholas Timmins, March 2, 2005 [ - Financial Times]
• NHS waiting list rises- February 11, 2005 [Guardian UK]
• Tumour patients hit by NHS shortages- Jo Revill, February 6, 2005 [Guardian UK]
• NHS financial crises set to outlast winter- Mike Waites, February 4, 2005 [Yorkshire Post]
• NHS 24 'priority' callers wait four hours for advice- Caroline Wilson, January 14, 2005 [Evening Times (UK)]
• 'No strategy' on NHS waiting time- January 14, 2005 [BBC]
• Output figures show NHS decline- John Carvel, October 19, 2004 [Guardian UK]
• Heart patients die on waiting lists- Peter Sharples, October 18, 2004 [Manchester Online]
• £25bn overspend feared for NHS computer network- Karen Attwood, October 12, 2004 []
• Gaps in care cost £7bn, says charity- John Carvel, October 4, 2004 [Guardian UK]
• NHS excluding poor people, UK- September 15, 2004 [Medical News Today]
• Smokers 'should not get NHS care'- September 6, 2004 [BBC News]
• Waiting list row blights Brighton- John Carvel, September 4, 2004 [Guardian UK]
• Patients are denied the last rites under data protection law- Elizabeth Day, July 25, 2004 []
• Shortage of dentists to double by 2011- John Carvel, July 24, 2004 [Guardian UK]
• Britain's stiff upper lip gives way to a snarl- Sarah Lyall, July 18, 2004 [The New York Times]
• Hospital Overcrowding A Cause of Superbug Infections- John von Radowitz, July 1, 2004 []
• Hospital Crisis: Fallen Angels- Lindsay Mcgarvie, May 23, 2004 [Glasgow Sunday Mail]
• Study finds British hospitals are still austere, cold, smelly and poorly maintained- May 6, 2004 []
• Hospital bathrooms and showers: a continuing saga of inadequacy- Andy Monro, MRCP & Graham P Mulley, DM, FRCP, May 2004 [Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine]
• Majority back public smoking ban- March 24, 2004 [BBC]
• Discrimination Rampant In British Health Care- Peter Moore, November 17, 2003 []
• PERIPATETICS—To the Medical Socialists of All Parties- Sheldon Richman, September 2003 []
• Creeping Privatization?Shortages of skilled workers, low morale, long queues for services, crumbling facilities and corrupt pr actises. - Roland Watson, August 6, 2001 []
• The World's Worst HMO- Stephen D. Moore, November 24, 1999 [Random Thoughts]
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• Only six potency pills per month to be covered by Social Insurance Institution- August 13, 2004 [Helsingin Sanomat]
• Hospitals on the verge of a breakdownSwitzerland’s hospitals may be the envy of the world, but rising health costs and patient numbers are increasingly putting the system under strain. - July 24, 2003 []
• Sweden Edges Toward Free-Market Medicine- A. Wess Mitchell, August 31, 2001 [NCPA]
• Netherlands aims to tackle health divideSocioeconomic inequalities remain similar to those in the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries, despite a sustained effort over 20 years. - Tony Sheldon, October 13, 2001 [British Medical Journal]
• A Hard Lesson About Socialized MedicineEuropeans are now learning some hard facts of life about socialized medicine: there's no such thing as a free lunch.- September 23, 1996 [CATO]
• Paying The Price For Drugs In EuropeWhether they admit it or not, those who advocate 'making drugs more affordable for American seniors' are actually headed down a slippery slope to price controls, free-market analysts charge.- Stephen D. Moore, July 21, 2000 [NCPA]
• Surgery postponed indefinitely for 1,000 Kelowna patients- Cathryn Atkinson, April 8, 2008 [Globe and Mail]
• Majority of Que. dentists quit health-care system- March 27, 2008 []
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• Cancer patients question why PET scan not covered- May 28, 2007 [CBC News]
• BC Medical Association: Waiting Too Long for Hip and Knee Surgery Costs $10,000 Per Patient-Maximum Wait Times Should Be No Longer Than 6 Months- June 28, 2006 [CCN Matthews]
• Ont. physician turns away patient for being 55+- March 17, 2006 []
• Canada inches toward private medicine- Rebecca Cook Dube, August 8, 2005 [CS Monitor]
• Doctor defends private cancer clinic- Gillian Livingston, July 15, 2005 [Canadian Press]
• Dogma trumps truth in health-care issues- D’Arcy Jenish, July 7, 2005 [Ontario Business News]
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• Patients shouldn't wait more than 8 weeks for cardiac defibrillator: experts- May 24, 2005 [Canadian Press]
• Grads fail to slow doctor shortage- Jennifer O'Brien, May 21, 2005 [London Free Press]
• Free Canadian health care comes at cost- April 10, 2005 [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette]
• Canada's drug tab reaches $22 billion, report suggests- Sheryl Ubelacker, CP, April 6, 2005 [London Free Press]
