Sunday, May 11, 2014

America is my Mother

When I was a child growing up in the sleepy farmland of Ohio everything around me was an adventure.  I did not know, or even comprehend the fact that it was America, not my parents, that raised me.  I guess on some level I did as I understood that it was America, the country, that protected me from harm of distant shores and evils as I ducked underneath my desk at school during our drills designed as a result of the nuclear age.  I pledged allegiance to her and prayed every night before bed to keep everyone I knew, as well as some I did not, to keep us safe.

I loved my mother and yes, I took her for granted in my safety.  I went about life as most did in those days dreaming of rich new horizons that awaited me as long as I worked hard to achieve those goals.  I complained that life wasn't fair when I was knocked to the ground ignorant that my brothers and sisters (Americans) had it harder than I because of their skin color, religious beliefs or stations in life that were not as I had it.  It took me half my life to understand this and as a result has made me a stronger man. 

My early adolescent years were in the 1960' and 1970's.  I lived in Los Angeles during the Watts riots and witnessed (mostly on TV) the ugly side of racism and those who struggled to beat this oppression.  I do not, nor have I ever considered myself racist.  I do though concede that I am ignorant of the true suffering of those of color.  How could I understand as I have never, until now, been a victim of this dynamic.

America's children have survived some tumultuous and dangerous times during that period and in a lot of ways have become better for it.  Now, though, in this time our parent (America) is very sick and suffers a form of dementia not unlike an aged parent or grandparent who is afflicted with Alzheimer's. 

We have entered into some very dark days.  Day's that we feared as children and unfortunately our children do not even know the face of this evil.  Our children have been indoctrinated in collectivism and believe that our current parent (America) should decide what is good and bad for us as a society without the free will of consequences.

How can you explain to them that their adopted parent covets death more than life itself?  To them abortion is as natural as having a tooth pulled.  They do not consider anything morally as long as it is quick and convenient.  A botched abortion is when the baby lives.  They also have been taught that a botched execution of a convicted murderer is when the convict dies.  We are in some truly dark days my fellow Americans. 

Today schools have are not teaching our children the evil of Communism, instead they are promoting it as some dreamy landscape filled with everything equal.  They do not know that Mao; Castro, Che; Pol Pot; Stalin and their ilk have murdered millions to achieve this very landscape.  A couple of generations of ignorance and they do not know that evil is staring them in their collective faces.  Our education system is glorifying them and eradicating God at an alarming pace.  Harvard University is currently holding Satanic Rituals as a course.  Dark days.

I remember my parents commenting on the hippy movement and the anti-war demonstrators marching across America in my youth and having them comment that "one day, they will be in charge -- God help us."

Well, that day has arrived and the only thing that can help us is God.