Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reclaiming "individual freedoms" in America

There is a brilliant article written by Human Events (author unkown) that brings to the forefront, the choice Americans will have this Presidential election cycle.  The addition of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's running mate has quelled some of the fears that conservatives (notice I didn't say Republicans) and independent voters that Romney is not our best hope.

Romney, for all intents and purposes, is the heir apparent Presidential candidate that was hand picked by the establishment GOP just as John McCain was.  Though Romney is a more tenacious campaigner than the lackluster war hero aptly named "the maverick" for his schizoid defection on conservative issues when it suited his political need.

But, just as McCain's issues with the conservative base (notice I didn't say Republican) until his electoral chances were energized by Palin's true conservativeness, Romney will fare just as well with Ryans choice as the conservative base (notice I didn't say Republican) is energizing his chances. 

The Main Stream Media and Obama super PAC's are viciously attacking Romney, and now Ryan in an attempt to keep the electorate eye on these attacks vs. Obama's record of failure and his true vision to transform America into some unrecognizable utopian dictatorship.

Fortunately, the MSM and the Obama regime has it's hands full in trying to shape their narrative.  Erskine Bowles (former Clinton Chief of Staff) and Obama hand picked Democratic co-chair of the, er, bipartisan deficit commission has publicly stated that Ryan is “amazing,” “honest,” “straightforward” and “sincere”.  This praise occurred in 2011, but has stood by his former remarks when Ryan joined Romney.

Of course you have other prominent Democrats who have publicly derided Obama's vicious tactics when attacking Bain capital the likes of Bill Clinton and Corey Booker.  We have also learned that Artur Davis, Georgia Representative who switched from Democrat to Republican in May will speak at the GOP Convention.  According to Davis, his reason for leaving the Democrat party -- ""If I were to leave the sidelines, it would be as a member of the Republican Party that is fighting the drift in this country in a way that comes closest to my way of thinking: wearing a Democratic label no longer matches what I know about my country and its possibilities."

There must be something good in the water in Georgia because it wasn't long ago when Zell Miller left the Democrat party and spoke at the 2004 GOP convention that energized the conservatives unlike any speaker before him.  Miller wrote a book,  A National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat outlining why he defected to the Republican party as such

"Miller argued in his book (authored and published in 2003) that the Democratic Party lost its majority because it does not stand for the same ideals that it did in the era of John F. Kennedy. He argued that the Democratic Party, as it now stands, is a far left-wing party that is out of touch with the America of today and that the Republican Party now embraces the conservative Democratic ideals that he has held for so long. The book spent nine weeks in the New York Times Best Seller list for hardback non-fiction, rising to fourth position.

This is exactly the point of this election.  Most Americans know what the "America idea" is.  Obama has a polar opposite vision.  Can Americans accept his vision or more succincly, will they?

Obama and the socialists want unlimited government, unbridled in its power over the individual.  The article mentioned above nailed this on its head with:  "There can be no more inalienable rights, because government must infringe upon all of them, if it is to continue its growth.

Central planning and the redistribution of wealth leave no room for private ownership and entrepreneurial risk. The pursuit of opportunity is incompatible with a government that presumes to judge our ambitions, and tell us precisely where our efforts must be “invested.”

A shrunken private sector provides no frontiers to explore through free enterprise. Omnipresent, inescapable centralized government leaves American citizens no meaningful way to grant, or withdraw, their “consent.”

All the signes of defection on the Obama sidelines and with rising discontent of the masses lining up to support a fast food restaurant with their hard earned money in order to make a political statement along these lines is heartening.

Hope with Chains?


Monday, August 13, 2012

The "Ryan" factor

How many times have you heard the Obama Campaign use children as props?  Remember Obama invoking that "he would not want his daughters to be 'punished with a baby' because of a crisis pregnancy"  We all know that he, and the Democrats for that matter, hold abortion reverently.  To end a child's life in the Democrats view is no different than removing a wart.  According to the Washington Post "He opposed the ban on partial-birth abortion -- a practice a fellow Democrat, the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, once called "too close to infanticide." Obama strongly criticized the Supreme Court decision upholding the partial-birth ban. In the Illinois state Senate, he opposed a bill similar to the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, which prevents the killing of infants mistakenly left alive by abortion."