• Canadian health care is free and first-class -- if you can wait- Beth Duff-Brown, March 19, 2005 [The Associated Press]
• Pediatricians, parents warn of shortage of community-based care for children- Colin Perkel, March 4, 2005 [The Canadian Press]
• Access to specialists difficult: study- February 16, 2005 [CBC Calgary]
• Doctor shortages, frustrations vary from region to region, survey shows- February 15, 2005 []
• Montreal leads the country in offering private health care- Aaron Derfel, February 12, 2005 [Montreal Gazette]
• Canada falling short on medical imaging- February 9, 2005 []
• Creative incentives required to retain older doctors- Dr. Charles Shaver, January 20, 2005 [Toronto Star]
• MRI gap defies cash fix- Mark Kennedy, January 14, 2005 [National Post (Canada)] • A boy's plight, a nation's problem- Lisa Priest, January 13, 2005 [The Globe and Mail]
• Where's proof private clinics cost more?- Tom Brodbeck, December 4, 2004 [The Winnipeg Sun]
• Surgery backlog tops 5,500 at kids' hospitals; One-year waits common- Aaron Derfel, December 3, 2004 [The Gazette (Montreal)]
• Hospital wait lists to get worse, Carriere says- Chris Traber, November 14, 2004 []
• Frustrated patients can't handle ER waits- Jennifer Stewart and Jeffrey Simpson, October 28, 2004 [The Halifax Herald Limited]
• Private medical clinic opens in answers, "an ever-increasing demand from the public for greater accessibility and quality of health services." - October 13, 2004 []
• Canadians have higher death risk than Americans after heart attack: study- Sheryl Ubelacker, September 20, 2004 []
• Canadian medical tourists in India- Jeremy Copeland, September 20, 2004 [CBC News]
• Doctor shortage cripples Canada's free health care- Clifford Krauss, September 18, 2004 [Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune]
• Canada's Once-Proud Public Health System in Crisis- David Ljunggren, September 14, 2004 [Reuters (Ottawa)]
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• Canada's Medical Nightmare- Robert J. Cihak, M.D., September 1, 2004 [Health Care News]
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• Canadians losing faith in health system: poll- August 16, 2004 []
• Ontario hospitals a health risk- Michael Hurley, August 8, 2004 [Toronto Star]
• Need surgery? Here's how long you'll wait"It's inhuman. The quality of my life is horrible and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it." - Jason Fekete, July 28, 2004 [Calgary Herald]
• Docs, nurses fed upCanadian doctors and nurses are fed up with inter-governmental "bickering" that is dragging out wait times and causing more pain and suffering for patients. - July 28, 2004 [Winnipeg Sun]
• Free Health Care? some cases, patients die on the waiting list because they become too sick to tolerate a procedure. - Walter E. Williams, July 24, 2004 [CATO]
• The truth about Canada's ailing health-care systemAll the major candidates in Canada's recent national election acknowledged that the country's health-care system is failing Canadians. - Robert J. Cihak, July 13, 2004 [The Seattle Times]
• Health-care crisis looms, even with new moneyCanada's health-care system is "five to 10 years" from the breaking point -- even with cash injections from government, says the new president of the B.C. Medical Association. - Doug Alexander, July 5, 2004 [Vancouver Sun]
• Emergency room delays a strong campaign factor"Go into the emergency room — it is the most pitiful piece of work you ever seen in your life." - David Bruser, June 22, 2004 [Toronto Star]
• Canadian Health Care in CrisisAnalyst visits NC to describe how single-payer health care really works in practice. - Donna Martinez, June 17, 2004 [Carolina Journal]
• Quebec cancer patients sue over waitWomen waited months for radiation; lawsuit could cost system $50-million. - Ingrid Peritz, March 11, 2004 [The Globe and Mail]
• Health care: no waiting lists'You get knee surgery within two days ... try and get that in human hospitals.' Canada's [private] pet health-insurance industry is projected to grow at roughly 50 per cent a year... - Robert Scalia, November 30, 2003 [Montreal Gazette]
• For some, surgery abroad a welcome answer- Daniel Girard, November 29, 2003 [Toronto Star]
• Canadian Doctors Eyeing United States- Clifford Krauss, October 17, 2003 [The New York Times]
• The Top Ten Things People Believe About Canadian Health Care, But Shouldn’t- Brian Lee Crowley, October 9, 2003 [Mackinac Center for Public Policy]
• Canadians' health at risk, CMA says- Valerie Lawton, September 26, 2003 [Toronto Star]
• Burnout is now doctors' ailmentAlmost half of Canadian doctors say they're burned out, emotionally exhausted and blame medicine for putting a drain on their family life. - Karen Palmer, August 20, 2003 [Toronto Star]
