Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Truth behind all the lies and deception

It has taken a lot of reading and training myself to "read between the lines".  There are some in the Conservative media sphere that have this gift (think Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin).  They can relay a news story snatched from the MSM and while they highlight the distortions and outright lies and lies by omission they inform their audiences of the subtleties of the truth.

Keeping this in mind, David Brooks was on PBS "News Hour" this last week to pontificate his opinion on the David Brat victory over Eric Cantor.  David Brooks, as you know, is what the left wing media holds up as their "token conservative" to spew left wing dung posing as right wing conspiracies.

He is about as right wing as Al Sharpton.

I digress.

He starts out with a nugget of truth --  "ends any hopes of immigration reform making it through Congress in the near-term"

This is the fear that is currently striking at the hearts of establishment politicians and their MSM handlers.  Pro-Immigration Reform, aka Amnesty, is a death sentence politically. 

These same MSM pundits (and even some on Fox News) label David Brat as the "Tea Party" candidate when, in fact, he received no formal contributions from them at all.  They do so, because they all label the Tea Party as anti immigration and thus make Brat out to be their straw man along these lines.  David Brat was outspent by the establishment (GOP) by ridiculous numbers.  Brat spent so little on his campaign that he did not even reach the amount that Cantor's campaign staff spent at a single steakhouse restaurant.  Think about that. 

The Brooks quote above ended with the follow deception mixed with truth -- if the Republican Party doesn’t get right on immigration, it’s a threshold issue".

Here Brooks is browbeating the GOP to grow a set and defy their constituents to keep pushing the amnesty bill forward, in spite of the Cantor loss by saying they need to "get right on immigration".

The truth in the quote is that it's truly as "threshold issue" but not in the way they paint it.  The truth of the issue is in line with the David Brat victory side of things.

Illegal immigration reform was soundly rejected during the Bush term.  When that administration and those in Congress tried to move that issue forward they were inundated with letters, faxes and phone calls in the millions telling them that they are in peril politically if they do so.  They seemed to have got the message then.  Like most liberals and establishment GOP'ers, they think they can get a different result by the same actions.  The polls that show distrust of those in Congress and our Government in general are because we believe they (the establishment elite on both sides) want amnesty, but for different reasons.  The left because of a new and huge voting block they can exploit in future elections and the GOP because of cheap labor for their "Chamber of Commerce" chums.

One of the lessons the Brat victory taught us, according to Brooks, is that -- "First, you can’t buy elections."


How many times have we heard from the MSM and Democrats moan, groan, whine and complain about the "Citizen United Supreme Court case"?

Accordingly it IS about buying elections to them.  This is exactly why the IRS is targeting these very same groups that benefited from the Supreme Court decision.

The other members on the Panel with Brooks pontificated the following --

SHIELDS: But I think there’s one factor that comes out of this, and having been up on the Hill yesterday, and that is, every member is terrified.
WOODRUFF: In both parties?
SHIELDS: In both parties, but particularly because they know — immigration is dead. Let’s be very honest about it.

They aren't terrified (both parties) because immigration is dead, they are terrified that their constituents do not want it!  Period.  The establishment get their money from the pro-immigration crowd, not from the little people.  This is their fear.

Brooks isn't done yet.  He goes on -- And I think there is overwhelming data on this, that if the Tea Party — if the Republican Party doesn’t get right on immigration, it’s a threshold issue. They really do not do well in a national election for a long, long time.

And every day, there’s more evidence that comes out, more survey data and everything. And so I think this makes it extremely unlikely the Republicans does get right or some sort of immigration reform."

Here is the browbeating again.  It is established above that the reason for the fear (on both sides of the establishment) is that the voters want no part of this legislation on amnesty.  Yet, if the Republicans don't get on the right side and pass it, they won't win an election for a very long time.  The lies and deceptions are a knee-jerk reaction because THEY know they are on the wrong side of every issue as they drag this country down the "big government" path. 

The next few months are going to be fun to watch as they continue to push us, prod us, lie to us that WE are out of touch with immigration.  This is why they use fuzzy-warm language in couching the issue as "Dreamers".  Who doesn't like a dreamer?  I for one do not if they are jumping over a fence or swimming across a river illegally to bring us crime, disease and yes, democrat voting blocks.