We have also learned that Obamacare allows sterilization of girls from the age of 12, free, even if their parents object. 

No, Obama is no friend of children! 

Then it should be most fitting that another of his campaign dirty tricks that sacrificed an innocent child at the unrelenting liberal press while using liberal judges to get rid of his opponent. 

"When Jack Ryan's campaign for an open United States Senate seat in Illinois began in 2003, the Chicago Tribune newspaper and WLS-TV, the local ABC affiliate, sought to have his records released. Both Jeri and Jack agreed to make their divorce, but not custody, records public, saying their release could be harmful to their son .

On June 18, 2004, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider agreed to release the custody files. The decision generated much controversy because it went against both parents' direct request and because it generally reversed the early decision to seal the papers in the best interest of the child. It was revealed that six years previously, Jeri had accused Jack Ryan of asking her to perform sexual acts with him in public, and in sex clubs in New York, New Orleans, and Paris. Jeri Ryan described one as "a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling." Jack Ryan denied these allegations. Although Jeri Ryan only made a brief statement, and she refused to comment on the matter during the campaign, the document disclosure led Jack Ryan to withdraw his candidacy; his main opponent, Barack Obama, then won the 2004 United States Senate election in Illinois." -- Wikipedia 

So it is amazing that a different Ryan is poised to show Obama the door.  No, Paul Ryan isn't married to Jeri Ryan (of Star Trek Voyager famed 7 of 9).  But like the Borg, resistance to Ryan's knowledge on the economy and his track record of slaying dim-witted Democrats the like of Obama, resistance is futile.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The "Huntsman" returns to the lodge

Something is rotton in Denmark and its not the fish.  John Huntsman, the former Obama ambassador to China turned GOP President hopeful (only in his and the Democrat minds) has been tapped to speak at the Democrat National Convention.  In a bizzare twist, Huntsman will speak at a place that alot of Democrats have publicly said they would not attend.  I guess he is reminiscing about his campaign stops.

The Democrats planted this "Republican" in the GOP fold only to fail in their devious plans and have now recalled him home like a KGB spy whos cover has been blown.  The whole scenario doesn't quite square with reality, but it does when you realise that all through the "Harry Reid-Mitt-Romney-hasn't-paid-his-taxes-in-over-ten-years" flap that was almost blown out of the water until Reid disclosed that his source came from a Republican.  We now are learning that the "Republican" is, er, Huntsman!

I find it facinating that Democrats cannot string two sentences together coherently, yet put together a plot of this magnitude. 

Me thinks that the Democrats never really got over the 2004 GOP convention when the star speaker rocked the house. 

                                                                       Part One

Part II

The Democrats seem to think that Huntsman will be the bullet that sinks Romney with the tax issue and then will go into the bee hive and receive his hero's welcome.

Huntsman is no Zell Miller and Obama is no President......

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Obama is foreign

I know, here we ago again about the birther issues.  Just for writing the Bi-line above I am open to hostility and being labled a nutcase.  Hear me out.  I believe that Americans will resoundly reject Obama and those who he has entrenched into the government at all levels for the simple reason that he is foreign, to us.

In spite of the recent, forensic evidence on display by Sherriff Joe and his posse that have given any court case the requisite "prima facia" evidence needed to proceed as it regards to Obama's Birth certificate, the one he has posted on his website, as being forged.

No, I am not speaking about birther issues at all, I am talking about the fact that Americans think, feel and believe that his politics, policies and ideology is foreign to us as a nation. 

Americans do not believe that their private property should be confiscated and given to another who has not earned it.  Social Justice in Obama's view is foreign.

Americans do not believe that the Government should make life and death decisions about their own health over the free market system we have enjoyed.  Nanny State healthcare is foreign.

Americans do not believe that the Government should protect our borders vigorously to prevent disease and infiltration of those who seek to do its citizens harm.  Any thing less is foreign.

Americans believe that their freedoms, individual freedoms like religion is guaranteed in our constitution and that a family based business who coincidently have openly shared their beliefs should not be persecuted in the town square for doing so.  This my friend is foreign to us.