• New MRI clinic in row over poachingWhile she insists she's not making any money off the venture, she says it provides an income allowance for her and her husband, the other principal in the company. - Theresa Boyle and Robert Benzie, July 28, 2003 [Toronto Star]
• Price Controls and Overall Drug SpendingThe Canadian system, however, tends to push up overall spending on prescription drugs, despite the low prices for some brand name ones. - John Melby, July 2, 2003 [Buckeye Institute]
• Gore Endorses Canada's Medical System- William L. Anderson, November 29, 2002 [Mises]
• How Good is Canadian Health Care?- August 2002 [Fraser Institute]
• Canadian Health-Care System Is No Model for Prescription Drug Reform- May 1, 2001 [Mackinac Center for Public Policy]
• The Ghost of America's Health Care Future Lives in Canada Today- James Frogue and Robert Moffit, December 25, 2000 [Capitalism Magazine]
• Socialized Medicine: The Canadian ExperienceExplores several lessons that can be drawn from the Canadian experience with socialized medicine: socialized medicine, although of poor quality, is very expensive; Political compromise is the result; Socialized medicine is both a consequence and a great contributor to the idea that economic conditions should be equalized by coercion. - Pierre Lemieux [The Freeman]
• Canadian Health Care...if Canadians knew as much as they think they do about the economic and moral workings of Medicare, they might not be as enthusiastic as they are about their cherished right to 'free' health care. - Andrei Kreptul, August 30, 2000 [Mises]
• When Patients Become Victims - The Crime of Government-Run Health Care- Merrill Matthews Jr., Ph.D. and Kerri Houston, May 1, 2000 (PDF format)
• Socialized Medicine Leaves a Bad Taste in Patients' Mouths- Lawrence W. Reed, February 23, 2000 [Mackinac Center for Public Policy]
• Canadians Dissatisfied With Socialized Medicine- January 26, 2000 [NCPA]
• Memo to Al Gore: Canadian Medicine Isn't Cheap or Effective- William McArthur, former chief coroner for British Columbia, January 28, 2000
• Loved to Death: America's Unresolved Health-Care CrisisAs Canada's national government slashes spending on medical care in order to reduce the deficit, local provinces are reducing medical staff. In Ontario, pregnant women are being sent to Detroit because no obstetricians are available. Specialists of all kinds are in short supply. Patients have to wait eight weeks for an MRI, ten weeks for referral to a specialist, and four months for heart bypass surgery. - Michael J. Hurd, November 1997 [Liberty Haven]
• Is Canadian Health care a Good Model for the U.S. to Follow?- Michael Walker, August 1994 [Liberty Haven]
• Health of the State (commentary by a cancer survivor)I tell you this not to alarm you, to elicit sympathy, or to bore you. I tell you because the episode has been, for me, a salutary lesson (just in case I needed one) in why the government should not be allowed anywhere near a syringe, a dressing, a scalpel, an oxygen mask, a tissue sample — anything to do with health.
• Michigan Shouldn't Copy Canada's Health System- Lawrence W. Reed, July 29, 1991 [Mackinac Center for Public Policy]
• Russia's Health Care Is Crumbling: Dire Lack of Funds Creates Sick, Dwindling Populace And 'National Emergency'- Jeanne Whalen, February 13, 2004 [Wall Street Journal]
• Capitalism Comes to Russian Health CareWith the "free" government-run health system in Russia in a state of collapse, an increasing amount of health care is being provided by for-profit clinics and hospitals. - Michael Wines, December 22, 2000 [New York Times]
• Russia's public health care system is crumbling - Rob Reynolds, November 13, 1995 [CNN]
• Socialized Health-Care NightmareIn contrast to the impression created by the liberal American media, health-care institutions in Russia were at least fifty years behind the average U.S. level. - Yuri Maltsev and Louise Omdahl, November 1994 [Liberty Haven]
• Castro's Diet and Exercise Plan- Ronald Bailey, September 25, 2007 [Reason]
• Castro says still in full control after fallThe Communist dictator received prompt medical care to repair his shattered kneecap. He even used his cell phone from the ambulance. If only his countrymen had similar access to service and "evil" capitalist technology... - Anthony Boadle, October 22, 2004 [Reuters]
• La Lucha: The Human Cost of Economic Repression in Cuba- Patricia Linderman, May 2000 [FEE]
• Bad Cuban MedicineBegging for medicines is common in Havana - next to begging for money to feed children, it is the most common plea... - Larry Solomon, April 15, 2003 [Capitalism Magazine]
• On the waiting list roller-coaster- Martin Johnson, March 20, 2008 [The New Zealand Herald]
• No charge for trips to emergency departmentThe figures show most people who arrive at the emergency departments don't need to be there.- Alison Brown, December 17, 2004 [Rotorua Daily Post]
• Surgical waiting lists numbers come under twin attacks- November 15, 2004 []
• Hospital Waiting Lists Under Serious Pressure- October 26, 2004 [Scoop New Zealand News]
• Hundreds on waiting list as hospital pleads for help- August 23, 2004 [The New Zealand Herald]
• Private hospitals offer help with waiting lists- August 12, 2004 [The New Zealand Herald]
• Alarm over GP shortage- July 5, 2004 [The New Zealand Herald]
• Hospital urges patients to stay away unless really ill- March 6, 2004 [The New Zealand Herald]
• Mental patients face bed shortage- Clara Pirani, July 4, 2005 [] • Public patients wait longer for surgery- June 29, 2005 [The Sydney Morning Herald]
• Painful wait for care- Luke McIlveen, February 17, 2005 [Herald Sun (Australia)]
• Hospitals crippled by poor planning- Ruth Pollard, December 1, 2004 [Sydney Morning Herald]
• Operating theatres shut to save cash as thousands wait for surgery- Nick O'Malley, November 23, 2004 [Sydney Morning Herald]
• Private funds creating 'two-tier' health system- David Uren, November 3, 2004 [The Australian]
• "War on Fat"Creeping socialism gives government bureaucrats the power to pry into your eating habits for "the public good".
• Deadly shortageThe federal ban on profit incentive is killing those awaiting organ transplants.
• Entitlement programs eating up U.S. budget- Stephen Ohlemacher, December 27, 2005 []
• New York Medicaid Fraud May Reach Into Billions- Clifford J. Levy and Michael Luo, July 18, 2005 [The New York Times]
• Bad MedicineThe blame for the inadequacies caused by government’s intrusion into health care and other industries does not lie solely on the shoulders of politicians and bureaucrats; it also lies on the masses. - Emiliano Antunez, June 24, 2005 [Strike the Root]
• Medical trade is rife with inefficiencies, health secretary says- Dave Murphy, May 25, 2005 [San Fransisco Chronicle]
• Wanted: Scientific Reason for FDA's Gay Sperm Ban- Aubrey Noelle Stimola, May 23, 2005 [American Council on Science and Health]
• Clinton, Gingrich Team Up on Health Care- Kevin Freking, May 12, 2005 [The Washington Post] • A Cancer Patient Faces the Chaos of the American Health-Care System- Rosalind Lacy MacLennan, April 27, 2005 [The Future of Freedom Foundation]
• Why There's No Cure for the Common Cold- Bill Walker, April 21, 2005 [Strike the Root]
• Feds get tough on Net drugs- Richard B. Schmitt, April 21, 2005 []
• Kill the Prescription Drug Benefit- George Reisman, March 1, 2005 [Mises]
• How Medical Boards Nationalized Health Care- Henry E. Jones, February 24, 2005 [Mises]
• Drug Safety vs. the FDA- Alex Epstein, February 18, 2005 [Capitalism Magazine] • America’s Socialized Health Care- Lawrence Wilson, M.D., Posted January 24, 2005 [The Future of Freedom Foundation]
• Bureaucratically Incompetent: Mental Illness and Government Intervention- Ira Katz, November 9, 2004 []
• Health Care in John Kerry's WorldHealth care and politics are a toxic combination for a life and death issue. - September 21, 2004 [Capitalism Magazine]
• The Therapeutic Nanny StateThis new proposal threatens to force millions of kids to undergo psychiatric screening, whether their parents consent or not. - Rep. Ron Paul, MD, September 21, 2004 []
• Republican Health Care ContradictionsGovernment provided health care can increase only in inverse proportion to freedom. - Richard E. Ralston, August 30, 2004 [Capitalism Magazine]
• Bush to screen population for mental illness- June 21, 2004 [WorldNetDaily]
• 100 Years of Medical RobberyA happy 100th birthday to the Council on Medical Education...and for the sake of all our health, hopefully not too many more. - Dale Steinreich, June 11, 2004 [Mises]
• Taxpayers foot bill for aliens' care- April 1, 2004 [WorldNetDaily]
• Health Care in Prison- William L. Anderson, February 23, 2004 [Mises]
• Feeding ObesityThe state creates programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, which force one segment of the tax-paying population to pay for the health care of another segment, creating the incentive to avoid taking personal responsibility for one’s own life and to make others suffer the consequences. - Scott McPherson, February 13, 2004 [The Future of Freedom Foundation]
• Ephedra ban sets bad precedent for consumer choice- Mark D. Valenti, January 9, 2004 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