The list goes on and on.  The more I think about that list, the more conviced I am that Obama will be deported from power into obscurity to misbehave as Jimmy Carter has all these long years since Sherriff Ron came to town.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tolerance Chicago style

Democrats vision of America

Obama & his ilk have this as their vision of America

Free enterprise Americans in hard economic time have this as their vision

Free food vs. free enterprise -- a picture is worth a thousand words

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Eating their own

OK, here is a question for those who follow the Democrat elections across the country, it is not a trick question, but a surprising outcome to say the least:

What Democrat just won his States' primary over 4 of his challengers with the following platform which was prominent on his Campaign Facebook page -- "Strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution, family stances that are pro-life, and keeping the country from turning into “AN ORWELLIAN SUPER STATE.”

OK, confused?  Can anyone even think that a Democrat would embrace such "Conservative" priciples and still be alive to do so yet alone actually winning the right to face the Republican encumbent in November?  I don't know about you, but if I were the Republican encumbent I would be worried about re-election.

Answer:  The State of Tennessee and the winner is Mark Clayton!  This is the same State that brought us the Gores. 

What is not surprising though is the Tennessee Democrat Party's response by "disavowing" him.  In fact they are so revulsed by the win that they brand him a hater and are asking all Democrats in the State to write in someone else instead.

One of Claytons opponents had name recognition, Park Overall, Actress on the hit TV series Empty Nest in the 1980's.  Her political platform sounds awful familiar and is probably the reason why she lost:

"Overall believes that the government's role is to be "stewards of this planet, and of our people, and of this great nation." She argues that tax dollars should be used for infrastructure, roads, libraries, schools, and "services that made this country great."

Stating that she grew up in a household with an AFL-CIO ash tray on the dinner table, Overall has spoken in favor of labor unions, and warns that Republicans have "stolen" the language of unions, successfully redefining terms like "good benefits" and "pensions" as "a string of cusswords."

Overall is pro-gay marriage, arguing that same-sex couples are guaranteed the right to marry by the 14th Amendment. In response to President Obama's May 2012 endorsement of the legalization of gay marriage, Overall released a statement saying, "hallelujah and what took so long?"

Overall has frequently criticized state lawmakers for passing restrictions on abortion. In her Jackson Day keynote address in Nashville on April 5, 2012, she mocked the Tennessee state legislature for passing a bill requiring abortion providers to have hospital admitting privileges, stating, "if you have an abortion, you have to have a doctor who has in-house privileges, but keep in mind, the guy who does my botox and lips doesn't." She also accused Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell of not knowing the meaning of "transvaginal," referring to McDonnell's initial support (which he later withdrew) of a measure that would have required a transvaginal ultrasound for women seeking an abortion." -- Wikipedia

According to the Tennessean -- "Sean Braisted, a Democratic Party spokesman, left the door open for a possible legal maneuver to try to get Clayton’s name off the Democratic line of the November ballot.

“The only option we are taking off the table in this situation,” he said, “is supporting Mark Clayton.”

If I didn't know better, the Democrats are in real trouble come November regardless of the outcome of the Tennessee Senate race.

Got to love those smooth as silk southerners.....

What's "Left" of America

In Obama and those who support him have a vision, a grand vision of epic change, from what we and the World understand America to be.  This methodical and dangerous path they have enacted has reached its ugly and destructive tentacles far and deep within our society.  From the classrooms of our children where those of Obama's ilk have preached a utopian vision that must be achieved.  Those entrusted with teaching our young have been turning our culture and minds upside down where the hero's they espouse are blood thirsty in their quest for dominance over the people and are glorified to almost deity status.  Oh, course the term deity has no religious connotations to the Left, save its dogma that secular leftism is its own religion where God has no role and that Government run by elite intellectuals are Godlike.

Che' images are displayed as fashionable clothing and the story of Revolution to achieve utopianism is glorified. 

You see our young, leaving their campus's in order to take to the streets mostly in violent and destructive ways just as their handlers want.  Division of the populace that is predominently American must be achieved in order to bring this change about.  You see this in the words and actions of the politicians of the left.  You see this in the community organizations in the name of Social Justice.  You see this in the ACLU and in the LGBT actions that have decended upon Chick-fil-a. 