• A New Prescription For Cutting Costs- Wayne Dunn, December 20, 2003 [Capitalism Magazine]
• Republican SocialismCongress worked late into the night this past weekend to pass a Medicare prescription drug bill that represents the single largest expansion of the federal welfare state since the Great Society programs of the 1960s. - Rep. Ron Paul, MD, November 25, 2003 []
• Why Medicare Expansion is WrongAdding prescription drug coverage to Medicare, as Congress is poised to do, is merely more socialism --- it will neither help seniors nor is its passage likely to gain their votes. - Scott Holleran, November 22, 2003 [Capitalism Magazine]
• Socialized Medicine in AmericaThanks to the untiring efforts of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Americans have been faced with the greatest expansion of the government into medical care since the 1960s. - Timothy D. Terrell, November 2003 [Mises]
• Kill Bill - To Expand Medicare...expanding Medicare is among the most ill conceived notions in American politics. - Scott Holleran, October 14, 2003 [Capitalism Magazine]
• Paying Dearly for Free Prescription Drugs- Rep. Ron Paul, MD, October 7, 2003 []
• A Poison Pill for U.S. Health Care?- Tom Miller, July 15, 2003 [CATO]
• How Socialism Happens Here- Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., June 8, 2003 []
• Health Care Interventionism: A Case StudyThe demise of HealthPlus illustrates the unintended consequences that accompany any government intervention of market forces. - Christopher Westley, January 21, 2003 [Mises]
• New Senate Leader Must 'Do No Harm'There is nothing in Frist’s Senate record to show that he’s even considered free-market options or principles for rescuing America’s rapidly dying healthcare system. - S.M. Oliva, January 2, 2003 [Capitalism Magazine]
• Red Flags Over Health Care- Bill Sardi, November 11, 2002 []
• Government Regulation of Hospital Purchasing -- Michigan Patients Pay a Heavy Price- Dr. Wolfgang Grassl, October 29, 2002 [Mackinac Center for Public Policy]
• "Universal" Health Insurance Will Only Enlarge the Medicare Problem- Nina Owcharenko, May 26, 2002 [Capitalism Magazine]
• Morris Fishbein, AMA Enemy of American Health- Bob Wallace, February 2, 2002 []
• Drugs and Politics- Thomas Sowell, November 27, 2001 [Capitalism Magazine]
• Fun With Numbers"After reading Christopher Westley’s fine article, The Carriage-Trade Trend, I got to thinking about the imminent demise of the health-care industry in this country." - Robert Klassen, August 6, 2001 []
• One Patient, 34 Days in the Hospital, $7,000 Syringes and a $5.2 Million Bill- posted by Antiwar Republican, August 2, 2001 [FreeRepublic]
• Socialized Medicine in 10 Easy StepsHIPAA, MSAs, S-CHIP show how Republicans unwittingly lead the political parade toward increasing government control of health care. - Merrill Matthews Jr., Ph.D., June 30, 2001 [Capitalism Magazine]
• Physician group pushes universal health careSays participation must be 'mandatory,' taxpayer-financed. - Jon Dougherty, February 9, 2001 [WorldNetDaily]
• The Medicare Bureaucracy is a Frankenstein Monster That is Destroying American Medicine- Lawrence Huntoon, M.D., December 22, 2000 [Capitalism Magazine]
• Subsidizing Sickness: Medicine and the State- Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr., October 26, 2000 []
• Emergency Medicaid Program For Immigrants- October 18, 2000 [NCPA]
• Medicare should be scrapped, eventuallyMedicare was a bad mistake. We can repeat it -- over and over -- or we can scrap a program whose time never came. - Jon E. Dougherty, October 16, 2000 [WorldNetDaily]
• Medicare snafu breaks podiatristAgency's non-payment of claims forces closure of doctor's office. - Jon E. Dougherty, July 30, 2000 [WorldNetDaily]
• The Patients' Bill Of Rights: A Prescription For Massive Federal Health Regulation- John S. Hoff, Esq., February 29, 2000 [Heritage Foundation]
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• Medicare in RedAccording to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), red is the fashion color for the summer. Red tape, that is. - Alejandra Arguello Camerlengo, July 14, 1999 [CATO]
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• Blank Check for Mental HealthA few years ago a young woman in Pittsburgh, who had trouble getting to work on time, found a psychiatrist who declared that she suffered from 'chronic lateness syndrome.' Now, if the U.S. Senate has its way, every insurance policy in America will be forced to pay for this woman and millions like her. - Michael Tanner, December 31, 1996 [CATO]
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If you want the links to the above listed articles, go here:

Obama is creating nanny state for America, yet the anti war democrats want Iraqi's to control own destiny

Just about the time the first troop crossed into Iraq from Kuwait the anti-war democrat leadership was intent on failure of the mission.

We heard about quagmires just days into the adventure and then sometime in 2003 the call for troop withdrawl came from Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, Reid, Murtha and just about every democrat in the US Congress.

The appeasers talking points were "Iraq needs to stand on their own two feet", "It's time for Iraq to stand up for Iraq" and the most recent version of this line (which also came from Obama as President) is "It is time for Iraqi's to take control of their own destiny"!

Barack Obama (2009) - CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C., Feb. 27 -- President Obama called on Iraqis to take control of their own destiny when American forces withdraw, mapping out plans on Friday for a dramatic reduction of U.S. troops by the end of August 2010.

Paul Hodes (February 28, 2008) - Democrat Paul Hodes said Friday “it's time for the Iraqis to step up and take control of their own destiny”!There you have it, democrats want the iraqi people to be in control of their own destiny!

Let's talk now about this concept of one being in control of their own destiny and the policies coming out of the democratic side as well as the White House here in America that are by their very nature the antithisis of controlling ones own destiny.

Universal Health Care - taking away individuals right of doctor choice and treatments

Americorps - the forced servitude of young adults in the "volunteer corps"

President firing of GM CEO (private company)

Bailout of private banks and insurersObama's Israel policy

I could sit here and go on and on about just anything Obama has touched and the end result is the eroding of personal control of ones own destiny.

The hypocricy, when it is politically expedient, is depressing. It is like when the liberal environmentalists deny the Americans the right to nuclear power for energy purposes yet believe Iran has every right to do so.

The “Honduras Blueprint”, America is heading for a similar confrontation?

The news headlines that have been streaming out of the small Central American country for the most part seem confusing to the layman.

We have read where the military have surrounded the “Presidential Palace” and sent that leader packing to Costa Rica and then heard cries of “foul” from Cuba, Venezuela and even Hillary Clinton.

So, why would thugs and communist dictators who thrive on “military force” to achieve political oppression of its people object to the use of military force to oust another?

When you see the circumstances surrounding the “ouster” of the President of Honduras you see a lot of parallels to what is happening here, in America itself.

The situation in Honduras went something like this:

1. The President decided that he would hold a referendum to change the Constitution of that country by holding an election but the power to change the constitution lies in that country’s Congress and only after a “constituent assembly” through referendum.

2. The President in defiance of the Congress decided he would hold the vote anyway and had the necessary ballots shipped in from his pal (President of Venezuela).

3. The Honduran “Supreme Court” then ruled that his actions were unconstitutional and ordered the Honduran military to stand down from carrying out the logistical nature of the elections (which is in its mandate).

4. The military commander informed the President that the military would have to comply with the Supreme Court ruling.

5. The President fired the military commander in order to defy the Supreme Court.

6. The Supreme Court ordered the President to reinstate the fired military commander and the President refused.

7. The President then led a group of thugs that broke into the military installation that housed the ballots sent from Hugo Chavez in complete defiance of the ruling court in an effort to hold the election anyway.

8. In order to uphold the rule of law and the constitution the military surrounded the President, arrested him and sent him into exile as per the court order.

The whole incident was a microcosm of democracy in action and was a direct setback to the leftist expansionism that Hugo Chavez has set upon the South American Continent and has upset him enough to threaten war against Honduras.

What is more upsetting than Hugo Chavez flexing his socialist muscles over the affair is the comments of condemnation that have come from our own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It shows that the Obama administration and the democrats are fans of socialist thugs and will exert their own “political” muscles to thwart constitutional law (even if it is not American).

defendants Obama, the U.S., Congress, the Senate, House of Rep.,VP Dick Cheney & Nanci Pelosi, Judge: Eligibility dispute is serious

"Congress" failed to follow the Constitution (20th Amendment, Art. 3) whereas they did not "qualify" the candidate "elected" by the electoral college electors.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Joel Schneider has given the defendants time to line up representation and once completed, will fast track the lawsuit.

Obama your day is coming!

A Ploy to be COI (Coy), Another infamous name change

In order to shake the negative and damaging publicity that has dogged ACORN before and after the elections, the organization has decided it is time to “change” their name from ACORN to COI (Community Organizations International).

I can see why they would because there are currently 14 States that are investigating or prosecuting ACORN members in some criminal form or another.

Add Image

ACORN has always proclaimed that they are innocent and that investigations are political in nature meant to utilize them as scapegoats.

You have to ask yourself one thing, if you are an innocent organization then why change your name?

While one Conyer pleads guilty the other gives ACORN a pass, John Conyers decides against ACORN investigation Rating Rate Topic:

On the same day that his wife is before a Magistrate pleading guilty to bribery charges as a Detroit Councilwomen, her husband is on Capitol Hill informing everyone that he has changed his mind about conducted a probe of ACORN for voter fraud and corruption stating the "powers that be has made the decision against the probe".

The powers that be? Conyers, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee is receiving "marching orders from whom"?

First the Justice department drops a "slam dunk" court case against three black panther radicals who intimidated voters on election night at the polls and now the Judiciary Chairman is blocking efforts to get to the truth behind the very corrupt organization that may be handed the 2010 US census.Where is the outcry.

The stupid side of politics, Republican Mark Sanford takes a holiday

The best way to describe the stupid stunt that the Republican Governor pulled when he went "incommunicado" from his elected office is, well, stupid!Yes he should resign for a host of reasons:

1) Infidelity to his spouse (even though she was aware of his sexcapades)

2) Deriliction of duty for being absent without contact and thus let his constituents and fellow state occupants down!

3) Stupidity and poor judgement!I pick number three because those who pull this kind of crap always get caught.

Just look to Spitzer (hookers in NY hotel rooms on the government dime); John Edwards and his love child while his wife battled cancer and John Ensign from Arizona.

The best excuse yet, that I read on the internet was "Sanford's staff misunderstood the Governor. They thought he said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail." While in fact, he had said "he was tracking some Argentinean tail."