Unlike the Tea Party spontaneity that was ever so peaceful, respectfuly to tolerance and personal property and in those Americans who came out in large numbers across this land to support a family business owner who has espoused his belief in God, Family & tolerance.

What many realise now is that this Leftist "revolution" has begun in earnest as they fight to dismantle America from the inside out.  The signs are there and the current events report it.  The basic goodness of those who stand on the other side of this utopian vision are legion.  The giant has awaken and is moving in the right direction and those in its path fear us.  They lie, cheat, steal, deceive and yes even perpetrate violence in order to counter us.  Time is quickly running out for them as their mask of deceipt has been exposed.  We now know the subtle tricks they have employed all these years to keep their mask from exposure and they are panicked to a point of "powder keg" proportions.  The years of indoctrination of glorious revolution that started in the 1960's is ingrained to those who embraced the notion.

We, Americans will be victorious in saving this country from the evil cancer that has grown to an ugly blemish recognizable from a distance.  Lets hope that when they are defeated it will be by the good natured, tea party-like model we have seen.  In closing, I best describe the Americans of good nature, the ones who align with the decent decorum of the tea party, as thus:

Those who oppose the left is "where peace lives and hate has not purchase"!

Roseann Barr for President

If there were ever an example of the mental illness of the left, Roseann Barr would be their poster child.  Like Cher, Roseann insists on insinuating herself into the news with her warped leftist positions she advocates.  She is not alone in most of her drivel rants.  The main point is this -- How can anyone with the history of her media bites really believe she has a chance to be elected President of the United States?  She considered herself a serious contender when she was vying for the "Green Party" nomination.  In the end, she could not even beat the eventual nominee Jill Stein.  According to a Time Swampland article In 2002, the Green Party recruited a physician and health advocate named Jill Stein to run for governor in Massachusetts. She lost that race and three more in the state over the next decade, while making two successful bids for Lexington Town Meeting representative. Meanwhile, the Green Party candidates in 2004 and 2008 failed to get more than 150,000 votes.

So, Roseann, seeking the office of POTUS in a party that historically received less than 150,000 votes out of what, 30MM people.  How can you best describe "delusional"?  If that isn't delusional enough for her monstrous sized ego she announced yesterday her aspirations in becoming the first socialist woman in the White House by announcing she is still running and picked her running mate (VP) as Cindy Sheehan.

She couldn't even beat a candidate Jill Stein who basically failed every time she ran for office and was arrested recently at an "Occupy" event. 

A final thought on her delusional behavior -- Does she really think that after she dishonored the "Star Spangled Banner" and recently told Americans that she hopes those who eat at Chik-Fil-A die of cancer has any chance of receiving more than 10 votes?  One thing we can find comfort in -- If she actually wins then we will not have to see Tom Arnold flitting around as the First Lady.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Are chik'ens breathing easier these days?

The new-age crusades have begun and the chik'n has been imprinted on the standard bearer as the symbol of Christian beliefs.  When I say "crusades" I do not intend to besmirch Christianity by invoking bloody intolerance sweeping across the land of heretics, I am attempting to "re-brand" the word as a symbol of support in a peaceful way.  Let me be clear, the "burning at the stakes" are sweeping across the land from those on the left who they brand as "intolerant heretics" for those who hold family values sacred.

Political leaders on the left began their coercive crusades against Chik-fil-a through thuggish inimidation that strayed far beyond religeous beliefs into totalitarian suppression of speech.  Christians of this nation are tolerant for those who do not share their family core values (marraige between one man and one woman) but those on the left do not employ tolerance for those who do not agree with their beliefs. 

The leaders of the LGBT community, in response to "Chik-fil-a appreciation day" has now vowed to decend on Chik-fil-a in the near future, in force, and hold a "kiss-in" where same sex couples will stand up inside the restaurants across the nation and kiss each other.  The media will of course plaster these images across their front pages prominently for all Christians to see. 

This subtle religeous war has just esculated to the point where the those who support Gay anything are rubbing their beliefs into America's Christian noses.  One thing is for sure, Obama lit this candle of devisiveness as he usually does and sits in the Oval offices smiling at the carnage in his wake.